Chapter 9:

Critical Counter

Ruler Of Sovereignty

After the silver projectile storm, all Herrscher have managed to survive from the attack.

“Herrscher! Report your status! Are you alright?” said the commander.

Back line all safe.” Said the ENV-class.

Front line is fine.” Said the PRD-class.

The commander calmed down when knew they are safe, especially his son.

“That was close …!” said Cornelio.

He made a net from his snake blade and two spears for the pole to survive from the silver projectile.

“Thank you for protecting us.” Said the PRD-class.

“It’s ok, this Varniant path is really annoying.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio undo his weapons transformation.

“Agreed, it still alive after receiving Rail-Turret and Chopper attack.” Said the SLT-class.

“Now what should we do?” ask the RTH-class.

“Damn …! I didn’t expect it will become like this …!” said the PRD-class.

The leader of Squad 44 got big pressure when battle field is turned to unpredictable state.

Meanwhile in the back line, they are trying to shoot down Varniant type.

Choppers, move to aircraft base immediately while we distract it!” said the ENV-class.

“Wait, what are you doing?!” ask the PRD-class.

Don’t worry, capt. This is our fight, so we must secure the people to safe place.” Said the GRD-class.

And we got something to try!” said the ENV-class.

“Alright, be careful.” Said the PRD-class.

Roger that, good luck, Herrscher.” Said the pilot.

The leader worried about his member, but they are succeeded to distract Varniant type and all Choppers can leave the battlefield safely.

“Alright, now it just Varniant left.” Said the PRD-class.

Varniant type fly down and chase the back line Herrschers.

“Here it come!” said the GLT-class.

“Right! Keep firing!” said ENV-class.

Varniant type is hardening the skin and landing on back line spot soon.

“It’s pretty hard!” said the GRD-class.

“So be it!” said the ENV-class.

Before the Varniant type successfully landing, the ENV-class separated from the back line and jump to attack Varniant’s body with his spear.

“…! What …?!” the ENV-class surprised after attacking.

One head of his spear is broken after getting impact with Varniant’s skin, but he successfully threw it away and protect another back line Herrschers.

“Get up!” said the GLT-class.

“U-ugh …! Right – Watch out!” said the ENV-class.

Varniant type rise up and running to back line Herrschers. The ENV-class turn his broken spear into one headed spear and trying to face it alone.

“…! Oh, no …!” Cornelio rushing to back line before it’s too late.

“Wait!” said the PRD-class.

But Cornelio doesn’t listen his warning.

To close! I won’t make it …!” said Cornelio in his mind.

Varniant type is coming closer to attack, and the ENV-class hold tight his spear to land a counter attack. For a single moment Cornelio just realize if his Encoded Weapon is no match with Varniant’s hardened skin.

“DAMN IT!!” Cornelio out of option.

Cornelio turn his plasma blade into snake blade and grab a silver projectile then swing it to Varniant type. The result is unbelievable, he succeeded to cut off one of Varniant’s feet.

“…! What just happened …?” said the ENV-class.

Ah, right …! Every single of the silver projectile is Silver Quill catalyst!” said Cornelio in his mind.

Cornelio arrived to back line position.

“Give me your Encoded Weapon!” said Cornelio.

He needed the GLT-class’s cannon.

“What are you supposed to do?” ask the GLT-class.

“Hurry up and just give it to me!!” said Cornelio.

The GLT-class forced to give her weapon.

“Appsylon!” Said Cornelio.

“[Signing up to Squad 44 as GLT-class … Login succeed.]” said Appsylon.

Cornelio turn back his snake blade leaving the silver projectile on the ground, then he changed the cannon transformation to fit the projectile for cannon bullet and load it.

“[Silver projectile loaded.]” said Appsylon.

“Take this!” said Cornelio.

He pulled the trigger and the projectile launched piercing Varniant body even it has been hardening the skin. Varniant type receive lethal damage and getting exhausted, now it focusing the energy to heal the wounds.

“[Weapon entering over heat state, all system align to cooling down for five minutes.]” said Appsylon.

When GLT-class weapon entering over heat state, it can’t be used to fire any projectile or transformed.

“Well, sorry for that.” Said Cornelio.

He returning the canon to the owner.

“U-uh, it’s ok.” Said the GLT-class.

Front line Herrscher regroup on the back line.

“Are you alright?” said the PRD-class.

“Yeah, somehow he can pull back Varniant at last moment.” Said the ENV-class.

“Impressive …!” said the SLT-class.

“So, this is the Seven Soldier’s ability ….” Said the RTH-class.

“How did you know it will work?” ask the GRD-class.

