Chapter 2:

Today in the daily life of Lei Mei

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

I wake up every day at exactly 7 am, brush my teeth, wash my face, get changed into my school clothes and do my hair. I leave the house around 8 am, enough time to walk over to the school at 8:45 am. On the way to school, I usually meet with Taji, my so-called boyfriend. It’s not that I don’t see him as one. I just feel like I shouldn’t be in such an explicit relationship with another at such an age.

At school, I change my shoes and put my stuff away in the locker. I go to our classroom and take my seat. I avoid idle chatter with those around me, but if such misfortune is to happen, I do respectfully reply to those attempting to converse with me. I do not hate people, I just personally find it rather annoying when I’m at a place to learn and others aren’t taking it seriously or are interrupting me from taking in more knowledge.

At lunch, I usually eat what my mother has prepared. Every day it’s something different, so I can never be sure what to expect. However, the meal is at an excellent standard as she is a ‘professional’ chef. She is self-taught since my grandmother wished for her to be a lawyer. Nonetheless, today I had teriyaki chicken and noodles.

Taji has been completely losing it recently. I want him to study more so I have been limiting time with him so that we can get his grades up. I was very surprised and amazed that he said he would want to go to the same university as me. Then again, I couldn’t imagine it considering how poor his grades have been. Though I do appreciate his effort.

Once school is over, Taji usually makes me go and help him study in the library. I don’t mind doing this, gives me some extra time to revisit some stuff as well. Unfortunately, today mother asked us to go and help her at the restaurant. Annoyingly, Taji ran off instantly. I tried searching around for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. I left him a few texts and tried calling him, but nothing. I went off to the restaurant since we needed to help.

Previously, I was able to wear a butler outfit. Sadly, Taji needed to take that one, so I’m left with the Chinese-styled maid outfit. Not my personal choice of clothing, but I wouldn’t want anyone to see such an atrocious outfit on Taji. Since, after all, we are together, I cannot let his image get tarnished by my selfish personal preferences. We live in a society, after all.

Some time into the work shift, Taji still hasn’t arrived. I have been getting extremely overworked since only me and my mother are here to do stuff. With this new deal she came up with to get more customers, we have had far too many customers for us to actually handle with just the two of us.

Eventually, Taji made it. I just couldn’t look at him. The frustration was too much. I would most likely get the urge to slap him back and forth, which I can’t do here. I have realised that I miss Sawa’s company here. She was really good at talking with customers and they all loved her. Was quite sad to see her quit.

After another few hours of work, we finally closed for the day. Free at last. Time to catch a breath. I haven’t spoken to Taji at all since he got here. I should have a chat with him and see what’s up with him. We had a talk, sorted everything out and headed over to my place to do some leftover studying.

I tried to pretend that I didn’t notice but Taji has been looking over at me constantly, looking up and down, staring away at my face. I couldn’t help but feel warm. I hate this feeling, an urge that I’m not used to and would rather never have to experience but here we are. Only Taji has ever caused me to feel this way…

I couldn’t deal with this any longer. He managed to answer my question correctly. I think it’s time for his reward… although it’s more because I just want to get rid of this burning chest pain. I moved closer to him, he put his arms around me to pull me closer to him. My heart was beating faster and faster. I closed my eyes and let him embrace me. Our lips had met, his warm breath, his soft touch around my body, his kiss was just phenomenal. I couldn’t even think of ever resisting such a thing. He really made me weak.

I might let him stay for tonight…