Chapter 0:


My Near-Death Is A Blessing!

(As it was a quiet and busy night in Hong Kong, many civilians were returning to their homes for another day has come to a close as crashing, thudding punches and shattering glass was heard down an alleyway which forces some nearby civilians to walk quickly away and avoid the alley. Inside the alley to the back of a bar was a teenage male kid being beaten, degraded and cut by a sharp knife trio he traveled alongside with.)

"Attacker #1: Get the fuck out of here you pussy ass kid!"

(As the defenseless child was speechless and was bleeding to death, the trio then shanks the child several times with the same bloody knife as he was coughing out blood and begging quietly for help until he was kicked in his exposed side which he held tightly for that was his liver being kicked. The trio then carries the motionless body by the end of the alleyway and notices an incoming truck as they then counted to three and throws the child out into the street as an "elderly" individual noticed the flying body collide with the truck as the truck then crashes into a pole after a streak of blood trails underneath the tires of the crashed truck as the elderly individual then notices the trio celebrating over the fact they've nearly killed a teenage child.)

"??? (Conscience): What is this...? Why can't I.. feel nothing...? I can't... hear nothing... Is this.. what it's like to die...? It's.. dark.. Very quiet... I can't control any of my limbs..."
"??? (Voice): Poor kid... May he rest in peace."

(As a small ringing then fades into silence, the child's conscience was then walking around a small platform as he then hears an angelic voice call to him.)

"Angel: How does it feel to die little one? Do you remember your name?"
"??? (Conscience): I... I don't know.. I don't know my name.. and I know that dying is.. painful and scary."
"Angel: I know it hurts, but will you hold on a little longer?"
"???: Huh...?"
"Angel: I would like to transfer something to you as your body fights to stay alive."
"???: What are you transferring me...?"
"Angel: In the world you're in right now, there lies a system... A system of combat-experts, powerful antagonists and heroic protagonists. Within the system, all of the humans in today's world is given a Blessing, a Ghoul or a Spirit. You dear boy will survive, but will suffer a severe side effect of your near-death."
"???: What's that...?"
"Angel: You will live, but won't have a heart or certain memories. The Blessing will be your only key to remaining alive. Without it, you will truly pass on in mere moments."
"???: So what's my blessing...?"
"Angel: Your blessing will come to you.. when the time is needed."

(As the Angel was then vanishing under a crackling ray of light, the conscience then quickly halted the Angel for a quick question.)

"???: Wait..! Why can't I have my certain memories back..?!"
"Angel: The Blessing I have gifted you comes with a severe consequence of memory erasure and removal of an important organ in your human body."

(As the light grows larger, the Angel's presence has vanished as the boy's conscience then was engulfed by the light and was placed back into his body as he was regaining consciousness as the doctors confirmed the patient was missing his heart but was then scared out of his mind at the fact the teenage child has risen up with its injuries healed but its entire body covered from head to toe in deep scars, burn marks, cut wounds and more.)

"??? (Thinking): What's... my name...?"

(The teenage child then looks at the terrified doctor who then corners himself against the wall.)

"Hey... Do you know.. what my name is..?"
"Terrified Doctor: AAHHHHHH!!!!!!"

(The doctor then shrieks of horror then passes out as he then drops his clipboard which had the teen's paperwork which he picks up and reads his name aloud.)

"Bai Zhen: ...Bai... Zhen... My name is.. "Bai.. Zhen..? What the hell happened to me...?"

(As Bai then looks in the mirror, he then was horrified at his body's damage but was confused on how he should be dead but he's walking around as if he's alive.)

"No... I should've died...! I don't know what happened to me... BUT ITS NOT RIGHT..!"

(Bai then quickly notices a scalpel and tries to cut his own body but fails as the scalpel then snaps right in half as Bai begins to panic and use sharper tools to cut through his body. As noises were heard throughout the hospital, several nurses then notices the active heartless body of Bai which begins to scare them all as well which then triggers Bai to jump out the hospital window in hopes the fall would destroy his body. After colliding with the ground, Bai's body was still as strong as a rock for no damage was done during the fall. Bai then screams out of agony and rushes to his house in no time while wearing a hospital apron. After returning home, Bai slams and locks his door shut as he then begins pulling knife after knife after knife in hopes any could slash through his indestructible body but was pointless as one last snap was heard from his final cooking knife and Bai sits on the ground in complete despair and sobs as he don't know what happened to him which turned him into some kind of monster.)

"What the fuck is going on...?!"

(As he looked around at the scattered metal, he then rushes upstairs and enters the wrong room which was his big sister's who was pissed off at him barging in without knocking and catches her in her bath towel which has her irate.)


(He'd then slam the door back as Bai then rushes into his room and slams his own door as he then rushed to call a close friend of his. The phone would then pick up after four rings.)

"???: H-Hello...?"
"Bai: TIAN!!!"

(Bai quickly explains everything going on over the phone as his friend Tian then spits out a piece of fried chicken after hearing what Bai said.)

"Bai: W-What truck collision...? Wait a minute Tian, how long was I even in the hospital or at least considered dead..?"
"Tian: You was hospitalized for a year straight... Its the year 2009 now..."
"Bai: WHAT?!"

(Xue then throws a book at her wall towards Bai's room as she yelled through her wall.)

"Tian (Phone): Dude don't panic, listen. Come by to the shop tomorrow, I'll be able to help you."
"Bai: Okay Tian, thank you..."

(As the call ended, Bai then calms down and looks at his scars and sighs as he lays in his bed and looks at the wall to Xue's room and wonders why she hates him as he could not remember but then looks at his room as he begins to close his eyes and sleep.)

"(Thinking): Why can't I... remember these memories...?"

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