Chapter 577:

Chapter 574: Welcome to the New Era (Last chapter of ACT 2/End of Beyond The Stars 1)

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 574: Welcome to the New Era

Narrator: Heaven. Year 50,758.

*An overhead view of a large colosseum is shown. The colosseum is jam-packed with a large audience*

*There are two people standing on the ground inside the colosseum*

Narrator: Son of Zeth and Sasha – Hayden. Age 38.

*Hayden has a teenage-like appearance as age 38 is still quite young by divine being standards. He has Dark Divine Eyes just like his mom. His hair has features of both parents as it is a dark shaded blonde color and is short with a few strands spiked at the front center just like Zeth. His face is similar to Sasha’s. He is wearing the same kind of light-weight royal red armor that Zeth and Sasha wore in the war*

Narrator: Son of Zaydra – Rex. Age 46.

*Rex also has a teenage-like appearance for the same reason. He has blonde hair that is kind of fluffy while also being short. The iris color of his eyes is green. He is wearing light-weight armor that has orange symbols of the sun on it*

*Hayden and Rex are facing off against each other. Both of them have determined looks*

Zeth: (Narrating) After Sasha and I became the Light God and Dark Goddess, we had this colosseum built. With that came the creation of a combat league. Just a competitive but also friendly sport. In this time of long-lasting peace, it’s a way for people to continue to fight and test their skills without their being lives on the line.

*There is a royalty section of the colosseum audience that seats Zeth, Sasha, their two daughters, family (such as Harmona, Zaydra, and Zenfaro), close friends (such as Joe, Emily, Kurt, and Keith), and important personnel. Zeth and Sasha are eager to see their son fight. Their oldest daughter is playing a video game system*

Narrator: Second child of Zeth and Sasha – Rose. Age 24.

*Rose has a teenage-like appearance. She has Zeth’s eyes which the white parts of a person’s eyes are white just like humans and the iris color is green. She has middle back-length black hair just like Sasha. She has dyed a wide strand of it blue on the left side. She is wearing normal casual clothes. She looks disinterested in the match as she plays her game system*

Narrator: Game system invented by Major Smithy to honor Major Tarres – Tarresdo Cinch. This game console can be played on a TV or on the go. It’s such a cinch to play it anywhere!

(Author’s Note: Yes, that is a reference to the Nintendo Switch. Lol)

*Zeth and Sasha’s younger daughter looks super excited to see the match start*

Narrator: Third child of Zeth and Sasha – Violet. Age 6.

*Violet’s size is what a 6-year-old human would look like. She has Sasha’s Dark Divine Eyes. She has upper back-length blonde hair. She smiles a lot*

Violet: I can’t wait to see big brother Hayden win!

*Sasha looks to her right at Rose*

Sasha: Rose, don’t you want to watch your brother fight in the championship match?

Rose: I would, mom, but he got to this point last year too and got his ass kicked by Rex. It’s not going to be any different this time. Rex is going to repeat as the champion.

Zeth: Oh come on. Have more faith in Hayden.

Zaydra: She’s right, Zeth. My boy, Rex, is going to win his second straight championship.

*Zaydra grins with confidence. She still has a black eyepatch over her right eye socket. She has an orange gemstone on her forehead in the shape of the sun*

Narrator: Deity of Suns – Zaydra.

*Zeth looks at Zaydra*

Zeth: You wanna bet?

Zaydra: I love my nephew and he can always come to me if he needs anything but right now, I need that trophy case back at my home to be filled up.

Harmona: Now, now. No need to get all competitive over a fight between your children.

*The announcer section is shown. The announcers are Mark and Sean*

Narrator: Retired Grim Reaper, now lead announcer of Earth Dimensions League – Mark.

*Mark is still a skeleton as always but now he wears a suit and tie*

Narrator: Host of the Chaos Tournament and co-announcer of Earth Dimensions League – Sean.

*Sean now looks like a full adult version of his previous design. He is also wearing a suit and tie*

Mark: It is time folks!!! We are here live at the Earth Dimensions League Championship Game of the Under Age 50 Division!!! I’m Mark and this is my partner, Sean!! We shall be providing all you fine folks with commentary!

