Chapter 569:

Chapter 566: Bursting Soul Unleashed

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 566: Bursting Soul Unleashed

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues as Zeth and Sasha have just taken their Soul Power to the next level. It’s time to unleash the Bursting Soul!

*Harmona is blown back. She is heavily wounded and breathing heavily. Her Blood Form ends*

*Dakame starts rushing toward Harmona*

Dakame: I won’t give you a chance to pull any surprises!

*As Dakame heads toward Harmona, a glowing heavenly chain wraps around her right arm*

*Dakame is yanked to her side toward Zeth. Zeth punches Dakame hard in the face as she gets to him. She feels pain and is shocked*

Dakame: (Thinking) What!? How did he hurt me!?

*Sasha appears at Dakame’s side with her arms charged with soul-powered magic. She thrusts both of her arms forward. Two beams of demonic soul-powered energy release and it hits Dakame and blows her back*

Dakame: Their appearances! Their power! What happened!?

Zeth: What happened, you ask? We’re unleashing our bursting souls!!

*Zeth and Sasha start rushing toward Dakame*

*Dakame charges up her magic and her dark aura becomes fiercer*

Dakame: All you have done is been given the ability to see the absolute limits of my full power!

*Dakame starts rushing toward them as they continue rushing toward her. They are about to make contact*

*Dakame lands a punch on Zeth but is then punched by Sasha. Zeth then lands his own punch, but Dakame quickly retaliates and punches Sasha and kicks Zeth*

*Zothena, Joe, Emily, Kurt, and Keith go up to the heavily injured Harmona*

*Harmona looks amazed*

Harmona: How did they do this?

Zothena: I further weakened my own soul so their souls could go beyond 100%.

Harmona: You can’t keep weakening your own soul!

Zothena: It’s alright. As long as they win, it was worth it. And if they don’t win, we are all going to die anyway.

*Sasha is blown back by Dakame. Dakame quickly reaches her and grabs her by the leg and, with a lot of force, slams her body down into the ground which causes it to be heavily cracked in that area*

*Zeth kicks Dakame in the back to send her forward. Zeth then releases a burning soul Shooting Star at her and hits her and blasts her into one of the watch towers near her lair*

*A lot of destruction is done as the tower is blown into pieces. Dakame has taken some damage as she sees Zeth continue to head toward her. She holds out her index finger on her right hand*

Dakame: Burn.

*A powerful black beam shoots out from her finger. Zeth dodges the beam but it hits the ground near him and bursts into a barrage of black rain combined with fire*

*Zeth is caught in the beam’s bursting. He takes damage and looks up toward where Dakame is at the ruins of the watch tower and she is about to release another beam*

Dakame: Die.

*Dakame releases the beam and Zeth has a look of shock as he won’t be able to dodge fast enough*

*Suddenly, a Hell Serpent comes in and gets in front of the beam with an open mouth. The beam goes into its mouth and bursts inside it. The Hell Serpent is killed but it protects Zeth*

*Dakame is wrapped around the neck by something scaly which shocks her. Behind Dakame is Sasha. She is in her Hell Serpent form. She has a serpent’s face and eyes. Her skin is scaly. She is also capable of doing slithering motions with any part of her body. It’s her arm that is wrapped around Dakame’s neck*

Sasha: I don’t like that I had to lose a Hell Serpent because of you.

*Dakame elbows Sasha in the gut to try to break free but it doesn’t work as Sasha does a suplex to her*

*Dakame tries to punch Sasha but Sasha lets go of her and starts moving about in a slithery wa even though she is on her two feet*

*Dakame starts releasing faster but less powerful beams at Sasha but Sasha’s slithery movement allows her to avoid them*

*Sasha gets close to Dakame again and wraps around her again. Sasha then slams her down on the ground*

*Zeth comes into the area from an arched jump and stomps on Dakame’s gut which is powerful enough that she coughs up some blood*

Zeth: You may think that you are unbeatable now but you are not!!

*Dakame’s eyes start glowing and darkness covers the ground around them. Dark demonic hands come out from the ground and grab Zeth and Sasha. Souls of the damned also come out of the darkness and Dakame starts to combine them into balls of energy*

Dakame: Being able to fight and being able to win are two different things!

*Dakame releases those souls of the damned at Zeth and Sasha. When they hit them, a continuous release of energy comes out of them and they continuously damage Zeth and Sasha, making them scream in pain, as well as destroy the demonic hands that grabbed them*

*Dakame punches both of them hard at the conclusion of the souls of the damned attack and it sends them both back down to the ground below. They both start coughing. Sasha ends her Hell Serpent form*

Zeth: You don’t feel that kind of pain very often…

Sasha: Yeah. That was more than just physical damage. They were attacking our very being.

*Dakame still stands at the ruins of the watchtower and has her index finger pointed at them*

Dakame: Now I have you two right where I want you.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha fight Dakame with their souls’ power beyond 100%! There are only 8 chapters left!

Chapter 566 END

To be Continued in Chapter 567: Soul Blows