Chapter 8:

Live: Battlefield

Ruler Of Sovereignty

Squad 105 surprised with the chamber that suddenly going dark then lighten up in the middle of battlefield on Dorm 78.

“Wha-what happened …?!” said Nathan.

“Where is it?” ask Lemirk.

You still in Projection Chamber, but this is the visualization of Dorm 78 right now.” Said Samuel.

"Just like streaming with virtual reality." said the operator.

Please be quiet and don’t worry about the remaining Fluxter.” Said the other operator.

“What’s that mean?” ask Nathan.

He doesn’t understand what operator said.

“That mean Fluxters will not attack even you stand on their face.” Said Stevan.

As long the Aero-drones still active, this broadcast will remain. So, you can take a seat or stand or whatever you like and watch your future job demo.” Said Samuel.

Both squad watching Cornelio and Squad 44 fighting the unknown Varniant type inside chamber projection.

“GLT, GRD, shoot a flash light!” said the Squad 44 Leader.

“Here we go!” said the GLT-class.

“Yes!” said the GRD-class.

Both of them shooting flare projectile to blind off Varniant.

“ENV stay here and protect the ranger from remaining Aerodactyls, other melee class follow me!” said the Leader.

“Roger that.” Said the ENV-class.

They split into two group again with four Herrscher of close ranged weapon going through to Varniant type, and left one close range weapon Herrscher to guard the two long ranged weapon Herrscher.

“How is Rail-Turret’s status?” ask the leader.

All turrets standby, waiting order to shoot.” Said the operator.

“Good, wait my mark.” Said the leader.

Roger that, Herrscher.” Said the operator.

“Alright, let’s take down the feet together!” said the leader.

“Yes!” said the other front line Herrscher.

“Move out!” said the leader.

They split into four directions to aim for every Varniant’s feet.

“Now!” said the leader.

They attack all Varniant’s feet using their Encoded Weapon, except Cornelio that just pull it and make Varniant type slipped then tied off the feet.

“Rail-Turret, fire!” said the leader.

Roger that, Herrscher.” Said the operator.

“Let’s get out of here!” said the Leader.

Both remaining Rail-Turrets charging energy then firing high-speed projectile, but it can’t penetrate Varniant’s skin and damaging near area with the shock wave.

“Wh-what?!” the leader a bit surprised.

“Varniant type still alive!” said the operator.

Varniant type got internal injury and paralyzed for a while.

“Herrscher, what the hell is happening?” ask the commander.

Look like it hardening the skin, sir.” Said Cornelio that rolling back his sword.

The other front line Herrscher regroup in Cornelio’s position.

“Hardening?” said the commander.

Yes, it is Landcaster’s ability. But the skin looks different.” Said Cornelio.

“What do you mean different?” ask the commander.

It is a shiny skin not like usual Landcaster skin, and it sound like iron bang when getting impact.” Said Cornelio.

Chopper to base, the remaining Aerodactyls have been eliminated.” Said the pilot.

“Alright, Choppers. Take assist for Herrscher from the air.” Said Samuel.

Roger that.” Said the pilot.

The final fight is begun, the only Varniant type against the Herrschers.

“Cornelio, is it possible for this Varniant to using more than one Fluxter ability?” ask Samuel.

I’m not sure … this path still get damage even no wound, but the skin is tougher than common Landcaster.” Said Cornelio.

“Sounds like Chimera path, huh?” said Samuel.

…! That’s make sense.” Said Cornelio.

“Is there any record of Chimera path?” ask the commander.

The operator searching the data.

“Empty, Sir.” Said the operator.

“Dorm 80 soldiers, have you encounter this kind of Varniant type?” ask the commander.

Negative, Sir. It just our speculation because it has obtained three kinds of Fluxter core.” Said Samuel.

If it can harden the skin just like Landcaster, the skull must be pretty hard too. Or even harder than common Landcaster, probably.” Said Cornelio.

The commander takes a deep breath then release it to refresh his mind.

“The order still same. No matter what path is, just kill it.” Said the commander.

Roger that, Sir.” Said Samuel.

“Rail-Turret is ready, sir.”

Choppers already in position, waiting for order.” Said the pilot.

“All Turrets charge the energy! Choppers, help us take down this monster!” said the commander.

Alright, Choppers! Aim for last target, wait for commander’s mark!” said Samuel.

Both Rail-Turret are charging energy and the Choppers already lock down the target, but Varniant type won’t surrender and risen to fight back.

Uh, guys. What happened to that skin?” said the GLT-class.

Varniant’s shiny skin is varnished.

“Preparation complete, all Turrets standby.” Said the operator.

“Fire!” said the commander.

Rail-Turrets and Choppers releasing barrage of bullets and missiles to Varniant type, but Turret’s projectiles are reflected to the city and shoot down a Chopper.

“Varniant type … still alive.” Said the operator.

“…! Wh-what happened …?” said Samuel.

Both Dorm 78 and 80 soldiers are shocked with the result, but the Herrscher on the battlefield are going to lost their hope.

“It has wings ….” said Cornelio.

Varniant type expanding the wings and blow up the dust to clean the vision, then Varniant type put out silver thorns from the tail and swing it to attack Rail-Turret.

“Turret 4 is damaged!” said the operator.

Varniant type turn backward and launch silver thorns to another Turret.

“Turret 1 is damaged! No more Rail-Turrets can be used!”

“Damn it!” the commander getting angry because of this situation.

The remaining Choppers trying to shoot down Varniant type.

“Why isn’t this working?! We already rain it with bullets!” said the pilot.

Varniant’s skin has been changed to silver and hardening the skin again, Choppers dealt no damage.

“Damn it!”

Varniant type stand up with the back feet and expand the wings then flap it to release silver projectile from the wings.

“…! Everyone, take cover!” said Cornelio.

The Choppers spread out to evade the projectiles, but another Chopper getting hit.

“Mayday! Mayday! I got hit! Ejecting the seat –! Damn it stuck – Hwaaaa!!” the pilot can’t eject the seat and the Chopper explode after hit the ground.

Varniant type flapping the wings and flight to chasing the remaining Choppers.

What the hell is that monster!

How did we supposed to kill it?!

It’s over! We are gonna die!!

Everyone, calm down!

“One more Chopper down, now with the pilot.” Said the operator.

Samuel ignored his feeling and keep focus on the battlefield thinking about how to defeat this Varniant type.

For that time, Squad 105 has opened their eyes about greater risk of their job.