Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: The Plan

Devour Me!

My eyes opened and closed slowly, my senses where all over the place and my head hurt. I was finally able to recognize that I was in my bed back at the motel.

Last thing I remembered was eating a diner with Fuko after we cleaned up a devour at our house. I looked to my side to see Fuko, but she was gone.

My eyes widened. I sat up immediately and looked closer at her bed. Nobody was there. Where did she go!

Suddenly I felt arms wrapping around me from behind.

Ah so Fuko slept in my bed again. I laid back down and tried to get more sleep.


After a while we both woke up and Fuko explained to me what happened last night. Apparently Fuko “accidentally” ordered alcohol without knowing it. I called complete lie but she said it was the truth and apologized profusely to me.

Back to the present, me and Fuko are now out to get more money. How you may ask, stealing, that’s how. Now I know it’s wrong but is it really wrong if we steal it from bad people. This is why we (and by we I mean myself, Fuko doesn’t follow this) only steal from corrupt people. This would allow us to kill two birds with one stone. One, this cleans up the government and sends them a sign to change there ways and give to the poor. Two, we are able to gain money for our own needs since we don’t have a means of income.

A crowd of people were surrounding us as we walked. Each person going to a place of their own, with ambitions and dreams. They will all die soon.

I was wearing black baggy pants with pockets lining the sides and a long half black and half white hoodie. My sword was sheathed on my back with the strap going around my shoulder and the under side of my other arm.

Fuko wore short black shorts with a strap connecting to long black stockings while wearing black boots. She had a black tank top on with a black leather jacket unzipped. A choker was around her neck and she dyed a large strand of her hair red, while the rest was black. She had two guns holstered on her legs ready to fire at any moment.

My eyes met with the many power cables lining the tight alley. Our demeanor was cold and vengeful. This prefecture is layered from the poor to the rich. There is almost no in-between here and most of the population is part of the lower class. The main capital (where the king lives) is in the middle and right outside of that is where the rich live. Going downhill you then start to see the lower class and all of its dirtiness.

This only applies to our prefecture or part of the city to our knowledge. The surrounding prefectures are closed off with walls like ours, so information does not spread between but apparently they have different cultures and biomes.

Based off rumors our ruler lives in secretive compared to the others. He goes by Doctor Q and is more interested in experimenting in the devours rather than fighting them. He has organized a military branch specialized in killing devours but all they do is scam people and slack off.

Back on track me and Fuko’s target is unknown for now so we have to go to our trusty income of information, Fresh.

We arrive at a broken down side shop in a back alleyway. The sign above was in wood with black letters labeled “mechanic and repair” I knocked subtly in a pattern. After some time, some footsteps rushed to the other side of the door a slip opened on it. Two peculiar eyes emerged from the opening, one of them being mechanical. The slip quickly closed and the door opened to present a man in his 20’s. His outfit consisted of baggy camo green with a belt full of tools and trinkets. He wore overalls connecting to his pants over an orange short sleeve shirt and googles above his eyes. He had his hair parting in the middle to both sides. He wore big bulky gloves on his hands and on the left of his chest was a name tag that was titled “Fresh”.

“So you ran out of money, again?” He asked while having disappointment in his tone.

“You betcha we did,” Fuko exclaimed.

“Well boy do I have a job for you!” He said happily while gesturing us to come in. We walked through to see a big circular room with a round table in the center.

He lead us to the table as he unfolded a map of a building, we all gathered around. The map showed a block of buildings and other smaller details. It was apart of the upper area of this prefecture, which consisted of richer corrupted people.

Fresh pointed at a circled building, “this one” he exclaimed, “they are holding a party tonight”

I interrupted, “you want us to sneak in?!”

“Well, I mean. It won’t be that hard for you two,” he replies back in a slightly hesitant tone.

“Wait why don’t you want to sneak in?” Fuko intruded as she stared me down.

“Cause it will be way to difficult. Think about how many guards will be stationed there.” I defended my position.

Fresh turned the map around to reveal an inside map of the circles building. “True, it may be hard to infiltrate but I have an idea.”

“Oh?” Fuko leaned forward in excitement.


“I can’t believe we are risking this” I said while sighing.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” Fuko exclaimed while having fun in her own world.

We were walking on a slow uphill towards our first destination. The telephone wires that normally lined above us slowly faded out as the building became a little more prestigious.

“We are almost there. Do you have the stuff Fuko?”

“You know it” she gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up.

We walked into a store that sold suits. We both examined the shop until we picked out our suits. Next we went to the changing room and changed into them. While changing I smelled smoke coming from the next changing room. Fuko needs to quit.

Both of us finished changing and walked out of the room. We walked to the back of the store so the cameras wouldn’t see us. Fuko took out a bomb and set a timer of 20 seconds. We both walked towards the cash register and asked to ring these suits up.

Just as we asked a small explosion blew up the back corner of the store. All the customers went into a frenzy, panicking everywhere. We walked out of the store calmly and started to our now, final destination.

Part one of the plan is now complete.

We slowly approached the building. Fuko turned towards me and exclaimed her nerves. I looked towards her as I told her she would do great.

We stood in front of the tall building.

“He said floor 14, right?” Fuko questioned nervously.

“No” I replied.

We slowly walked into the building.

The door slide open as many men in suits stood on the floor bumping drinks. Classical piano music was playing through a speaker. We quickly opened the elevator at the very end of the building and walked in. The doors shut. The classical music continued to play in the elevator.

“Which floor is it then?” Fuko questioned.

I examined the buttons on the wall of the elevator. 1-15 but at the very bottom was a blank button. I clicked it. A screen appeared above the buttons and a password showed up. I clicked the panel and then pressed enter on the panel. A nice little ding played, signified that I was correct.

The elevator shook violently and then proceeded to slowly drop us downwards. We both waited in silence. The filth of this place will be even more apparent after this door opens. I grabbed an earbud and plugged it in my small iPod. I put the earbud in.

Fuko grabbed the other one and shoved it in her ear.

We fell to the floor and sat, listening to the song for a bit.

“Remember what we went over Fuko?” I said.

“Yeah. I know what I’m doing.” She replied to me.

We continued to stand listening to the song.

My mind roamed as the songs lyrics repeated in my head.

I lifted my head to face the light on the ceiling.

Fuko moved closer to me while staring at my face. Her arm reached out and grabbed my face. Her hands were soft and smooth.

“What’s this for?” I questioned softly while grabbing her hand.

“Why do I love you?” She replied bluntly while staring deep in my eyes.

I looked at her face closely. Her deep brown eyes and her skin. Her black eyeliner and mass amount of makeup around her eyes and nose.

The elevator shook violently again as we came to a stop. I grabbed the earbud in Fuko’s ear as I brought myself to my feet. Fuko stood up shortly afterwards and we stood at the door waiting for it to open.

“This is where the fun begins.” I stated as the elevator doors slowly opened.

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