Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 - Trapped in the Abyss

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 6 - Trapped in the Abyss


I wonder how long it has been..

I haven't seen my Lia in a long while now..

Or, has it been just an hour?

I don't know at all.

That Julia! How dare she treat me like this?!

Does she think of me as a powerless little Teddy?

Hah! Time to use my ability.

[Outcome Manipulation!]

I imagine the bag I am being held in becoming looser and falling to the ground, letting me in the open.

Come on.. COME ON!



My body rolls around, as my vision finally returns.

I am on the floor right now.

Hmm.. a very normal bedroom, I'd say..

If not for the closet I came out of..

All kinds of weird and unknown items are lying around beside me, while a lot more are visible inside the closet.

I can predict the use of these though..


This Julia.. she matured too fast, didn't she?

Or is she a born pervert?

Even worse, what if she is a succubus?!

Oh no! I must get away from this place!

But, how would Lia even find me here?

Hmmm... Mira seemed like a helpful fellow right?

She must have seen me being treasured by Lia by now.

Let's try calling her here.

[Outcome Manipulation!]

Mira.. my sweet deity... please come and save this teddy from this old hag petite baba succubus!


After trying for about a few hours, the door knob rustles a bit as the door opened up.

I can see Mira looking at the contents of the room in disbelief.

That's right! Rescue me! Please!!

"Oh, Dear! This? What are these things? Ah! This toy.. it belongs to the Young Miss, doesn't it?"

"Let's try asking her then. She is sleeping right now though? Hmm.."

Mira speaks to herself as the Holy Knight rescues this magical petite teddy from the clutches of the evil Demon Queen's fortress.


As I am being carried away by Mira, I spot Julia hiding and watching us from a corner.

Hah! Nice try there you old witch!

I won't be seeing you again!

Mira stopped by Julia, before she spoke to her,

"This toy belongs to the Young Miss, right? Why did I find it in your room, Julia?"

"You saw how distressed she was today without it. She has not even eaten anything today!"

Julia made a troubled expression, as she tried to deny the accusations.

"I-It wasn't me! I-I didn't do it!!"

"Don't speak. The Lord shall decide your fate. I will have to report to him about everything."

Mira didn't let Julia speak any further and moved away from her, as she walked toward Lia's bedroom.

So.. it has been a day, huh?

Lia.. why didn't you eat anything?

You will fall ill very soon like this..

Hah.. let's see what's her condition right now..


Mira opened up the bedroom, and I finally saw my petite angel again.

Her pillow is stained and wet with tears. She must have cried herself to sleep.

Lia was clutching a bundled-up bedsheet, while she pouted from time to time.

My poor petite angel Lia~

I am back! And I am back for good!

Don't cry anymore, please!!

Mira placed my body in Lia's arms, as she patted Lia's head once before she walked away from the bedroom.

Lia's hands squeeze my body a bit, before automatically moving me closer to her chest.

Ahh~ This warmth.. this is the BEST!

Such softness~

Lia, you will always be this bear's no. 1.

Let's try to be patient and not misbehave for tonight.

A smile formed on Lia's face as she nestled close to me and we continued to sleep like that until the next morning.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'Ah! Thank God I escaped that hell! I felt that I would be trapped there forever!'

UncleFatty: [Umu.. I.. wouldn't mind being a captive for a pervy petite girl..]

Mr. Bear: 'You know, even by my standards, you are pretty sick! Get yourself checked out at some mental hospital.'

UncleFatty: [Don't... DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK.. Ah! N-Nothing!]

Mr. Bear: 'You old nutty fucker..'

UncleFatty: [...]