Chapter 566:

Chapter 563: Fighting Together to the End

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 563: Fighting Together to the End

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues and has received a much tougher challenge from Zeth and Sasha than she expected.

*Dakame goes into her Blood Form*

Dakame: Whatever hope you had is now gone.

*Dakame starts rushing toward Zeth and Sasha. She reaches Zeth first and tries to punch him but he dodges her punch*

*Zeth and Sasha prepare magic attacks and so does Dakame*

*A large explosion happens on the roof of Dakame’s lair. Zeth, Sasha, Dakame, and Harmona have jumped off the roof and now fall all the way to the ground*

*Dakame launches toward Zeth and Sasha and grabs them both by their faces and slams them down on the ground*

*Harmona starts charging her magic*

Harmona: I have to return to this fight! I feel like I’m nearly recovered enough to do so!

*With Zeth and Sasha slammed to the ground, Dakame starts charging a red beam in her mouth*

Dakame: Against my Blood Form, you two couldn’t last long at all.

*A red beam with aura and black lightning flowing through it hits Dakame in the back and blows her off Zeth and Sasha which then leads to Zeth, Sasha, and Harmona looking in that direction*

*Zeth smiles confidently*

Zeth: You guys are life savers!

*Joe, Emily (in her Supreme Ancestral Form and holding her Shadow Sword), Kurt (in his Aura God mode), and Keith (in demon form) all stand firm and determined. They all combined their powers into one attack*

Emily: As Joe said, we’ve come to help you.

*Dakame gets up. The attack did do damage to her. She looks back to see Zeth and Sasha now standing with Joe, Emily, Kurt, and Keith*

Zeth: We’ll fight together to the end.

*Harmona looks in awe at their whole group*

Harmona: Zeth, you really have chosen great friends.

Dakame: Ah yes, I have very much heard about your group. The six of you have caused so much trouble for me. It will bring me great pleasure killing every one of you.

Zeth: We’ll see about that!

*The six of them start rushing toward Dakame*

*Dakame starts forming two black magic energy balls in her hands and releases them at the heroes. The heroes dodge them but both of the balls release burst waves of dark magic that hurt the heroes*

Dakame punches and kicks all six of them. They are knocked back but still ready to attack*

*Zeth forms a Shooting Star*

Zeth: Joe! Razor Hail!

Joe: Got it!

*Joe uses his Storm Lord powers to combine razor hail with Zeth’s Shooting Star. Now it’s a spiked star*

Dakame: You think I would let you hit me with that?

*Sasha (who is now in her Ultensmite form) and Emily (wielding a shotgun) get behind her*

Sasha: Who said it was a choice?

*Sasha combines her purple flames with Emily’s shotgun. Emily fires before Dakame can react. A huge burst of powerful purple flames engulfs Dakame*

*Zeth releases the Razor Shooting Star at Dakame*

*While still engulfed, Dakame takes a direct hit from the Razor Shooting Star and is blown back as the Shooting Star pushes against her and the razor hail on it does further damage. She is blown back into a hill in the distance and the collision destroys most of the hill*

*Harmona continues to be impressed by their abilities*

Harmona: What they are able to do is incredible!

*The heroes are preparing for their next move but see a red beam heading toward them from where Dakame was sent to*

Zeth: Watch out!

*The heroes dodge the beam but it does not land far behind them and it causes a massive explosion. The heroes get caught in the outer part of the explosion*

*Harmona now looks concerned. All of the heroes took a good amount of damage and have more wounds*

Joe: If we had been hit directly by that attack, we’d probably be dead!

*Dakame is now running toward them from the distance*

*Kurt stands up and readies an attack. Keith stands with him and adds his demonic energy to Kurt’s attack*

Kurt: Demonic Aura Tidal Wave!

*A red-colored aura tidal wave extends a far distance horizontally and goes straight for Dakame. As Dakame gets close to it, she releases a large wave of her dark power and it disrupts part of the tidal wave and allows her to continue on through*

*Kurt and Keith are shocked*

*Dakame’s wave of power continues toward the heroes*

*Zeth and Sasha stand in front and release a wave of their soul energy that makes contact with and dissipates Dakame’s wave*

*Zeth and Sasha launch toward Dakame as she continues running toward them*

*Zeth releases a Soul Shine Blast while Sasha releases a Soul Beam*

*Dakame releases a decent-sized Sphere of Demons*

*Their attacks collide and cause a big explosion*

*Dakame is blown back a bit but Zeth and Sasha are blown back more so*

*Harmona still watches*

Harmona: I’ve recovered enough. I’m ready to rejoin this fight!

Narrator: The final battle continues! Will Harmona ultimately tip the scales in favor of the heroes for good?

Chapter 563 END

To be Continued in Chapter 564: Darkest of All