Sean: This should be an exciting match.

Mark: Now to introduce our combatants for the championship game! First, we have our defending champion, Rex!!

*There is cheering*

Mark: And then we have the one who will attempt to avenge his loss to Rex in last year’s championship game! He is the son of the current Light God and Dark Goddess! He is Hayden!!!

*There is more cheering*

*Hayden and Rex continue to look at each other with determined looks*

Rex: We are cousins and pals but, on this field, we are enemies.

*Rex smirks*

Rex: I hope you weren’t expecting a different result this year.

*Hayden then smirks too*

Hayden: Don’t get so cocky. You might find yourself on your ass.

*Mark screams into the mic*

Mark: And the match shall now begin!!!

*Hayden starts running toward Rex*

*Zeth and Sasha are eager to cheer him on*

Zeth: You can do this, Hayden!

Sasha: Just remember everything I taught you!

*Zaydra looks at them*

Zaydra: Oh? You trained him yourself, Sasha?

Sasha: You bet I did!

Zaydra: Well, I will have you know that I trained Rex myself. Don’t think it's your advantage.

*Hayden and Rex are engaged in a punching battle. They exchange a few blows, but soon Hayden dodges one of Rex’s punches and punches him hard in the face which knocks him back a bit*

Mark: And there we have our first major blow of the match, folks!!

Sean: A defining part of last year’s championship match was that Hayden could not land many major blows on Rex. We will see if that changes this time.

*Hayden tries to do a follow-up punch but Rex does an arc jump over Hayden and then kicks him on the back on the way down. Hayden is knocked face down*

*Hayden notices and then rolls out of the way in time to avoid a magic attack that Rex released at him. The attack is a star that appears to be coated in metal. The star hits the ground and blasts out with a metallic substance*

*Hayden gets back up*

Mark: Rex unleashes his Metallic Sky magic!! It’s a genetic combination of the magics that his parents were born with!!

*Hayden charges his own magic. Above Hayden, darkness starts to form along with a bunch of glowing stars*

Hayden: Cosmos Barrage!

*The glowing stars all shoot out from the darkness and leave darkness trails. Rex dodges some of them but can’t dodge them all and takes some hits*

Mark: And now we have Hayden making use of his Dark Cosmos magic!! Like with Rex, it’s a genetic combination of the magics that his parents were born with!!

*Violet looks super excited seeing her brother land that attack*

Violet: You’re doing it, big brother! Kick his butt!

*She then has a sadistic face*

Violet: And then feed him to your Hellhounds!

*Zeth and Sasha just look at each other and laugh a little*

Rose: How many times do I have to tell you, Violet? Only you and mom have access to Hellhounds.

*Violet looks at Rose with a pouty face*

Violet: Then I can just let him borrow my Hellhounds.

*Rose sighs*

Rose: It doesn’t work like that, Violet.

*Rose then goes back to playing her Tarresdo Cinch*

*Rex punches Hayden to knock him back*

Hayden: Just got to remember the training mom gave me.

*Hayden starts having a flashback. In the flashback, Hayden and Sasha stand in a hilly area of Hell*

Sasha: No matter what way you look at it, half of your blood is mine. That means you can tap into demonic powers.

Hayden: It’s not like the magic attacks I have been using don’t make use of that…

Sasha: But you are not actually tapping into it. You are just using it at a surface level.

Hayden: But how do I do that?

Sasha: It’s not that difficult. It just requires some focus and concentration. Let’s start with your right arm. Concentrate your power on that.

*Hayden looks at his right arm*

Hayden: Okay.

*Hayden charges his right arm with magic*

Sasha: Now, truly put your focus into a deeper level of it.

*Hayden starts focusing but nothing happens*

Hayden: Nothing is different.

Sasha: Don’t stop. Keep at it. I promise you that it will be different.

