Chapter 6:

Time to Harvest

Ruler Of Sovereignty

The back up from Dorm 80 has been reach the battlefield, Samuel commands this operation with Cornelio and Choppers for main force.

"Show me what you got, Dorm 80. Don't make me regret this." Said the commander.

"Thank you, we'll do our best." Said Samuel.

"Someone is enjoying it." Said Cornelio.

"You hear that, now we got permission to join the battle." Said Samuel.

"Hmph, seem you know how to tease him off." Said Cornelio.

"Right?" said Samuel.

With Choppers attack Aerodactyls are quickly decreased.

"Impressive ..."

"Why they don't use this at the beginning?!"

"Not from this Dorm! But every Dorm with multiple of ten number has better stuffs because there is central military base and training camp." Said the Leader.

Squad 44 coming to the cracked cocoon that used by the Seraph type to evolve.

"Hngh!! Smell like dumped petroleum!"

"And other things too, ugh ..."

"We better hurry and leave this place." Said the Leader.

"Guys, look!"

Another member saw a bunch of thorn.

"Let's check it out!" said the Leader.

Squad 44 moving to that thornbush, and it wasn't a thorn but their LST-class's Encoded Weapon that bind the holder to protect her from Varniant attack.

"The Encoded Weapon still active, she must be alive!" said the Leader.

"Thank god!"

"But how to pull her out from this?"

"Only LST-class that can undo this form." Said the Leader.

Some Aerodactyls saw Squad 44 in the cocoon and going to catch them.

"A small group of Aerodactyls separated!" said the operator.

"Cornelio!" said Samuel.

"I got this!" said Cornelio.

Cornelio throw his drones out of the Chopper.

"Stay away from the drones!" said Cornelio.

"Roger that, Herrscher!" said the Chopper Pilots.

"Alright then ..." said Cornelio while preparing his weapons.

He jumped out to the air without parachute.

"Wake up! Let's get out from here!"

"Move! I'll break this thorn!" said the Leader.

The Leader raise his PRD-class Encoded Weapon that shaped as sword.

"Look ov –"

The other member see an Aerodactyl is coming to attack him, but suddenly something descent quickly and stabs that Fluxter.

"...! A spear ...?"

"No, that's ENV-class Encoded Weapon!"

A wire from the spear still uptight to the sky.

"Something is connected with that thing, is it the back up?!" said the Leader.

Gunshot also can be heard from the sky for few times, and Aerodactyls are falling down one by one.

"Look like we got great team for back up."

"Herrscher to the base, which squad is coming to help us?" ask the Leader.

"There is no squad, only one person." Said the Commander.

"Wha – Only one?!"


The whole Squad 44 didn't believe it.

The wire is pulled up, and someone is landing on the Aerodactyl's dead body so hard making the dust blown to the air.

"Greetings, Squad 44! Your back up has come." said that stranger.

"Ah, I remember! The only Herrscher that known as strong as one squad!"

That stranger pulled out the spear and suddenly transform to a blade.

"LST-class Herrscher, Cornelio Halozy ... The Seven Soldier!"

Squad 44 surprised with Cornelio's first impression.

"That's right, I'm coming here to assist you. Huh? What happened to your LST-class?" ask Cornelio.

He saw a familiar thornbush.

"O-oh, our LST-class is hiding inside that thing and doesn't answer our calls." Said the Leader.

"You are the same class, right? Can you help her?" said other member.

"Alright, let me see it." Said Cornelio.

He come to the thornbush and put his hand on it.

"Appsylon, use my ID to access her weapon." Said Cornelio.

"[Signing up to Squad 44 as LST-class ... Login succeed.]" said Appsylon.

Cornelio undo the Encoded Weapon transformation and turn it back to a blade.

"Impressive ..."

"Appsylon, analyze." Said Cornelio.

"[Vital sign: normal. Few physical wounds are founded, but subject's mind is blanked. It recommended to move subject to safe place such as hospital or medical center for check-up and first aid.]" said Appsylon.

"Look like she just fainted, what was happened?" ask Cornelio.

"She trapped inside Cocoon of Evolution, maybe she covering herself with Encoded Weapon to survive from Seraph's attack." Said the Leader.

"But she watching and hear every Fluxter eaten alive, isn't it?" said Cornelio.

"Y-yes ...." said the Leader.

"Well, it's too dangerous stay here. Anyone know the nearest hospital?" ask Cornelio.

"The hospital is on the city, it's too far." Said the Leader.

"Hmm, that's right. How about the military front line?" ask Cornelio.

"I'll ask the soldier to pick her up." Said the Commander.

The commander interrupting their conversation, but he offering a help.

"Oh, thanks for that!" said Cornelio.

"I can't let these man missing the spot light in battlefield." Said the Commander.

Few seconds later a klaxon can be heard.

"HEEY!! OVER HERE!!" said the soldier.

"How fast!"

"Our taxi is coming." Said Cornelio.

"Hurry up! Move her into the back!" said the soldier.

"Let's do this!" said the Leader.

They move the injured LST-class into the truck.

"Please save her!"

"It's alright, there is nothing to worry."

"If we can pass through that monster ...!"

That soldiers a bit scared.

"Hmph, your job is only drive her to get treatment." Said Cornelio.

"And our job is defeating that beast!" said the Leader.

The soldiers feel better even a bit panic.

"Don't worry, we'll watch your back." Said Cornelio.

"...! Then we'll trust you to protect us!" said the soldier.

"Off course we will." Said the Leader.

"Hurry up! What are you waiting for?!" said Cornelio.

"Y-yes! Good luck, Herrschers!" said the soldier.

He just steps on the gas and drive the truck to the city.

Varniant type saw that truck and try to catch it.



The soldier got scared.

"Where are you going, huh?!" said Cornelio.

One Aero-drone drop something to Cornelio, then he changed the core of his collar with the different core.

"Encoded Weapon released!" said Cornelio.

His blade transformed to snake blade, then Cornelio swing that blade to catch Varniant's neck.

"Ugh ...! A little help, please!" said Cornelio.

Varniant type fight back by dragging Cornelio.

"Hold on!" said the Squad 44 RTH-class Herrscher.

He hooked his axe shaped Encoded Weapon into Cornelio's Encoded Weapon and swing in opposite direction.

Varniant type pulled up and the truck can ride safely to the city.

"Phew ... we make it in time." Said Cornelio.

He rolled up his snake blade after successfully saving the truck.

"In coming!"

Varniant type pissed off and come through the Herrschers.

"Everyone, get ready!" said the Leader.

"Time to harvest!" said Cornelio.

Squad 44 fight back the unknown Varniant type with Cornelio's help.