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Chapter 568: Peace Be To The Damned

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 568: Peace Be To The Damned

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues.

*Dakame’s body is now covered with the energy of the souls of the damned. She is walking toward Zeth and Sasha. They prepare evasive maneuvers*

Dakame: Try to dodge this!

*Dakame does a swiping motion with her left arm and a large wave of energy comes out from it*

*The energy is carving up the ground as it heads toward Zeth and Sasha. They jump to dodge but the energy starts blasting upwards and then hits them. Zeth and Sasha feel a lot of pain*

*Dakame then reaches them and punches them both which knocks them down and back on the ground. They are now on their backs lying on the carved-up ground*

*Dakame releases a beam at them. They both quickly get on their feet and jump away in opposite directions as the beam hits the ground and causes an explosion*

*Dakame reaches Zeth and begins to repeatedly punch him. She then slams him on the ground and then stomps on his gut*

*Dakame looks angry*

Dakame: That attack you did to me caused me great pain! Now I will return the favor!

*More souls of the damned start coming out of Dakame’s aura. A lot of them start covering Dakame’s arm. She starts a downwards pounding punch but, suddenly, Sasha comes launching in and kicks Dakame hard to the face which knocks her away*

Sasha: On my life, I will not let her kill you!

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: Thanks! We have to do something about those!

Sasha: I agree. Those souls of the damned are a major problem for us.

*They start preparing their next attacks as Dakame starts to stand up after being knocked away. She starts preparing her next attack*

*Zeth and Sasha start running toward Dakame. Zeth throws a bunch of Star Shards into the ground. Sasha goes back into her Hell Serpent form and quickly gets to Dakame*

*Sasha dodges the dark demonic hands coming out of the ground*

*Dakame has to choose quickly who to attack as they are both about to do something to her*

*Zeth hits Dakame in a way that stops her from preventing Sasha from wrapping her arm around her. The Star Shards then come out from under Dakame and damage her and create more wounds. Sasha lets go of Dakame before they hit*

*Zeth follows that up by upper-cutting Dakame which knocks her upwards*

*Zeth starts forming a Soul Super Nova star. Sasha goes into her Ultensmite form and adds purple flames to it*

*As Dakame starts falling back down she unleashes another wave of souls of the damned energy at them*

*Zeth and Sasha start continuously dodging as the energy follows them. Due to focusing on dodging, they don’t see Dakame getting close to them. She tries to knock the Soul Super Nova star out of Zeth’s hands but Sasha is able to get in front of Zeth and block Dakame’s punch*

*Zeth then kicks Dakame back which causes a loss of her focus and makes the souls of the damned energy stop following them. Zeth immediately throws the Soul Super Nova star at Dakame. She tries to release her own attack to stop it from hitting her but she isn’t able to do it in time and it hits her, causing a massive explosion with purple flames and soul residue going everywhere*

Zeth: That won’t finish her. We must rip the souls of the damned out of her!

*Sasha starts condensing her the bursting aura of her hand into her fingers in an attempt to do what Zeth did earlier*

Zeth: I’m taking a risk.

*Zeth crosses his arms and starts running toward the explosion before it even clears*

Zeth: Saykomera!

*The explosion finishes clearing just before Zeth reaches. There are purple flames burning throughout the ground. He keeps running as Dakame comes into view. She took a good amount of damage. She isn’t ready for Zeth’s attack and Zeth slams into her which releases his golden soul-powered energy. She takes more damage*

Zeth: Twenty Auto-Punch!

*Zeth starts to do rapid punches but only gets a few in before Dakame interrupts his attack by punching him in the face. He also was in the middle of punching her in the face. With Zeth’s Saykomera sequence interrupted, he must now resort to continuing his physical attacks. They start punching each other*

*Dakame charges her arm with the energy of the souls of the damned and releases it. Zeth does a quick sidestep to avoid it and hits Dakame again*

*With a serious expression on his face, Zeth says something to Dakame*

Zeth: Peace be to the damned.

*Dakame has a confused look on her face*

*Zeth ducks as Sasha goes over him and does an upwards slice motion with her right arm and hand. Sasha’s soul energy bursts out from her fingers and it tears into Dakame’s souls of the damned energy as well as her aura*

*A lot of the souls of the damned are ripped out and start flying away*

*Dakame is shocked*

Dakame: No!!

Sasha: As he said, peace be to the damned!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha are ripping the souls of the damned away! There are only 6 chapters left!

Chapter 568 END

To be Continued in Chapter 569: The Time of the Ultimate Collision