*Hayden starts focusing again. He focuses on his arm even more as the black aura surrounding it becomes more powerful. The top of the black aura starts turning green and bubbles up*

*Sasha looks amazed by it*

Sasha: Whoa. I’m not sure if I have ever seen an aura like that before.

*Hayden also looks amazed by it*

Hayden: Let me try to do something with it.

*Hayden releases a magical attack from his right hand. It travels toward a hill and hits it which results in the hill being destroyed*

*Sasha looks impressed*

Sasha: That’s great! Soon, you’ll be carving out your opponents’ insides and feeding them to your Hellhounds!

Hayden: But I don’t have Hellhounds…

*Sasha rubs her head*

Sasha: Oh, sorry. You just remind me so much of myself that I activated a force of habit. Well anyway, I’m proud of you, my son.

*The flashback ends*


Rex: Metallic Floor!

*Parts of the ground have turned to metal in the shape of stars, and the star-shaped parts of the ground start launching up into the area where Hayden is standing. Hayden tries avoiding them but gets hit which damages him. The ones that don’t hit him go up in the air a bit and then break into smaller pieces and start falling toward Hayden*

Hayden: (Thinking) I have to focus!

*Hayden charges a black aura on his right arm and the top of it starts turning green. He then releases a wave of black and green-colored magic which hits the falling pieces of metal and destroys them*

*Rex is shocked*

Rex: What!?

*Sasha has a proud grin. Zeth looks at her*

Zeth: So I see that this is a result of the training you gave him.

Sasha: That’s right. I had him tap into his demonic powers but found that it was also mixed with your power and created something new and awesome.

*Hayden starts rushing toward Rex and has charged up another attack using the same mixed aura*

*Rex prepares himself as Hayden uses his power to release a cloud of green cosmic dust. The size of the area the cosmic dust cloud covers is large and Rex is unable to dodge it so he attempts to guard himself as Hayden slams the cosmic dust cloud onto him*

*Rex is blown back and takes some damage*

Mark: What a great attack!! Hayden is showing power that we haven’t seen out of him before!!

Sean: We can be sure that this will be a much closer match than last year.

*Rex looks as if he has been pushed back against a corner*

Rex: If that’s the way you want it…

*Rex starts powering himself up more. The metallic substance starts covering his skin and his body becomes metallic*

Rex: You can’t top this!

*Rex starts heading toward Hayden. To Hayden’s surprise, Rex jumps to his side and punches him on the right side of his face. A bit of the metallic substance is left on his face and damages him*

Hayden: This stuff!?

Rex: Like it?

*Rex continues to punch Hayden*

Rose: And to think I was just starting to look up from playing my Cinch, thinking there was hope for Hayden. Oh well.

Mark: Rex is now laying it on Hayden with punches that have a side effect of adding further damage by leaving a metallic substance on his opponent!!

*Another person watching from the royalty section of the audience is Josh (Sasha’s younger brother). He watches intently and starts having a flashback*

*In the flashback, Hayden confronts Josh outside the colosseum*

Hayden: Uncle Josh, you have to give me some pointers for taking down Rex. Mom has been training me but I will take any advice I can get.

Josh: Listen, kid, there really isn’t much to say technique-wise to take him down. If you have become stronger than him, you’ll win.

Hayden: Come on, surely you must have something to say!

Josh: Alright… I can say that he uses some kind of metallic substance on his own body sometimes. When he does, don’t rely on physical attacks. Repeated magic attacks are best. Do your best, kid.

Hayden: Thanks… but I’m not a kid.

Josh: Compared to me, you are. Ha.

Hayden: I’m gonna take down Rex and you’ll have to acknowledge my growth!

*Hayden grins as he says that and then starts running toward the colosseum*

*The flashback ends*


*Josh smiles*

Josh: You got this… Hayden.

*Hayden finally stops the punching attacks by doing a 360-degree turn and releases a dark cosmic star at near point-blank range at Rex. It hits him directly and knocks him back a bit*

Hayden: You’re not the only one that has full body tricks up the sleeve!

*Hayden grins*

Hayden: So do I.

