Chapter 572:

Chapter 569: The Time of the Ultimate Collision

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 569: The Time of the Ultimate Collision

Narrator: The final battle against Dakame continues as the battle gets closer to its conclusion.

*Serious cuts are left on the fingers of Sasha’s right hand from her condensed soul attack*

*Zeth and Sasha are feeling confident*

*Dakame is furious*

Dakame: How dare you!!

*Dakame lunges toward them and tries to punch them. Sasha blocks the punch and then Zeth punches Dakame in the face. Dakame then grabs the arm that Zeth punched with and slams him into Sasha. She kicks them back and releases a dark beam*

Zeth: Soul Light Shield!

*Zeth pushes Sasha away from him and takes the direct hit. A huge burst of fire and rain occurs when the beam hits him*

Sasha: Zeth!!

*Soon, Zeth can be seen. He has taken a lot more damage and has more wounds but he is standing his ground thanks to creating a soul-powered magic shield around himself*

Zeth: I won’t falter. You’ve protected me and now I will protect you. The New Era is just around the corner. We will live to see it!

*Zeth ends his Soul Light Shield*

Zeth: So let’s get going and put an end to the Dark Goddess!

Sasha: Right!

*Zeth and Sasha start running toward Dakame. They both have a magic attack prepared. Zeth releases a Soul Shine Blast while Sasha releases her Hell Bombs*

*Dakame releases large black rain drops at them*

*Their attacks collide and explode*

*Sasha comes through the smoke and releases more Hell Bombs that cause rapid small explosions as they hit Dakame. Zeth then comes from the side and hits Dakame with a Soul Shine Blast. Those attacks damage her*

*Dakame comes jumping out of the explosion and releases two large black rain drops that land direct hits on Zeth and Sasha*

Dakame: This “New Era” you speak of is nothing but a bunch of nonsense!

*Dakame gets close to them and starts punching and kicking them. They are knocked back a bit but quickly regain their footing as Dakame drops down a huge barrage of black rain down on them*

*Zeth releases a decent-sized meteor up at the rain as they are getting hit and taking repeated slight damage from each drop. The meteor bursts at the point where the black rain is coming from. The smaller chunks start falling down toward Dakame. She starts dodging them as they hit the ground, but Zeth and Sasha come in and both punch Dakame at the same time*

Zeth: We’re not going to lose! Not now!

Sasha: Your insides will be carved and the New Era will begin!

*Dakame avoids being punched again by jumping back and she puts some distance in between herself and Zeth and Sasha*

Dakame: Do you actually think you are about to defeat me!? Well then, how about I put that confidence to the test!?

*Dakame’s aura becomes large and fierce. She holds up her arms and dark magic starts to continuously form in her hands and it starts taking on a large shape*

*Zeth and Sasha take a step back as they take in the form and power of this sphere of dark magic. Demonic screaming can be heard*

Dakame: This is the ultimate Sphere of Demons! I didn’t want to use it because it would cause massive destruction that I don’t want to happen to Hell but you two are pissing me off! You won’t be so confident now as I am about to blow up everyone one of you to the point that there is nothing left of your bodies!

*Zeth and Sasha fully charge up their power*

Zeth: We have to overpower that!

Sasha: Then this is it! This is what it all comes down to!

*Dakame starts to release her ultimate Sphere of Demons at them*

*Zeth starts thinking about all the people that have been injured or killed that he knows about in this war*

Zeth: For everyone’s sake! We’re going to finish you once and for all!! Let’s do it, Sasha!!

Sasha: Right!!

*Zeth releases a very large Soul Shine Blast and Sasha releases a large Soul Beam*

*The two beams collide with the Sphere of Demons and they start pushing back against each other*

*Harmona is in a state of shock*

Harmona: This is the time of the ultimate collision!

*The attacks continue pushing back against each other*

*Harmona sees the struggle that Zeth and Sasha are going through*

Harmona: Look at them. This is the most intense struggle they have ever gone through. The desperation… knowing that not just their lives but also our lives are on the line.

*Harmona starts to struggle through the pain to stand up*

Harmona: We need to help them!

*Zeth and Sasha are continuing to struggle*

Narrator: This is it! The ultimate collision that will decide the fate of everything and everyone! There are only 5 chapters left!

Chapter 569 END

To be Continued in Chapter 570: Destroy The Dark Goddess!!

Author's Comment: This final exchange of attacks is going to feel very similar to the Gohan and Cell finale in DBZ but I felt something like that made for the perfect climax for this battle.