Chapter 563:

Chapter 560: Endgame

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 560: Endgame

Narrator: Zeth’s final battle against Korobu enters its final phase.

*The demons in the area all look at Zeth with a desire to kill. Zeth is aware of their desire*

Korobu: I suggest you all don’t attack him unless you want to die. Zeth would easily destroy all of you.

*Zeth points his finger at Korobu*

Zeth: I don’t give a damn about them! I’ve got my focus on you!

*Zeth rushes toward Korobu and does a punch. Korobu blocks it but Zeth doesn’t let up the force of his attack and Korobu notices he is starting to be pushed back. Some of the demons start approaching*

Male Demon 1: Let’s give him a hand!

Female Demon 1: Yeah!

*Some of the demons lunge toward Zeth*

*Zeth releases a wave of energy from his soul behind him that completely obliterates the demons trying to attack him. The other demons look shocked and scared*

Zeth: You better be ready because you are going to lose!!

*Zeth does his punch again and this time hits Korobu hard in the face. Korobu recovers himself and then kicks Zeth back into the camp where the demons are. The demons start clearing out*

*Korobu launches a centipede out of his body. Zeth dodges the centipede and it instead hits and wraps around a demon*

*Korobu launches a barrage of black skulls at Zeth*

*Zeth dodges some with jumps but is hit by a few and then Korobu gets close and pounds him down onto the ground*

*Korobu then hits Zeth with a red line and he starts materializing at point-blank range with an attempted gut punch but Zeth has learned the timing of the materialization and gut kicks Korobu before he can be hit*

*Korobu coughs up blood from the gut kick. Zeth then does a powerful punch and knocks him away*

Zeth: This battle won’t last much longer! I’m going to win!!

*Zeth then releases a Soul Shine Blast at Korobu and hits him directly. Korobu is dragged against the ground and has more wounds on him*

*Zeth comes running in, trying to punch Korobu again. However, Korobu quickly gets up and punches Zeth first. More blood flies out of Zeth’s mouth but he quickly recovers and then punches Korobu. Blood starts dripping from Korobu’s mouth and he jumps away*

*Both Zeth and Korobu are starting to look worn out*

Korobu: I can tell that both of us can’t take much more of this for much longer. So I’m going to take a gamble… My next attack will finish you off.

*Korobu raises his right arm upwards and starts forming something*

*Zeth also starts forming something*

Zeth: I agree. This is the endgame!

*Korobu has formed a giant skull made of the abyss*

Korobu: And if you survive, I will take you into my abyss as it desires!

*Zeth has formed a giant star made of his Soul Power*

Zeth: Not a chance!

*They each jump on top of their respective attacks and then release their attacks at each other*

Zeth: Korobu!!

Korobu: Zeth!!

*Their attacks collide and start pushing back against each other. Extremely powerful energy is blowing in many directions because it can’t be contained*

*They keep pushing against each other as the energy shooting out everywhere causes more destruction*

*Zeth pushes away on his attack and starts flying around trying to hit Korobu from a different angle. Korobu does the same*

*They both have full control of the movements of their attacks while standing on them*

Korobu: Your power will be mine!

Zeth: You won’t be taking any more powers!!

*They pound into each other again with again neither side able to overwhelm the other*

Korobu: You better not slip up!

*Korobu starts releasing smaller normal-sized skulls at Zeth but Zeth destroys them using Star Shards*

*Zeth has his star fly away again but then heads back toward Korobu while releasing a Soul Shine Blast at him. Korobu dodges but Zeth releases a few more. Korobu again dodges but every time he does, his skull is going a bit lower each time*

*Zeth’s star rams into Korobu’s skull again but this time his star has a slight elevation advantage*

*Zeth’s star is starting to overpower Korobu’s skull*

Zeth: You didn’t notice! I wasn’t trying to hit you with those! I was trying to set myself up with a good angle!

Korobu: No!

Zeth: And now… This is it!!!! It’s over!!!!

*Zeth’s star drives Korobu and his skull down towards the ground*

*Zeth jumps off the star just in time as a huge explosion happens. The explosion soon ends and a massive crater is left*

*Zeth stands just outside of the crater*

*To Zeth’s shock, Korobu jumps out of the crater. He is super bloody. His upper body is now bare as the top half of his uniform was destroyed*

Korobu: This battle is…

*Korobu’s abyss armor formed on his skin completely shatters and he starts falling onto his back*

Korobu: …over.

*Korobu is now lying on his back*

Zeth: I’m amazed… that your body is still in one piece.

Korobu: It looks like in this installment of the destined battle… I have lost. The fact that you have defeated me at my full power means you are actually strong enough to take on the Dark Goddess at her basic levels. But… you are no longer in shape to wage that kind of battle… So, in the end, I have still done my job. The Dark Goddess will bring death to you and everyone else…

*Korobu dies and Zeth just looks at him*

*Zeth has flashbacks of all the horrible things Korobu has done and then just focuses on his dead body*

*Zeth clinches his fists and raises his arms in the air and shouts in victory*

Zeth: Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!! I woooooooonnnn!!!!

(Author’s Note: This is a callback to Chapter 99 where he did the same thing after killing Daykona.)

Narrator: At long last, Zeth has finally defeated Korobu. Exactly 400 chapters ago back in Chapter 160, Zeth had to be saved from Korobu by Harmona but now Zeth has used his own strength and took down Korobu himself. For Zeth, taking down Korobu after every horrible thing he has done, there has been no greater accomplishment. Zeth has earned this long-awaited victory! Now, only the Dark Goddess remains!

Chapter 560 END

To be Continued in Chapter 561: March to the End