*Hayden brings out the mixed black and green aura from just his right arm to now his entire body*

*Sasha looks even more proud*

Sasha: He’s done it! He’s fully tapped into his powers throughout his whole body!

*Hayden forms a star with a dark cosmic dust cloud surrounding it. He starts running toward Rex while holding it*

*Rex starts running to the side and forms a star covered in a metallic substance*

*Hayden gets closer to Rex despite Rex running to the side*

*Rex releases his Metallic Star attack. It hits Hayden and he takes some damage but still keeps moving with a confident smile on his face to Rex’s surprise*

Hayden: You won’t get me down!

*Hayden releases his Cosmic Star attack and hits Rex*

*Not only does the initial hit of the attack damage Rex, the resulting cosmic cloud starts tearing at the metallic substance that covers Rex’s skin*

Rex: What!?

*Hayden gets close and punches Rex hard in the face and he is knocked into the wall of the colosseum’s arena*

Mark: Hayden has delivered a game-changing blow to Rex!!!

*Zeth, Sasha, and Violet are cheering loudly*

Zeth: You got this! Keep it up!

Sasha: You’re doing everything right!

Violet: Yay! Big brother!

*Harmona looks happy and isn’t cheering louder because both Hayden and Rex are her grandkids and she doesn’t want to pick a side*

Harmona: Regardless of who wins, this is a splendid battle.

*Zaydra’s confidence is lowering but she looks impressed*

Zaydra: Who would have thought my nephew would improve so fast?

*Josh and Zenfaro also look impressed*

Josh: Great strategy.

Zenfaro: The tides are turning in Hayden’s favor.

*Rose is looking up from her Tarresdo Cinch in awe*

Rose: Maybe… he can win…

Hayden: What do you say we put an end to this battle, Rex?

*Rex shakes off his shock and pushes himself off the wall*

Rex: Gladly!

*Rex charges his power and starts rushing toward Hayden. They engage in another punching battle. They talk as they punch*

Rex: You’ve gotten better. In fact, a lot better. But I will still prevail!

Hayden: That’s what you think! That trophy is mine!

*They both punch each other in the face and then jump back*

*They both charge their magic to a high level (relatively for them anyway)*

Hayden: This is it!! Let’s finish this!

Mark: They are going to do one final attack for all the marbles!!!

*Hayden and Rex charge their attacks*

*Rex releases a cluster beam of metallic stars*

Rex: Metallic Cluster Stars!!

*Hayden releases a beam of multi-colored (green, red, black, and gold) cosmic clouds*

Hayden: Cosmic Blast!!

*Their beams make contact and push against each other*

Mark: Their attacks are pushing against each other!! Who will come out on top!!?

Sean: This is going to be close! Their powers are about evenly matched!

Zeth: That’s right, Hayden! Finish this!

*Sasha has a smile on her face. Zeth looks at her*

Sasha: I can tell. Hayden’s attack will overwhelm Rex’s.

Zeth: You can really tell?

Sasha: Yeah. Call it mother’s intuition.

Zeth: I see.

*Hayden’s and Rex’s attacks continue to push against each other, but as Sasha pointed out, Hayden’s attack starts to reach past Rex’s attack. Most of it then blows past Rex’s beam and then hits him directly and knocks him back*

*Rex is knocked onto his back*

*Hayden looks at him as he tries to stand up but fails and falls back down*

Mark: Rex is unable to continue the battle!! Hayden wins!!!

*The crowd starts loudly cheering as confetti starts falling from above*

Mark: Hayden is your newest Earth Dimensions League Champion for the Under Age 50 Division!!!

*Hayden looks super happy as he looks up and puts his arms up in victory \o/ as the confetti falls all around*

*Zeth, Sasha, Rose, Violet, Harmona, Josh, and Zenfaro are all cheering loudly in celebration. Even Zaydra smiles*

Zaydra: Congrats, Hayden. You earned this win.

*Not long after, a stage has been brought out onto the field for the trophy presentation*

*Hayden is joined by his family on the stage. Mark and Sean are also on the stage as they will be presenting the trophy*

*Zaydra is not on the stage and is with Rex who has been wrapped with bandages but they are looking at the stage*

*Mark holds his mic up to Hayden*

Mark: Congrats on becoming the new Under Age 50 Division Champion. This is your first championship. How does it feel?

