Chapter 7:

Modern Soldier

Ruler Of Sovereignty

After lunch break, Squad 97 and 105 are arrived to the place to try the Encoded Weapon.

“Alright, everyone this way.” Said Stevan.

“Why wearing this suit?” ask Nathan.

“Where is the Encoded Weapon?” ask Hazel.

Both Squad are wearing the suit for RT Simulation.

Did you know where’ve you been, Stevan?” said Samuel by room’s speaker.

They are entering the Projection Chamber while it still used.

“Cornelio pass these kids to me and I just give them special tour to be a Herrscher.” Said Stevan.

And come to this room is your best spot?” said Samuel.

“Oh, come on. What supposed to be happened? At least we didn’t enter the operator’s room.” Said Stevan.

Whatever.” Said Samuel.

He is out of idea.

So, what bring you here?” ask Samuel.

“Look like the new Squad 105 can’t wait to taste how Encoded Weapon is. That’s what I’m going to teach them.” Said Stevan.

Very well. Alright, Squad 105. Let’s see how much you have learned to be Herrscher.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir!”

Said the whole Squad 105.

“Are we going to use real Encoded Weapon?” ask Hazel.

“Haha, you guys too fast for it. First, let’s see if you can handle the simple version.” Said Stevan.

Projection will begin in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1. Projection started!” said the operator.

The chamber going dark then lighten up.

Forest Map successfully rendered without error.

Deploying Landcaster in standby status.

Suddenly a Landcaster is appear and does not attacking the Herrschers.


“Whatch out!”

Squad 105 a bit surprised and stay away from it.

“Easy, guys! It doesn’t attack yet, but not going too neither.” Said Stevan.

The Landcaster just stand in front of them.

“Alright, let’s start this lesson.” Said Stevan.

Squad 97 pairing with each class of Squad 105 member.

“…! Wha-what are you doing?!” said Noel.

“Calm down, Princess. Let me borrow your weapon for a second.” Said Alto.

Alto just grab Noel’s hand without permission.

“What are you supposed to do?” ask Nathan.

“Because of you can’t freely release the Encoded Weapon, then we’ll force it out.” Said Stevan.

“Oh, I see.” Said Alexa.

“Here we go!” said Stevan.

Squad 97 is ready to begin.

“Encoded Weapon released!” said the whole Squad 97.

Their weapon transformed to different ultimate form for each class. PRD-class weapon is a sword, GRD-class weapon is a bow, RTH-class weapon is an axe, SLT-class weapon is a snake blade, ENV-class weapon is a spear, SLT-class weapon is a scythe, and GLT-class weapon is a cannon but can be transformed into variety of heavy long ranged guns.

“Whoahahaha! This is awesome!!” said Nathan.

“So, this is Encoded Weapon …?” said Hazel.

Squad 105 have no words when realizing the hidden power of their weapons.

“Unlike other weapon, GRD-class and GLT-class are the only weapon that can transform Plasma Blade and Rail Gun at once.” Said Stevan.

“This bow was made from two Plasma Blade … is it called a bow?” said Dallas.

“Off course a bow, you still shooting arrows from it. But if you add Rail Gun while releasing your Encoded Weapon, it will change to crossbow.” Said Lucas.

“But where is the arrows.” Said Dallas.

“Oh, this is perfect time! Shoot that Landcaster with you Encoded Weapon, GRD-boy!” said Stevan.

“I said no arrows!” said Dallas.

“Watch this.” Said Lucas.

He released his Encoded Weapon, and prepare to shoot with his bow.

“…! What the …?!” Dallas surprised.

An energy-shaped arrow suddenly appeared on Lucas’s weapon.

“See? Long ranged type Encoded Weapon has unlimited ammo while used, and no need to reload.” Said Lucas.

He released the arrow and shoot down the Landcaster in one hit.

“The Landcaster can be defeated easily ….” said Dallas.

“Now it’s your turn.” Said Lucas.

The Landcaster risen up with no wound.

“Alright.” Said Dallas.

He took a deep breath then release it slowly before preparing to shoot that Fluxter.

“The key is stay focus on your –”

Dallas just fired his arrow and ignoring Lucas’s explanation, but he missed it.

“Hmm … seems I’m already used on it.” Said Dallas.

Dallas testing his new weapon.

“Uhh … what?” Lucas doesn’t understand.

Dallas trying for the second time, and he succeed to shoot down the Landcaster in one shoot.

“Haa … I made it!” Said Dallas.

“Oh, that’s impressive.” Said Lucas.

But his Encoded Weapon suddenly disappear and turn back into two Plasma Blades.

“What happened?” ask Dallas.

“Look like you still can’t maintain the transformation and the weapon is turning back to original form.” Said Lucas.

“Oh, but it was great weapon.” Said Dallas.

Dallas a bit disappointed, but he also feeling happy after knowing his better potential.

“Seems you have experience as an archer.” Said Lucas.

“Yeah, before I join the Herrscher program.” Said Dallas.

“What are you hunting?” ask Lucas.

“Just some animals on the mountains, such as bird, rabbit, also a deer.” Said Dallas.

“That will be very helpful to mastering your weapon! Keep it up, Dallas.” Said Lucas.

He bumps Dallas’s back that mean he trust Dallas’s talent.

“Thanks.” Said Dallas.

“Hmph, that was good shot. Alright, next!” said Stevan.

