Chapter 567:

Chapter 564: Darkest of All

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 564: Darkest of All

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues.

*Zeth dodges a downwards slamming attack from Dakame’s claw. However, the ground starts cracking in front of her and her dark magic starts bursting out like a geyser in many spots*

*Zeth gets caught in one and it does a good amount of damage to him. The other heroes start having to dodge too as geysers continue to occur*

*Kurt starts an Aura Drill attack and Sasha combines her purple flames with it. Kurt slams it into Dakame. It clearly doesn’t do as much damage as Kurt hoped it would and Dakame punches him and sends him flying back*

Dakame: Can you feel it? You’re losing momentum in this fight! Your other battles are starting to cause you fatigue in this one!

*Dakame is then blown away by a Shooting Star. It was released by Harmona (who is in her Blood Form again)*

Harmona: Don’t you forget about me! I’m back in this fight!

*Dakame (who was blown back into some rocks) looks frustrated*

Dakame: (Thinking) I was so focused on the others that I forgot that I still needed to finish Harmona off! Damn it!

*Harmona starts rushing toward Dakame*

Dakame: Then so be it! I will still win!

*Dakame starts rushing toward Harmona*

*Harmona and Dakame punch each other. Harmona then gets to the side of Dakame and punches her. Harmona follows that up with a more powerful punch*

*Dakame stops her attack by doing an upwards vertical kick and hits Harmona on the chin. It causes Harmona to badly flinch and Dakame then blows her back using a powerful black ball of dark magic energy*

*The other heroes have gotten in closer to do an attack*

*Zeth and Joe use a Razor Shooting Star combination attack. Sasha and Emily use a Shadow Sword with purple flames combination attack. Kurt and Keith use a Demonic Burial Cannon with Aura Drill combination attack. They all hit Dakame*

*With all that power hitting Dakame, they actually damage her. Despite this, Dakame then releases a barrage of large black rain drops that burst into more smaller ones when they hit the heroes and they damage all of them*

*Dakame is about to do a follow-up attack on them but Harmona returns by falling from above and pounds down on Dakame which smashes her down on the ground*

*Harmona charges powerful magic into her left claw. She thrusts it down on Dakame and releases her power. Dakame takes significant damage*

*Dakame coughs up blood from the attack*

Harmona: Individually, you may be stronger than any of us but you can’t take all of us on at the same time!

Dakame: I wouldn’t be too sure about that…

Harmona: Huh?

*Dakame releases a lot of power that blows Harmona off of her. Dakame then stands up*

Dakame: Let me tell you something that even you don’t know, Harmona… This isn’t even my final form!!

*Everyone looks shocked*

*A black transparent sphere starts to surround Dakame and it starts to become more solid. Dakame starts laughing a bit as it becomes completely solid*

Harmona: I won’t let you!!

*Harmona releases a Shooting Star and it collides with the black sphere. As it pushes against the sphere, black lightning starts shooting out of the sphere in many directions. It even destroys the Shooting Star*

Harmona: Not good!

*All the other heroes start releasing their own attacks too but they too are not able to take out the sphere*

*Emily takes out her Supreme Cannon and starts charging it*

Emily: I can at least take this time to get my Supreme Cannon ready and hit her at full blast when she comes out!

*Joe is feeling fear*

Joe: I d-don’t know if that would be enough if we can’t even stop her from taking this final form!

*All the heroes look anxious as they grit their teeth with eyes wide open*

Zeth: What will she look like when she comes out!? Even more monster-like!?

*Black lightning continues to shoot out from the sphere as the heroes watch*

*Eventually, the black lightning stops and the sphere starts slowly dissipating. Dakame’s new form starts to come into view*

Zeth: It’s… It’s not what I expected.

*Her full appearance is now fully visible. Rather than being monstrous like her Blood Form, she now looks like her normal appearance but with a darker shade and has demonic markings all over her body. Her clothes changed too. It’s closer to a dress than battle armor now. Its coloring uses various dark colors like purple and black* (Author’s Note: The whole thing reminds me of the Shadow Queen in Paper Mario TTYD so use that as a close reference)

Dakame: This is my ultimate form. The Darkest of All Form.

Narrator: Dakame goes into her final form! The countdown to the end begins! There are only 10 chapters left!

Chapter 564 END

To be Continued in Chapter 565: Hopelessness