Hayden: It feels great. I have a lot of respect for my cousin, Rex, and defeating him to win this championship is an incredible accomplishment.

Mark: It was a great battle. I think you cos-the-mos out of your power! Har Har! Well, now it’s time to present the trophy!

*Sean grabs the trophy and hands it to Hayden. Hayden smiles as he holds the trophy up and the crowd cheers. His family members with him on the stage also look super happy*

*Off the stage, Zaydra pats Rex on the head*

Zaydra: It’s okay. Just be happy for your cousin. You won last year and you will be back in full force for next year. Don’t worry about it.

Rex: I’m not too down about it. Now, I can truly consider Hayden a real rival.

*Hayden puts down the trophy and hugs Zeth and Sasha*


Narrator: Later, a celebration of Hayden’s championship commences.

*A lot of people are gathered in a very large room. There are tables for people to sit at and food and drinks are being served*

*All of the main characters and their families are there, but so are many of Heaven’s important people, Sasha’s Council of Demons, as well as many unnamed guests. Sonzen is also there and is back to his full size*

*Zaydra and Rex go up to Zeth, Sasha, and Hayden*

Zaydra: Congrats, Hayden, on your win. You were impressive out there.

Rex: I wanted to congratulate you too.

*Rex points at Hayden*

Rex: But now you are no longer just my cousin, you are my rival too! Next year. Same time. Same place. It will represent a best of three. You got that!?

*Rex smiles*

*Hayden then smiles too*

Hayden: It’s a deal.

*They shake hands*

*Rose is sitting with some angels*

Narrator: Third child of Joe and Emily – Zack. Age 26.

*Rose, Zack, and some unnamed male and female angels around Rose’s age are all sitting at a table playing their Tarresdo Cinches*

*Commander Moss and Major Smithy are with them*

Zack: So, Major Smithy, how is the Super Internet Signal coming along?

Rose: Yeah, we still struggle to connect online with gamers on Earth.

Commander Moss: Hey, we’re talking about an internet signal that has a good connection between Heaven, Earth, and Hell. That’s a difficult task, even for us.

Major Smithy: Don’t worry, comrades. It will be done soon.

*Sonnet wants to join Rose and the others but Kazuma (holding the 2 years old at most Haiku) stops her*

Sonnet: Mom, I want to play too.

Kazuma: You can when you get older.

*Sonnet looks disappointed*

Kazuma: How about this? I will buy you a Tarresdo Cinch and you can play with those of your age range.

*Sonnet looks happy*

Sonnet: Okay!

*Michael and Ashley are talking with Diamond and Pearl*

Ashley: I was wondering if the two of you could help with my next performance.

Michael: Well, they are the top assistants of Light God Zeth. I doubt they have the time.

Diamond: In this time of long-lasting peace, there is nothing wrong with requesting some time to do this so I’m in.

Pearl: And there are others who can fill in for us. I’m in too.

Ashley: Thank you! I appreciate it! This is going to be great!

*Zeth and Sasha talk with Kurt, Joe, Emily, and Keith*

Zeth: Just look at everyone here. It’s so great that everyone can now just be happy and focus on the good.

Emily: Everything we worked so hard to achieve has paid off.

Joe: And we got a whole future ahead of us to enjoy it.

*Zeth looks over to his right and sees Harmona and Violet*

Violet: Grandmother Harmona, I want a whole lot of chocolate!

*Harmona just has a spoiling smile on her face*

Harmona: Okay. I will give you what you want.

Zeth: Mom, don’t spoil her too much.

Harmona: I can’t help it. She’s just too cute! Aren’t you, little Violet?

*Harmona rubs Violet’s head. Violet looks happy*

Violet: Yep!

*Zeth sighs a bit*

*Sasha laughs*

Sasha: Don’t worry about it. She’ll be fine.

Zeth: I guess you’re right.