One by one, all Squad 105 try to defeat Landcaster using their Encoded Weapons. Some have made it, and the other failed.

“Alright, how is that, Sam?” ask Stevan.

“Show the result.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir.” Said the operator.

A digital board appear beside the Landcaster showing the result of efficiency for each Cadet when using Encoded Weapon.

The 1st place, Lemirk Hermant.” Said Samuel.

“What …?” Nathan doesn’t believe it.

“How can be …?” Noel has same question.

“Yay! Congratulation, kid!” said Mateo.

“Ahaha! Thank you, Mr. Harper.” Said Lemirk.

His whole squad didn’t predict if Lemirk is the best Cadet in the squad.

The 2nd place, Dallas Frick.” Said Samuel.

“Congratulation!” said Lucas.

“Thanks.” Said Dallas.

“Now him …?! Haa … calm down, next must be me!” said Nathan.

But after all name announced, Nathan got the 6th place.

“What is this?! I can’t take this result!” Nathan don’t want to believing the reality.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry, this is classic path of heroes!” said Stevan.

“Did you mean I should proud being the last place? That mean I’m the worst Cadet of this squad! Damn it!!” Nathan really frustrated.

“Hahaha! Come one, cheer up! You still can make it better! From zero to hero!” said Stevan.

Stevan still has positive thinking to cheer him up.

“What’s wrong, Princess? The 3rd place still good, isn’t it?” said Alto.

“…! But … I still defeated by those two …!” Noel also doubting the result.

“Well, but at least you are the best Cadet from the girls.” Said Alto.

Alto trying to cheer her up.

“That’s right, Noel. Even I got 4th but I don’t regret it.” Said Alexa.

“Good, Alexa. That’s good spirit.” Said Sylvia and patting Alexa’s head.

“I feel jealous because of get 5th place, but it fit on my Envy sin!” said Hazel.

Even Hazel said that, she still happy with the result.

“Don’t worry, it just a result. You still can grow up and surpass your limit.” Said Helena.

Suddenly Stevan clap his hand once, it sounds loud and catch their attention.

“Now this is the situation. You got mission to collect Landcaster’s core, what will you do?” ask Stevan.

Lemirk raise his hand.

“Yes.” Stevan give permission to talk.

“Shot it using piercing shell ammo, right?” said Lemirk.

“Then?” said Stevan.

“Then …?” Lemirk don’t know what should he said.

“Shot it using piercing shell ammo, correct! Then what’s your next move?” said Stevan.

Squad 105 just silent.

“Guys, please! Anyone, answer me!” said Stevan.

If you like to know about their first RT Simulation, they failed.” Said Samuel.

“They can’t handle one Landcaster?” ask Stevan.

Why don’t you ask them.” Said Samuel.

Samuel giving a better option.

“But it our first time!” Said Nathan.

“You’ll facing lot of them in real fight! Not just one!” said Stevan.

He disappointed with current Squad 105.

“What do you teach them in last month?” ask Stevan.

How to be better Herrscher not like you.” Said Samuel.

“Jeez … I missed the old 105.” Said Stevan.

“Umm … Mr. Maverick.” Said Alexa.

“Yes, the GLT-class girl.” Said Stevan.

He gave permission to talk.

“…! Please just say my name … U-uhum! Is this the part of trying Encoded Weapon?” ask Alexa.

“O-oh, right. Forgive me, a Landcaster is showed up and I’m too excited about ask you how to defeat it.” Said Stevan.

“Y-yeah, no problem.” Said Alexa.

Too much spending time on battlefield makes him almost forget the difference.

“But it still unfortunately for wasting one month training.” Said Stevan.

I’m with him.” Said Samuel.

“Is that bad news?” ask Nathan.

“You can say that.” Said Stevan.

Squad 105 a bit shocked.

“Wait, what’s that mean?” ask Alexa.

“You’ll get training to defeat different Fluxter class every month in half year. So next RT Simulation you’ll fight different Fluxter, not Landcaster again.” Said Stevan.

“Oh, so that’s the worst part.” Said Alexa.

Some Cadet disappointed with themself.

“When you enter the battlefield, you will not fight one Fluxter but one Fluxter colony.” Said Stevan.

“Really? You are not freaking us, right?” said Nathan.

“You don’t believe it?” said Stevan.

Alright, Stevan. I guess I’ll help you make this tour better.” Said Samuel.

Samuel taking this lesson too.

“Why don’t you say it early.” Said Stevan.

“Cancel the projection and show them the record from Dorm 78.” Said Samuel.

“Yes, sir.” Said the operator.

The chamber is going dark and left one big screen show the map of Fluxter invasion.

“…! What the …?!” said Alexa.

“Is that true …?” said Dallas.

This is the beginning of battle in Dorm 78, hundreds of Fluxters attacking at once. This happened when unique Fluxter known as Seraph type is leading a colony.” Said Samuel.

Squad 105 have no words when see it.

Wall Defensive System, Squadrons, and the Squad 44 only can defeat almost half them. Then Seraph type prisoning the remaining Fluxter near it and eat them alive in order to transform into Varniant type.” Said Samuel.

“Varniant type?!” said Noel.

“Did you know it?” ask Hazel.

“Ultimate form of Seraph type, it has different ability depend on the eaten Fluxter core.” Said Noel.

That’s right, and this is current battlefield after Cornelio assist the Squad 44.” Said Samuel.

The chamber going dark again and the projection changed.