Chapter 565:

Chapter 562: The Final Battle Begins – Zeth and Sasha vs The Dark Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 562: The Final Battle Begins – Zeth and Sasha vs The Dark Goddess

Narrator: The final battle against the Dark Goddess will now begin!

*Zeth and Sasha are using Soul Power and are facing off against Dakame*

*Harmona is wounded and looks at them*

Harmona: Zeth. Sasha. I didn’t want you to have to fight Dakame.

Zeth: We have to.

Sasha: If you’re wounded, we will finish what you started.

Dakame: Perhaps you didn’t notice but you two look quite wounded yourselves.

Zeth: Look in the mirror. You’re in the same boat.

Sasha: So we’re at an even start.

Dakame: Overconfidence won’t help you.

*Zeth and Sasha start rushing toward Dakame. They both try to punch her at the same time. She dodges and punches Sasha but Zeth avoids the punch and kicks Dakame*

*Dakame looks surprised that she got hit*

*Sasha recovers from being punched and releases a Demon Soul Beam that also hits Dakame and she is blown into a wall. Again, she looks surprised*

Dakame: I was hit twice… and it hurt.

Zeth: Didn’t you say we should not be dealt with lightly? Maybe you should follow your own advice.

*Zeth dashes toward Dakame and releases a Shooting Star at her. Dakame gets out of the way but takes a punch to the face by Zeth. Dakame then retaliates by punching Zeth and knocking him into a wall on the other side of the room*

*While that was happening, some Hellhounds start attacking Dakame. She kills them but Sasha is able to land a powerful kick which knocks Dakame out of the entrance of the room*

*Harmona is watching with a very surprised but also impressed look*

Harmona: I didn’t think they could be doing this well against Dakame.

*Dakame gets up but has to quickly defend herself as both Zeth and Sasha start trying to rapidly punch her. She has to quickly use her arms to block them. Zeth and Sasha land some blows*

Dakame: (Thinking) This shouldn’t be happening! I get that they are fighting me two-on-one but they shouldn’t be capable of this!

*Soon, Dakame releases a wave of her magic energy from her body that damages and blows Zeth and Sasha back toward Dakame’s throne at the end of the room*

*Zeth and Sasha see that Dakame is launching toward them. She has her right arm extended forward with powerful magic charging into her hand*

*Zeth and Sasha both jump to opposite sides as Dakame smashes into her throne and a powerful blast of magic is released that not only destroys the throne but also the wall behind it*

*Zeth and Sasha were still caught in the blast radius and damaged some*

*Sasha summons her Hell Serpent and the giant snake uses the end of its body to wrap around Dakame. The Hell Serpent attempts to eat Dakame but Dakame uses her magic to cause black rain to fall from above them. The rain causes pain to the snake and it starts slamming Dakame on the floor repeatedly until she finally is able to break free of its grip*

*Sasha is ready and kicks Dakame toward Zeth who has a Shooting Star ready to release*

Zeth: Take this!

*Zeth releases his Shooting Star at an upwards angle which hits Dakame and starts blowing her up toward the ceiling. Dakame is blown up through all the floors and then finally out onto the roof of her lair*

*Zeth and Sasha also soon jump through the hole blown in the roof and get on top of the roof to once again confront Dakame*

Dakame: Your luck ends here.

*Dakame forms two large black rain drops and throws them at Zeth and Sasha. They dodge the large rain drops but the collision with the roof causes a barrage of black rain to fall on that section of the roof. The rain starts hurting and damaging them*

*Dakame takes advantage and punches them both. However, Zeth and Sasha recover from Dakame’s attacks quickly and then both punch Dakame in the face at the same time. Zeth hits the left side of her face while Sasha hits the right*

*Dakame jumps back before they can land another attack. Blood is dripping from her mouth*

*Harmona reaches the roof through the hole and gets up. Dakame sees this and looks annoyed at the situation. She holds up both arms as black rain falls from above her and accumulates into a large black ball in her hands. Demonic screams can be heard from it*

Harmona: Watch out! It’s her Sphere of Demons!

Zeth: I know what this is. Crimson tried to use it against me at the Chaos Tournament.

Sasha: Except he couldn’t handle its divine power and it shrunk to a small size while also damaging him.

Zeth: And we know the Dark Goddess won’t have that problem.

Dakame: Knowing about it won’t save you.

*Zeth and Sasha are charging their own attacks as Dakame starts releasing the Sphere of Demons*

*Zeth releases a Shooting Star and Sasha releases a Soul Beam. They collide with the Sphere of Demons. Combined, their attacks start changing the angle of the Sphere of Demons and send it out into the distance where it hits the ground and releases its burst of demonic energy*

*Both Dakame and Harmona are shocked by this*

Zeth: Don’t have that expression. In a one-on-one, we wouldn’t be able to gain this upper hand but when you combine our strengths, we can overpower even you!

Sasha: And that is why we will win!

*Voices can then be heard from the ground leading up to the castle. Joe, Emily, Kurt, and Keith are on their way*

Joe: We’ve come to help you!

*Dakame looks a bit frustrated*

Dakame: More of them? Have they broken through our forces? I will go back into my Blood Form and crush you all!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have started the battle well against the Dark Goddess! But will that last with her now intending to go back into her Blood Form?

Chapter 562 END

To be Continued in Chapter 563: Fighting Together to the End