Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: The M!ss!on

Devour Me!

The elevator door slowly opened.

As the doors scrapped across the floor they revealed a large dance club.

Filth everywhere.

We walked in to see poorly dressed people dances while lights strobed many colors. A bar laid to the right and a dance stage to the left.

In the very front stood the dj platform and on the bottom right were bathrooms. The stench of smoke and booze filled the air as many people stumbled around. The walls were lined with bricks and graffiti.

Fuko grabbed onto my shoulder as she gave an anxious look.

“Act in a confident way and we won’t be bothered” I reminded her as I looked down at her.

Many people stumbled around as we fumbled our way to the top left door which was our destination.

We walked slowly through the crowd as Fuko slowly pulled out a tiny piece of tech to help us open the door.

Behind this door was a vip lounge where a certain celebrity would normally party, and when theirs partying there’s money.

We arrived at the door as Fuko put her device to the handle as it started decrypting the password. I leaned my back to the wall keeping watch in case anyone came over. Finally Fuko unlocked the door as she looked back at me signaling it’s time to go. I quickly turned up my music so I wouldn’t have to listen to anything anymore.

Quickly Fuko rushed in the door pulling out both guns. Five men sat at a couch with women surrounding them. I walked in pulling out my sword slowly from my back. The men hastily pushed away the girls in the room trying to get them out. One man got up and nervously tried negotiating with me, “y- you don’t want to do this. You want money. I got mone-“

My arm pulled away from his chest as his body fell to the ground gasping for air. Blood spurted from his chest as he slowly faded unconscious. I slowly turned my head to the other four.

One of them desperately pulled out a small hand gun and pointed it at me. Quickly Fuko shot him straight in the head as he fell.

The other men now jumped behind the couch as Fuko opened fire on them. Only hitting a single hand. Once she ran out of ammo I quickly rushed in and jumped them. I targeted the very left one slicing through his skull on impact. The other two pulled out a gun but Fuko has reloaded by now and walked up behind them.

“Having fun?!” Fuko exclaimed as they turned their attention to her. I pulled my sword out and cut through the next man’s neck as Fuko shot the closer one.

I looked up at Fuko as I grabbed a rag and wipes the blood of the blade.

She looked down as she holstered her weapons.

I walked towards the table in the middle and grabbed the money and stuffed it in a brief case.

“What do we do about the blood?” Fuko questioned.

“Oh…. I guess we didn’t think of that.”

“What do you mean you didn’t think of it!”

“I guess Fresh never thought of it,”

We sat in silence as we both stared at each other and the room.

“What now?” Fuko questioned.

I sat as my eye looked around the room then myself. I looked down at my outfit and unbuttoned my jacket and pulled it off. Fuko looked at me and followed suit.

After examining ourselves we found that not much blood was on our white undershirts shirts.

“We can leave now if we want” I stated while walking towards the door.

“Are you sure?” Fuko asked, still worried about the situation.

I replied earnestly, “yeah we’re good.”

I opened the door as the blinding lights flooded our senses. We both rushed to the back as everyone stood oblivious to the situation that just unfolded. We opened the elevator door as we walked in and quickly closed the door. We made it unscathed.

As we stood in the elevator relieved we look to the left of us to see someone else.

A man stood there in a suit and black shades.

He stood there silent until he grabbed a device and quietly said, “found them,”

I grabbed my sword with all my might as my other hand released the briefcase. The man pulled out a knife and lunges towards me.

I pulled backwards avoiding the knife as I then turned sideways and thrusted my sword downwards at his back.

He quickly turned and blocked my swing with the knife.

Fuko pulled out her gun and pointed it straight at his head like she didn’t have a care in the world. She looked disgusted for some reason.

The man started sweating as he realized his situation.

“What now.” He asked

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion.

“You have to kill me.” He said while his eyes went cold.

Just then Fuko shot through his head. The body flopped to the floor.

“Don’t hesitate honey” she said while smiling at me.

I looked down at the body…

No point in it.

The doors opened soon as we walked out slowly.

This one action would change our fates…

For better and for worse.

We would now be in a world full of hurt.

Devour Me!