Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 - Invasion of the Pervert

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 7 - Invasion of the Pervert


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"Ah! Mr. Bear! You are finally back!"

I woke up at the sound, and my consciousness returned.

I can see Lia staring at my body very closely.

Is it morning already? The room is certainly very illuminated.

Lia has a very huge smile on her face, as tears started to drip from her big eyes.

Ah! Lia! Don't cry! I am fine right now!

Lia became startled for a moment before she beamed her bright smile at me again.

"I know. I know. Lia won't cry anymore.]

Lia tried to wipe her tears away, as she squeezed my body into a tight hug!

AHH!! I m being crushed!!

Though, this body feels no pain.

"Mr. Bear, where had you been playing yesterday? I tried to find you everywhere!"

Oh, don't ask me that! An evil witch had taken me away..

"Sister Mira told me that you have gone to meet your friends last night. Are they nice? Did you play a lot?"

Oh.. I played a lot for certain.. except that she wasn't my friend..

Lia giggled to herself, as she quickly jumped from the bed and rushed towards the toilet.

I'm once again picked up and hugged with both arms.

This time my face is pointing forward and my back is smothered against her chest.

It isn't bad... not bad at all..

Upon entering the toilet, Lia ran up to the nearest toilet bench and quickly bend down upon on it.


Lia quickly raised up her clothes and lowered her pants, as my petite angel let her bear pussy free out in the open.

Meanwhile, I am being hugged tightly by my sweet angel.

Rather than that cold and lonely closet..

Being a petite Girl's Teddy is the best!



I can hear as the holy water starts to form a river and moves away from it's source.

And a cute voice comes from my owner as she continues to push me into her chest with one arm.

A pity that I haven't had any action with Lia in a long time..

Let's hope the good times return soon~

Lia finally finished up, as she rushed to wash her hands and left the heavens behind.

Hmm... how I wish I was hidden inside there rather than in the cold closet.

The scenes I could see there... huhuhuhu...


After coming back, Lia and I were both shocked to find both Mira and Julia waiting for us inside Lia's bedroom.

Mira looked at Julia once, before Julia bowed her head towards Lia and spoke,

"G-Greetings.. M-Master!"

Master? What the flup is she talking about?

Mira looked at Lia with a serious expression, as she spoke,

"Young Miss, the Lord has been informed about everything that had happened yesterday."

"He has decided to change Julia's status and from now on, you are her Master, while she will be your slave."

Eh? This.. this pervert will be living with us?!

NO!!! I absolutely refuse!

Lia, don't agree to any of this!

It's a fuckin trap!

Lia looked at Julia as she became puzzled and spoke,

"Slave? I don't need anything like that."

Mira shook her head sideways in denial, as she firmly looked at Lia and spoke,

"Young Miss, you are the owner of Julia's life from now on. This slave collar around Julia's neck is the proof of your ownership."

Well... there does seem to be something around her neck..

Is it so easy to make someone a slave in this world?

I don't think it's possible to enslave a toy, right?..

"From now on, she will go where you go and do what you command her to."

"I... can only ask for one request from you.."

Mira looked once at Julia, before she turned back to look at Lia and bowed her head toward her.

"Please treat her well... she is not a bad person.."

Like Hell she isn't! There is no creature around her as dangerous as her!

She will corrupt my petite angel for certain!

Lia stood still undecided. She was looking at both the bowing Mira and the awkward Julia, before she nodded slightly and spoke,

"Alright... Julia.. Let's be Friends!!"

Julia stared at Lia with her mouth opened up widely. She couldn't believe to have been forgiven so easily.

Tears welled up in Julia's eyes, as she kneeled on the floor and her forehead touched the ground before she exclaimed,

"I, Julia swear to be loyal to Young Mistress forever!"

Lia tilted her head in confusion and just simply nodded toward them.

Ahhh... I wish I could speak normally now..

I wouldn't have let this happen!

Lia.. you are too simple! Now that this pervert has been led inside..

The future looks to be very grim, doesn't it?


It's lunchtime now.

As always, Lia is acting cute unknowingly, as she continues to nibble on the dessert.

We are at the dining hall right now.

Apparently, the Praetor had his lunch earlier and had permitted Lia to use the dining hall later.

Isn't she treating Lia too well?

Something is very fishy about all of this.

"Young Mistress! D-Did you like the taste? I specially prepared it for you earlier today!"

Lia nodded with her mouth full of the dessert and giggled by herself.


This is why I prefer petite girls to the others..

The Cuteness factor is MAX baybay!

Though... did this petite maid do something to the food earlier?

I mean.. why is she happily looking at Lia eating her lunch?

Did she have a change of heart?...

Hah! I won't be fooled by such obvious acts!

She must be cooking something up!

"I'm Done!"

Lia quickly wiped her face with a towel and went out of the dining hall.

All the other maids left for their duties... except this petite pervert here...

That's right. Starting today, this pervert petite girl will be living along with us..

I didn't sign up for this?!

She won't confine me again somewhere, r-right?

L-Let's hope she doesn't!

"Young Mistress, your teacher will be arriving soon. Please prepare for it."

"I will be preparing snacks for you and her. Take care!"

The petite girl Julia took off, as she headed towards the kitchen area.

She's acting too nice, right?

She isn't preparing to poison my angel, is she?!

I try to glare towards her direction, but a voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Mr. Bear, I am feeling a bit down. You will study with me too, right?"

Lia... if you ask me this nicely..

This Bearvert will do anything!

Let's go! Let's tackle this study demon together!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Teddy: 'There is no heaven in this world... No gods in this world..'

UncleFatty: [Gods never existed in the first place. Only Satan rules the multiverse.]

Mr. Teddy: 'What.. what kind of freaky cult do you belong to? You are not normal, are you?'

UncleFatty: [I-It's.. the Den of Perverts...]

Mr, Teddy: '... no wonder...'

UncleFatty: [...]


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