Chapter 576:

Chapter 573: The New World

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 573: The New World

*In an overhead view of Heaven, things look different. There are new buildings and other previously existing things look different*

Zeth: (Narrating) Over 50,000 years have passed since the end of The Final Great Chaos. Yes, 50,000 years. If one were to time travel from the end of the war to now, they might be shocked to see how things are now.

*There is an overhead view of some unknown city. A lot of the natural ground surface looks rusty red*

Zeth: (Narrating) Probably the most major difference is that Mars is now a planet with life on it. This was a decision by the Divine World. Just like every other planet with life on it, Mars has its own Heaven and Hell. You can consider Mars Earth’s neighbor.

Zeth: (Narrating) So what about me?

*Someone is walking up a staircase that leads to the highest edge of Heaven. The view is high enough that it’s hard to tell who it is. The person soon reaches the top and overlooks Heaven from its highest ledge. That person is Zeth. He is now taller and stands at 7 feet tall. He has a more adult feel to his appearance. He smiles as he overlooks Heaven*

Zeth: (Narrating) I am the Light God. My mother recently stepped down as the Light Goddess and then I took over.

*Someone is approaching Zeth from behind. That person is Sasha. She is also now taller and also stands at 7 feet tall. She also has a more adult feel to her appearance. She is heavily pregnant*

Sasha: Zeth.

*Zeth turns around to look at Sasha*

Zeth: (Narrating) Sasha is now the Dark Goddess. She is pregnant with our first child. Yes, we are only just now having our first child despite getting married 50,000 years ago. We wanted to wait until we knew when we were going to be the Light God and Dark Goddess. She is 9 years, 10 months, and 2 weeks pregnant and is due in 1 month and 2 weeks from now.

Sasha: Our friends, the Light Goddess and Dark Goddess of Mars, have sent us gifts to celebrate us having our first baby.

Zeth: How kind of them. What are the gifts?

Sasha: We just got them in so they’re still wrapped. I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight.

Zeth: Sure.

*They both smile as they go down the steps, walking side by side*

Zeth: (Narrating) Sasha and I are not the only ones to go through changes.

*Once they reach the bottom of the steps, they run into Diamond, Pearl, Salina, and Dayna*

Zeth: (Narrating) Diamond and Pearl are our top two assistants in Heaven while Salina and Dayna are our top two assistants in Hell.

*Sasha looks at Salina and Dayna*

Sasha: Zeth and I are going out for dinner. You two may return to Hell. Make sure the preparations for tomorrow’s Council of Demons meeting are done.

Salina: As you wish, my goddess.

Dayna: We will have it ready without fail.

*Zeth looks at Diamond and Pearl*

Zeth: And that means we are leaving it up to you two to make sure everything is fine here.

Diamond: Will do.

Pearl: We’ll look after everything that’s going on.

*Zeth and Sasha stop by the angel army training grounds. They find Kurt who is watching the angels train. Kurt now has a full beard*

Zeth: (Narrating) Kurt is now the top angel general after Grinton retired.

Kurt: Ah, my god and goddess. What can I do for you?

*Zeth and Sasha laugh a bit*

Zeth: We’re friends. You don’t need to use formal words around us.

Kurt: Ah, sorry. It’s become a force of habit since I became a general.

Sasha: We just wanted to let you know that we are going out to dinner so if you need anything, tell Diamond or Pearl.

Kurt: I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Zeth: (Narrating) Joe and Emily reached the morality levels required for angel reincarnation and so became angels after their deaths. As an angel, Joe became a technologist. His weather magic does provide easy access to electricity too. Emily became a teacher and teaches angel children. But even with their new roles, when the time comes for them to fight, they are ready.

*Joe and Emily are both going about in their roles as angels. Neither of them are winged angels*

Zeth: (Narrating) Both of Joe and Emily’s kids, Michael and Ashley, also became reincarnated as angels. Michael has followed in Joe’s footsteps and has become his assistant as a technologist. Ashley became a gymnast as a human and she continued that as an angel. She has Electric Magic.