Kurt: We all need nice things from time to time.

Keith: Even to this day, it feels surreal to see angels and demons getting along.

*The six of them all smile*

Joe: You got that right.

Emily: It would be great for it to be everlasting too.

Sasha: Zeth and I will do our best to make sure it stays that way.

Zeth: And that’s how we have carved our names into the book of legends.

Sasha: Zeth, I think it’s time we show Hayden and Rose “that place.”

Zeth: So, you want to do that tonight, eh?

Sasha: Yeah.

Zeth: Alright.

*Zeth calls out to their kids*

Zeth: Hayden. Rose. Come here.

*Hayden and Rose come up to them*

Hayden: You called for us, dad?

Zeth: Yeah. Your mother and I want to show you a special place.

*Kurt, Emily, Joe, and Keith realize what he is talking about and start smiling*

Kurt: Oh, it’s THAT place. We won’t keep you here if it’s time.

Emily: It’s such a beautiful place. I’m glad you want to show them it.

Keith: That place has a lot of significance.

Joe: Go on. Show them. We’ll let everyone know.

Zeth: Thanks, guys.

*Zeth looks over at Harmona and Violet*

Zeth: Mom, the four of us are leaving. We’re keeping Violet with you.

Harmona: Alright. Have fun!

*Emily, Joe, Kurt, and Keith all smile as they watch Zeth, Sasha, Hayden, and Rose leave*

Keith: You.

Joe: Guys.

Kurt: Are.

Emily: Amazing.


Narrator: Soon after.

*It’s now evening and the sun is setting outside*

*Zeth, Sasha, Hayden, and Rose are confronted by some angel paparazzi*

Angel Reporters: Light God Zeth. Dark Goddess Sasha. We would like your comments on a rumor that you both are expecting a fourth child. Is it true?

*Zeth looks at Sasha and then back at the reporters*

Zeth: We do not comment on rumors and speculation.

*The four of them walk away from the reporters and then Zeth has an “ugh” expression on his face*

Zeth: Damn it, mom. That was supposed to be a secret.

*Zeth has a thought bubble showing Harmona looking all happy and bragging to someone about the fourth kid*

*Sasha giggles*

Sasha: I’m not showing yet but everyone is going to find out soon anyway.

Zeth: Well, it was supposed to be a surprise. Of all the aspects of mortal culture that made its way here, the paparazzi has to be my least favorite.

Rose: Not to interrupt you but what is this place you are going to show us?

Hayden: Yeah. You haven’t said anything about it.

Sasha: It’s one that holds a special place in your father’s heart and my heart.

Zeth: And it’s down on Earth.

*Rose and Hayden look intrigued*


Narrator: On Earth.

*It’s night and Reign City is in the background*

*Zeth, Sasha, Hayden, and Rose land in the area outside the city*

Hayden: Isn’t this just Reign City?

Rose: We’ve been here before.

Zeth: The city is not what we are showing you.

Sasha: It’s in the area outside the city.

*They start walking and Hayden and Rose both look curious. They walk until they reach a grassy hill*

Zeth: We’re going on top of the hill.

Hayden: What’s so special about the hill?

Rose: Yeah, it just looks ordinary to me.

Sasha: It’s not the hill itself, but the view that it presents.

*They reach the top of the hill*

Zeth: Now look out into the distance.

*Hayden and Rose look out and their eyes open wide in awe*

*The view shows a beautiful grass and flower field with flowers sparkling with the night’s starry sky. The starry sky is also part of the beauty*

*Zeth and Sasha smile while Hayden and Rose are still in awe*

Zeth: This is where I took your mother at the end of our first date and most of our dates after that.

Sasha: It’s where we made our resolve to bring a peaceful future for everyone.

Hayden: It’s…

Rose: Beautiful…

Zeth: That’s the first thing Sasha said too when I first brought her here.

Sasha: This place means so much to us. That is why it’s been preserved. No one is allowed to build on it. It has stayed completely intact for over 50,000 years.

*They all look up at the starry night’s sky*

Zeth: Have either of you thought about what’s Beyond The Stars?

