Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 - Meeting the Instructor

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 8 - Meeting the Instructor


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Ahem! So, we decided to study, right?

Right, Right. Except...

Where is the damn Instructor?!

It's been like 30 minutes or something already!

Lia shifted uncomfortably while she held me close to her chest~

This is why I am putting up with all of this...

But, I can't let Lia be troubled like this!

At that moment, the door to the study room opened up & Mira arrived inside the room.

Ohh~! The dress looks so good on her!

The brown-haired maid was dressed in an elegant red-colored attire today. The dress had many amazing designs of flowers amongst other things.

Though regretfully, she was covered in it from her neck to her toes.

Her modest breasts were nowhere in sight, as the evil dress covered her completely!

Should I make her dress slip?

She quickly approached Lia, and she softly spoke in her ears,

"Young Miss, the Instructor has arrived already. Her meeting with the Lord has ended and she is on her way here."

Lia looked at Mira seriously as she nodded toward her.

Ohh! That Instructor is here at last.

She better be good to our Lia, otherwise...

Beware the wrath of this Plush Toy!

Mira smiled slightly, as she rustled Lia's hair softly.

"Please make sure to treat her respectfully. And learn well, Young Miss."

"Lia will study well! Mr. Bear is with Lia. Lia can do anything!"

That's right! We're an epic team, baby!

Just! Bring IT!!

The older maid giggled in delight, as she stood up to look at petite Lia from above.

"I must go back to do the housework. Take care, Young Miss."

The somewhat mature maid then went out of the room after that, as we were left to wait again in silence..


At last, the door to the room opened up, as the Instructor walked inside the room and looked at our petite angel in silence.

Is she judging our Lia?

Lia appeared calm on the surface, though I could feel a slight trembling in her hands.

Don't be nervous, Lia!

This thing is nothing! We can do it!

Lia made a surprised expression, as she looked down at my body and smiled softly.

She then looked straight at the Instructor. The trembling and nervousness had faded away into nothing already.

The Instructor nodded slightly, as she smiled and spoke,

"Great. You are able to stay calm under my INTIMIDATION spell. You may be worth teaching after all."

The Instructor then took a seat, as she sat on a luxurious chair, and brought out some study materials, before she spread them on the table orderly.

I don't mean to interrupt anything but..

There is something I cannot help but notice..

Why... Why is the Instructor so young?!

She looks to be barely above 18 years old!

D-Did she stop growing or something?

Or... is she a legit petite girl?

I.. wanna know!

The Instructor's golden blonde hair was tied up in a bun overhead, while she wore big glasses on her childish face.

Her emerald green eyes matched well with her hair and persona.

She is wearing a cute but mature dress and was dressed modestly.

But.. isn't her height even shorter than our Lia here?

Let's assume her to be a mature petite girl for now...

Always remain optimistic right?


The petite Instructor raised her glasses slightly.

"Now, let's begin our lesson. But before that, I must know at what level your knowledge is."

"What is the name of the country we live in?"

Lia appeared calm and answered easily,


The petite Instructor nodded her head twice before she spoke

"Hmm. Correct. Then who is the King ruling this country?"

Lia appeared a bit flustered, as she hugged my body strongly.

"K-King Ramiro?"

"Nice. You got both of them right. Now, onto some other questions."

"How many ranks are there in the Adventurer's guild?"

Lia looked down at me once, before she stuttered,

"Umm.. B, C, F?"

"Somewhat. It's SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, & F- ranks. They are all achievements earned by the adventurers and are based upon their capabilities."

"All adventurers begin at F rank & climb their way up. I think you should join the Guild too. F-rank quests are easy and you will learn how to make money for yourself."

"It's better to prepare early, than wallow in regret later."

"Now, next question. What are the major guilds in this country?"

Lia was becoming a bit dizzy with the sudden questions, and spoke,

"Adventurer's Guild, Alchemist Union, Mage Association.."

"Correct. They are some of the major ones. Though, there are some other important ones too."


The Lessons continued, as the Instructor kept rambling about some generic trivia.

It's too boring for an expert like me though.

Who could beat my level of expertise? The amounts of Manga and Novels in my room would need an entire truck to take away.

Hmmm~ I would rather like to see what's underneath her clothes though.

This Instructor, should I try doing something?

After all, once a Bearvert, always a BEARVERT!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'This petite Instructor seems like the perfect prey for this bear! Let me show you what I got!'

UncleFatty: [I like Lia more. The sweet angel is too cute~!]

Mr. Bear: 'I-I mean! Lia is good too! Lia is the best!'

Lia: "Mr. Bear, don't make so much noise! Lia is trying to study here. Bad Bear!"

Mr. Bear: 'I..'

UncleFatty: [Huhuhuhu..]


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