*Michael is assisting Joe on some technological thing. He is not a winged angel. Ashley is doing gymnast things while emitting electricity. She is a winged angel (For her adult appearance, she has blonde hair like her mother but has it in a ponytail. Her face is more similar to Joe’s than it is Emily’s.)*

Zeth: (Narrating) Going back to Kurt for a moment. Easia did not meet the good enough morality levels for angel reincarnation which saddened him but he eventually fell in love with a natural-born angel from another world. Her name is Kazuma. She understands Kurt’s respect for Easia and his continued honoring of her so there is no negativity in their relationship. They have two kids together. A daughter named Sonnet and a son named Haiku.

*Kazuma and their two kids are in a park in Heaven. Kazuma has long light brown hair. She is not a winged angel. Sonnet appears to be no older than 12 and has short dark brown hair. She is a winged angel. Haiku appears to be no older than 2 and has light brown hair. He is not a winged angel*


Narrator: Later, after dark.

*A new living home has been made just for Zeth and Sasha. Loud voices can be heard from it*

???: I want chocolate ice cream and don’t come back until you get it!

*Suddenly, the door busts open as Zeth comes flying out of it and lands frontside down. Sasha slams the door shut. Zeth is just lying there on the ground with an “ugh” expression*

*Harmona is walking by and sees him just lying there*

Harmona: Hardly the position the Light God should be in, don’t you think?

*Zeth still has an “ugh” expression*

Zeth: I hate pregnancy mood swings.

*Harmona laughs*

Harmona: I know it’s hard on you but it’s even harder on her. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience from going through three pregnancies.

*Zeth gets up*

Zeth: Well, I better get her that chocolate ice cream. Her pregnancy has driven her cravings for it through the roof. We had such a great dinner earlier too. Ugh.

Harmona: I have an idea. How about once you give her the chocolate ice cream, we go to an outdoor bar and have a chat?


Narrator: Later that night.

*Zeth and Harmona are sitting at an outdoor bar and have bottles of alcohol*

Harmona: I always have to ask but is everything going well?

Zeth: Yeah. I didn’t take that long to adjust to being the Light God since there hasn’t really been much trouble. I’m sure it was much harder for you because you had to worry about Dakame and all sorts of demons.

Harmona: I’m happy that you don’t have to worry about much trouble. I would never want to hand my son the problems I had to deal with.

*They drink more alcohol*

Zeth: I’ve been wondering this, mom, but how long do you plan to stay here? I figured you would do what grandmother did and go to the Divine World after stepping down.

Harmona: I don’t have any plans to leave any time soon. I enjoy being here. And seeing how you do as the Light God makes me proud every moment. And besides, I certainly can’t leave before seeing my grandkids.

Zeth: Well, Zaydra has already given you a grandkid.

Harmona: But she and Rex don’t live here. I can’t wait to see what grandkids you and Sasha give me. I want to spoil them so much!

*Harmona looks super excited as she talks about that*

Zeth: Mom, please don’t spoil them.

*Zeth drinks more alcohol but then Diamond and Pearl show up*

Diamond: We have an alert to report to you.

*Zeth and Harmona look at them*

Zeth: What is it?

Pearl: There is a deity causing trouble in the Lunar City Underworld. Who should we send to deal with it?

Zeth: I’ll just deal with it myself. Though I wouldn’t mind some company.


Narrator: Later in the Lunar City Underworld.

*Zeth arrives in the Lunar City Underworld along with Joe, Emily, and Kurt*

Zeth: Okay, where is this problematic deity?

*Not that far from them, standing on a building in the city, is a deity with short black hair. He has a muscular build but still appears young like a teenager. He has a gray gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a shark*

Narrator: Deity of Sharks – Aquanu.

Aquanu: Hand this underworld over to me! If you don’t, you’ll all suffer severe consequences!

*The heroes get a good look at him*

Kurt: He doesn’t look like someone who can even remotely challenge you.

Joe: Yeah, this will take like two seconds.

Emily: At least we can chat while doing this.

Zeth: Yeah, he looks immature.

*Aquanu notices them*

Aquanu: Hey! You got something to say to me!?

*He jumps off the building and confronts them*

Zeth: You know, you should not abuse the new open policy that allows deities to live in underworlds.