Hayden: It’s just Heaven, isn’t it?

Rose: Or the Divine World?

Sasha: Yes, that’s true. But the real truth is it’s anything you can imagine. It doesn’t have to be a physical place.

Zeth: It can be a goal or a dream. What is Beyond The Stars can be absolutely anything!

*Hayden and Rose are amazed by that*

Hayden: Anything!? Incredible!

Rose: I have dreams and goals.

Sasha: And those are represented by Beyond The Stars.

Zeth: Look! There’s a shooting star going across the sky!

*They all smile as they look up at the sky in the distance*

*The view of this final page is shown to the side and behind the four characters as they look at the starry night sky in the distance as a shooting star is seen in it*

Zeth: It represents everything.

Narrator: Never let anything be impossible. Your dreams are out there and they will be found Beyond The Stars.


Arc Completed/Beyond The Stars 1 Completed: September 18th, 2018

AUTHOR'S COMMENT: This is it. The end of Beyond The Stars 1. So where do I go from here? Well, I have previously mentioned that there is a continuation to Beyond The Stars that I have started. The problem is that even though I started writing the continuation in 2020, I haven't gotten that far into it. I have actually only written 56 numbered chapters in it over the past 2 years with the total numbered chapter count overall up to 630. I should mention that BTS 2 will not have as many chapters as BTS 1 but it will still be a good amount. As for what the continuation will be about, well, there have been hints in BTS 1 about it but it will focus on the abyss and the mysterious Abyss Deity. A lot more of the extended universe and lore will be explored (BTS 1 basically has no exploration of the Divine World for example). As for the timeline in the story, it will start before BTS 1's epilogue (as mentioned, The Martian Inquisition Arc takes place before Zeth and Sasha become the new Light God and Dark Goddess). However, that does not mean that the entire story will take place before BTS 1's epilogue as the story will end up going past the BTS 1 epilogue. The parts that take place before the BTS 1 epilogue serve as a buildup to what is still to come.

HOWEVER, I think I'm going to take a break from posting more BTS for the time being. As for why, well, It's been exhausting having to come onto Scribble Hub and Honeyfeed posting one or more chapters almost every day for the past 9 months. I just want to take some time and not have to think about it for a bit. The other reason is that I actually have a story I have worked on that is not related to BTS I would like to put more time into working on and start posting. That story is called Demon Messiah and I started writing it in 2019 but put it on hiatus at the end of 2019 before deciding to cancel it because I didn't think I could handle writing two stories at once after I decided to do the BTS continuation after all. But this year, I decided to revive Demon Messiah and will start working on it again. Given that I started writing it after I gained a lot of experience under my belt, it will not suffer from the writing growing pains that BTS had. It will also be written more like a novel instead of the BTS script style (but it won't 100% be written like a novel, I will still take some liberties in the style). So if you read and enjoyed BTS, I hope you look forward to Demon Messiah.

As for when I do get back to posting BTS. Well, I will NOT be posting it under a new story page. I will still continue to post it on this "Beyond The Stars" page. Chapter numbers will continue from where BTS left off so the first chapter of the continuation will be numbered "Chapter 575". But before that, I actually have some BTS one shots to post and another "movie" story (which is called "Death Incarnate") to post as well. So when I get back to posting BTS, first it will be the one shots and movie. Then it will be the numbered chapters of the continuation.

To wrap up this author comment, I just want to say thank you for reading this story. I know it wasn't always a smooth ride and the early chapters of the story were pretty bad but anyone reading this story means a lot to me. I know it's certainly not a great fit for a non-novel story to be posted on a site for novels lol. Sometimes it's hard to believe that 8 years have passed since I wrote the first chapter of this story. I feel like that is enough time that one could become nostalgic about it. Anyway, even with all of its bumps, I'm very proud about how it turned out. I especially can't imagine that very many people would dedicate as much time to writing a single story as I have to BTS. It may only be a hobby but it's one that I greatly enjoyed. After I'm done resting and preparing Demon Messiah, I look forward to coming back.

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Beyond The Stars