Chapter 570:

Chapter 567: Soul Blows

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 567: Soul Blows

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues.

*Dakame stands at the ruins of the watchtower and has her index finger pointed at Zeth and Sasha at the ground below. She releases a powerful black beam*

Sasha: This won’t end us!!

*Sasha releases a Bursting Soul Beam while Zeth releases a Bursting Soul Shine Blast. The attacks collide and push back against each other. They soon just create a large explosion that has enough force that it blows Zeth and Sasha back without catching them in it. Before the explosion even fully clears, a barrage of faster but less powerful beams is coming toward them. They dodge some but are then hit by a few of them. Zeth and Sasha take damage and also flinch a bit. It allows Dakame to get to them while having the energy of the souls of the damned in her hands*

*Dakame shoves her hands onto Zeth’s and Sasha’s bodies. They both feel the blow*

*Dakame starts rapidly punching them*

Dakame: Understand that it was hopeless from the start! You can’t beat me!

*Zeth eventually overcomes the attack and uppercuts Dakame which stops her rapid punches and then Sasha kicks her back*

Zeth: Your own arrogance will be your downfall!

*Zeth starts forming a decent-sized meteor. Sasha starts adding her darkness to it which turns it black-colored*

Zeth: Let’s see how you like this!

*Zeth releases the meteor at Dakame*

*Dakame regains her footing on the ground but her eyes open wide as the meteor gets to her. The meteor hits her directly which damages her, but the meteor also bursts into smaller chunks and they start floating in the air. Then, they start heading toward Dakame*

*Dakame starts dodging and then releases fast but less powerful beams at them to destroy them. During this time, Zeth and Sasha have gotten closer to her*

*Zeth and Sasha start their own rapid punches on Dakame. Dakame takes a lot of hits, but then dark demonic hands come out of the darkness on the ground around her and grab Zeth and Sasha again*

*Dakame charges the souls of the damned into energy again*

Dakame: I guess you two didn’t learn from last time!

*Dakame shoves the energy of the souls of the damned into Zeth and Sasha and they go through the same pain as before and the demonic hands are destroyed again*

Dakame: Now this!

*Dakame charges her arms with the power of the souls of the damned. She grabs both Zeth and Sasha and starts running. She then launches herself forward and slams them into a rock wall. She releases more of the souls of the damned energy which again damages Zeth and Sasha in more ways than just physically*

*The rock wall starts collapsing and Dakame jumps back and prepares another attack*

Sasha: She’s continuing to attack our very being!

*Despite the damage and pain, Zeth has a focused look. The part of his bursting soul around his right arm starts to be condensed into his arm*

Sasha: What are you doing?

*Before Dakame unleashes her next attack, Zeth launches himself toward her and punches her. His soul energy bursts out from the punch and does a lot of damage to Dakame as she was not ready for it. The attack also leaves serious cuts on Zeth’s right arm*

*Dakame is knocked back*

*Zeth gets on a knee and holds onto his right arm and Sasha runs up to him*

Sasha: What the hell did you just do!?

*Zeth smirks in pain*

Zeth: Just giving her a taste of her own medicine. If she was going to attack our very beings, I wanted to do the same to her.

Sasha: But you also hurt yourself in the process! You tried to contain too much soul energy inside your arm!

*Zeth stands up and stops holding onto his arm*

Zeth: I’ve gotten over the pain now. We may need to do it to win. We haven’t gotten to a point where we can do a finishing blow to her.

*Dakame was blasted into some rocks. The attack knocked the wind out of her for a moment and there is blood running down her face. She starts to get herself up*

Dakame: Damn brat… Using his own power, he found a way to attack my very being just like I had been doing to them with the souls of the damned.

*Dakame is fully standing up and her aura starts to expand. More souls of the damned start flying out of her aura. They start becoming energy that forms on Dakame’s body. Dakame’s body is now fully covered by the energy of the souls of the damned*

Dakame: They haven’t seen anything yet.

*Zeth and Sasha, as well as the others that are watching (Harmona, Zothena, Joe, Emily, Kurt, Keith, Kogen, Udana, and Fisha), see what Dakame is doing and are concerned*

Zeth: How is she doing this?

Narrator: The final battle continues with blows using souls! There are only 7 chapters left!

Chapter 567 END

To be Continued in Chapter 568: Peace Be To The Damned