Aquanu: I have every right to rule those beneath me!

Zeth: Well, by that logic, you are far beneath me. I am the Light God after all.

Aquanu: You don’t look so tough!

*Aquanu starts trying to rapidly punch Zeth but Zeth easily blocks them all*

Zeth: Are you truly serious about trying to take me on?

Aquanu: Hell yeah I am!

*Zeth raises his eyebrow and then activates Soul Power. Zeth’s power looks overwhelming*

Zeth: How about now?

*Aquanu now looks scared shitless and falls on his ass in fear*

Aquanu: I- I give up!

*Zeth ends his Soul Power and looks at the others*

Zeth: Using Soul Power on him would have been overkill but I needed to show him why it was useless to try fighting me before he tried some powerful attack that could put the civilians in danger.

*Soon after, Aquanu is arrested by angels and the heroes walk away*

Zeth: So, Emily and Joe. I heard from Kurt that you two were planning on having another kid. Is that true?

Joe: You could say that.

Emily: It was something we started thinking about as Sasha’s pregnancy progressed.

Zeth: I see. Our kid would be in a similar age range so maybe they can be friends.


Narrator: The next day.

*In Hell, Sasha is sitting in the head seat at the table as the Council of Demons meeting progresses. The members of the new Council of Demons are shown. There are nine members of the Council, three of which are entirely new characters* (Sasha’s little brother. He has shoulder-length flat black hair and Dark Divine Eyes), and three new demons*

Narrator: Returning characters that are new Council of Demons members – Salina, Dayna, Keith, Commander Moss, and Major Smithy.

*Sasha’s little brother is also part of the Council*

Narrator: Sasha’s little brother – Josh.

*Josh has shoulder-length flat black hair and Dark Divine Eyes. Since he is now over 50,000 years old, he too has an adult feel to his appearance*

*Now for the entirely new characters that are Council members*

Narrator: Darkness Demon of the Forest Terror – Dusk.

*Dusk has flat and smooth dark gray hair with bangs that go down the left side of his forehead. The iris color of his eyes is yellow. He has pointy ears. He has an expression on his face that makes him seem like he is both serious and not serious at the same time*

Narrator: Plant Demon of the Forest Terror – Herbigon.

*Herbigon has rough gray skin. He wears a red cap on his head. His iris color is blue. He has a slim feel to his body*

Narrator: Magma Demon of Hell’s Volcano – Lavana.

*Lavana’s skin has cracks in it throughout her body. Her upper back-length hair glows like lava. Her iris color is red*

Sasha: How is the progress on the recreational center that I wanted to be built?

Salina: It’s going swell. The main building itself should be complete in 4 months.

Major Smithy: Getting all the specific stuff inside built and then up running will take much longer though. Will probably be 6 years after the building itself is complete.

Sasha: Good. It’s about time that those who are on their best behavior get rewarded. Those who are on their worst behavior will be sent to the torture chambers for even longer periods of time.

Herbigon: Now that’s a compromise I like. I enjoy my position as Director of the Torture Chambers.

Dusk: There’s more to life than torturing souls.

Herbigon: Shut it! They wouldn’t be in Hell if they were people that are worth a damn.

Lavana: Must you two always argue about something?

Keith: Yeah. At least wait until after this meeting is over.

Josh: Anyway, sis, are you still going to Mars soon?

Sasha: Actually, that was the next topic I wanted to talk about. Yes, Zeth and I will be going to Mars to meet with their Light Goddess and Dark Goddess. Keith, I need you to come with us so we can use your portal to instantly get there and instantly get back when it’s over.

Keith: Roger that. But whatever became of that plan you were setting up that would get official means of instant travel between the two planets set up?

Sasha: Hopefully, that will be finalized during this visit.


Narrator: Later that day.

*Zeth and Sasha meet up in Heaven. Sasha looks sad when she sees him*

Zeth: What’s wrong?

Sasha: I… I’m sorry for what I did to you last night. I had no right to let my cravings cause my mood to throw you out.

Zeth: Don’t worry about it. Your pregnancy causes sudden mood swings. I get it. That doesn’t change the joy that I feel every time I see you.