“I don’t, but I realize if that projectile is similar to Silver Quill catalyst. Then I got a plan.” Said Cornelio.

“Extract the catalyst?” ask the RTH-class.

“Too long, we don’t have much time for that.” Said Cornelio.

“But we just need to keep firing the projectile, right?” said the GLT-class.

“Yes.” Said Cornelio.

“Alright, front line will be the bait and back line will be our main force. ENV-class and GRD-class must protect the GRD-class when the weapon entering over heat state.” Said the PRD-class.

But Cornelio didn’t agree with that formation.

“I have the better solution.” Said Cornelio.

“What is it?” ask the PRD-class.

“Instead of waiting for long cool down time, why not using lighter bullet? Even entering cool down state, it wouldn’t take long time to reuse again.” said Cornelio.

“If we use these projectiles, the damage similar to Rail-Turret and need 5 minutes cool down. But how did we can find the lighter projectile?” ask the GRD-class.

“There.” Said Cornelio.

He pointing to broken Rail-Turret.

“That quill …!” said the GRD-class.

The quill is smaller than silver projectile, but more effective to penetrate any object.

“Yes, we don’t have much time so we’ll use Aero-drones to cut it then shoot down Varniant and extract the core.” Said Cornelio.

“But we have order to kill it instead of extract the core.” Said the RTH-class.

“That’s right! Too dangerous!” said the SLT-class.

“Extracting the core is the easiest way to have direct kill it.” Said Cornelio.

"I-I'm not sure ..." said the GRD-class.

"Trust me, it will works." said Cornelio

The PRD-class feel a bit depressed when he saw Cornelio trying to give a little hope for his squad. He is too arrogant to finish his job without any help that he can used, and the result is he already lost one of his squad member.

“Guys, listen to me.” Said the PRD-class.

The whole squad focus on the PRD-class.

“How shameful … all of this trouble is caused by my decision, and I’ll take responsibility for everything. But now, I have to finish my mission! That’s why … LST-class Herrscher of Squad 105, Cornelio Halozy.”

Cornelio a bit surprised.

“Please lead us to end this war!” said the PRD-class.

Cornelio look at the other Squad 44 member, and seems like they want him to be their leader.

“Hmph!” Cornelio smirked.

“You guys really play this game in safe zone all this time, right?” said Cornelio.

Squad 44 can’t doubt that.

“Jeez … at least deny it if I’m wrong or too rude.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio feels like the villain.

“You are the only one who can turn back this situation! So, we will follow your orders no matter how you judge us.” said the PRD-class.

The leader of Squad 44, PRD-class Herrscher and the other member trust to leaving the squad command on Cornelio that the best Herrscher who can handle the situation.

“Alright then, I’ll show you how Squad 105 fight!” said Cornelio.

Squad 44 didn’t understand what Cornelio talking about.

“What’s that mean?” ask the GRD-class.

“You can say if Squad 105 Herrscher is an experiment subject, or volunteer to testing some new weapons or tactics. So, we don’t have time to worry about the order and keep move forward as long the result is same.” Said Cornelio.

Squad 44 a bit surprised.

“Well, if you read the report about my tittle you’ll understand.” Said Cornelio.

“Let’s stick on our mission than wasting time to discuss your past.” Said the ENV-class.

“Ah, I forgot something.” Said Cornelio.

“What is it?” ask the PRD-class.

The PRD-class curious about that.

“Kneel down please.” Said Cornelio.

“What are you supposed to do?!" said the RTH-class

"We shouldn’t waste our time!” said the GRD-class.

“Ssshh! Now you are part of Squad 105, just temporary. And I’m your leader now. So, kneel down please.” Said Cornelio.

The PRD-class don’t know why Cornelio ask it and just do it.

“I know this isn’t official from Sovereignty, but I do it on my own will.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio release his plasma blade and put it beside the PRD-class’s neck.

“What the –”

The whole Squad 44 triggered, but the PRD-class give sign to not interfere.

Herrscher! What happened?!” ask the commander.

“Cornelio is going to execute our PRD-class, not the Fluxter!” said the ENV-class.

The commander surprised immediately.

What the hell are you doing, Cornelio?! Stop him right now!” said the commander.

He got mad because of he thought going to lose his son.

“Come on! Let’s take him down!”

“Don’t let he kill our leader!”

The whole Squad 44 are trying to stop Cornelio.

“Can you just shut up?!” said the PRD-class.

Now everyone is silenced after hearing their leader’s words.

“This is my punishment, so let me free. Do it, Cornelio!” said the PRD-class.

“Very well.” Said Cornelio.


The whole Squad 44 won’t let that happened.