*Sasha smiles again*

Zeth: We need to get ready for our visit to Mars.

*Sasha nods*

Zeth: (Narrating) A few days later. We left for Mars. We met with their goddesses not in their Heaven or Hell but in a private building in the planet’s capital city, Marshonia.

*Zeth and Sasha are meeting with Mars’s Light Goddess in Dark Goddesses in a room with windows looking out to the rest of the city*

Narrator: Light Goddess of Mars – Ralay.

*Ralay has upper back-length blond hair. The iris color of her eyes is green. The hair color and iris color indicate she is indeed a light divine being*

Narrator: Dark Goddess of Mars – Liana.

*Liana has black hair that she had made go down on the left side somewhat longer than on the right. She has Dark Divine Eyes and these features indicate she is indeed a dark divine being*

Ralay: Look at you, Sasha. Walking in here with that nice baby bump.

Liana: When are you due again?

Sasha: In 1 month and 1 week from now.

Ralay: Did you get the gifts we sent?

Zeth: We sure did.

Sasha: And we appreciate them.

Liana: I’m so glad that the four of us became such good friends.

Ralay: You should bring your child here with you so he or she can become friends with our kids.

Zeth: I’m sure that can be arranged.

Liana: And then we get to the obligatory part where we thank you both again for helping us save Mars 36,000 years ago.

Sasha: We will always be happy to help Mars.

Zeth: And I still wait for the day that I can see Don again.

Ralay: I’m sure it’s the same for him. You two became friends fast and then you both led the inquisition.

(Author’s note: This is all referring to an arc in the BTS continuation which I first actually decided to write as one of the “movies” because I felt it flowed better as a movie story and I wanted to do something similar to what Naruto did with “The Last: Naruto The Movie.” The arc is called “The Martian Inquisition”)

Sasha: Anyway, I think it’s time we finalize our plans to get instant travel between our planets.

Ralay: Yes, that is very important.

Liana: The best part is that it wouldn’t be just us that it benefits. The mortals of our worlds can travel between the planets as well.

Zeth: And therefore, the economies of both worlds will be boosted.

Sasha: This will be a partnership that will be known throughout both worlds. I’m not sure such an agreement of this caliber has ever been made before outside of the Divine World.

*The four of them are talking further about it and have papers they are writing on as they work out the details*

Zeth: (Narrating) We spent a significant amount of time going over the plans. In the end, we were able to finalize them. Instant travel between Earth and Mars was going to become real. It was just going to take some time to actually complete the tech to do it. Major Smithy is the lead on that project.

*The four of them then stand up and shake each other’s hands to finish the agreement*

Zeth: I’m so excited to see how this turns out.

Ralay: As are we.

Sasha: This was a very productive meeting. We should be going back soon.

Liana: Okay. It’s always good seeing you two. But before you go. Have you learned anything more about the Abyss Deity since we last met?

Zeth: No. We would likely need to go to the Divine World to learn anything more about the Abyss Deity. For now, we will just enjoy these peaceful times. But if the Abyss Deity ever shows up, we’ll be ready. The divine forces of both our planets will be ready to fight. I’m sure that the Divine World will be ready to fight too.


Narrator: One month and one week later.

*Sasha has just given birth and the angel doctor holds the baby*

Male Angel Doctor: Your baby boy has entered this world.

*Zeth and Harmona are also in the room and look happy*

*Zeth looks at Harmona*

Zeth: We decided we would give the baby an H name to honor you just like how you gave me, Zaydra, and Zenfaro Z names to honor your mom.

*Harmona looks touched*

Harmona: That’s so sweet of you.

*The angel doctor hands the baby to Sasha. The baby has darkish blonde hair and Dark Divine Eyes. Sasha lovingly holds her son and looks so happy*

Sasha: Welcome to the New Era… Hayden.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha are now the rulers of Light and Dark. The birth of their first child brings in the long-awaited one that is of light and dark blood. There is only 1 chapter left! The finale will be over 4600 words long!!

Chapter 573 END

To be Concluded in Chapter 574: Welcome to the New Era