Chapter 1:

Negan Zhihao.

My Near-Death Is A Blessing!

(The next day at a nearby quiet snack shop, Tian and Bai was talking to each other for Bai was explained everything that's happened during his coma.)

"Tian: Okay so, here's what's been going on. After you went into your coma, there's been a major increase on rouge killers and heroes. The Prime Minister even put out a restricted curfew that all civilians must be indoors by 7PM every night!"
"Bai: Why so early...?"
"Tian: Several areas of Hong Kong lacks a defense squad even police too, I heard that most of China's Frontal Division is losing High-Class Mercenaries."
"Bai: I don't know how that's even possible..."
"Tian: The rise of rouge killers and antagonists is crazy high! It makes sense why most High-Classes are leaving so quickly."
"Bai: Well... How bad is this area?"
"Tian: Is your memory that bad, man? You know what, don't answer. You just left the hospital. The area we're in now is protected by the Armored Division, there are twenty six patrolling High-Class mercenaries in this area right now. So we'll be fine!!!!"
"Bai: I hope you're right. Wait, how do you even know this stuff?"
"Tian: I just scroll around social media for rumors and leaked conspiracies, its pretty clever that most of the leaked information here isn't even taken down yet."
"Tian's Father: Tian! Break's over, come back to work please!"
"Tian: Coming! I gotta go man, if you want to order anything, let me know!"

(As he then returns to work, a bell on the door was heard after the front door was opened, Tian then looks the other way to notice two High-Class mercenaries enter the shop as one was a female with ice blue hair, a medium-breasted chestplate and an enchanting face as the other was a stern-faced male with a grown brown beard, a sheathed sword and a powerful presence.)

"Fang Dai (High-Class Mercenary): Excuse me, are you the owner of this establishment?"
"Tian's Father: Yes. Can I help you with anything?"
"Fang Dai: We're of the 6th Frontal Division and the two of us were ordered platoon here in your business as official guardians. Our expenses will be paid through by the director, herself."
"Tian's Father: In that case, please stay as long as you wish. Uh.. TIAN! Head upstairs and prepare the guest rooms, please."
"Tian: Got it!"

(The male mercenary then notices Bai as he then sensed a disturbed aura coming from him.)

"???: Hey, you there. You got a moment?"

(As Bai realized he was being talked to, he normally nodded without saying a word as the male mercenary sits down across from him.)

"Qian Gang (High-Class Mercenary): You don't look to good, you okay?"
"Bai: Oh..! N-No I'm just a little nervous and all..."
"Qian: I'm a friendly guy, I promise I won't bite!"
"Bai: Well.. Okay.. You wanted to talk with me about something..?"
"Qian: That's right. There's a High-Class Ghoul running around these parts recently and weirdly enough, you look exactly like the wanted ghoul."
"Bai: Wait... A Ghoul..?"
"Qian: Mhm. I just need you to prove to me that you're not a Ghoul."
"Bai: What can a Ghoul even do?"
"Qian: Ghouls can camouflage their body, mind control others, has a cannibalistic appetite for humans especially and can sniff their prey like a lion in the jungle."
"Bai: I can assure you... I'm not a ghoul..."
"Qian: How exactly?"

(Bai then proves it the only way how by lifting up his shirt a tiny bit which catches Qian off guard to see horrifying cuts and scars on his body.)

"Bai: I was in a coma for a year straight, my friend can vouch for me."
"Qian: Alright that proves it..."

(The door then kicks open as everyone in the shack is then introduced to a leather jacket wearing, dark glasses wearing, barbed wire bat swinging individual who did not give a single shit about interrupting the peaceful flow inside the shack.)

"???: Heheh... Let's make this real simple sweetheart, I want the usual and I want it in three or your other leg is coming the fuck off."
"Tian's Father: S-Sure... TIAN, PREPARE FOR THE USUAL!"

(As Tian quickly runs down to help his father prepare and cook the usual in three minutes, Qian then was watching and staring him down as if he wanted to kill him.)

"???: If you're gonna stare at me over there, make a move twinkle toes. And sorry... I don't like men who walks around with a ripoff ten dollar Jian at an off-brand Family Dollar. But you wish I liked you, don't you?"
"Qian: As if, who the hell even are you?"
"???: My mouth doesn't speak pussy, I'm not a cat mind reader."
"Qian: ... Don't try to provoke me!"
"Fang Dai: Would you two cut it out? Nothing is resolved by fighting."
"???: Remind me again, why I should listen to you?"
"Fang Dai: Your mouth really is irritating. Do understand I'm asking you politely."

(As the individual's food was then brought towards him, he'd take a bite of his ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and throws it at Quin which the customers quickly got down to avoid a future fight.)

"???: You call that Spaghetti Bolognese? Pal.. I'm taking my money back and also, take a cooking class. You fucked up my appetite."
"Tian's Father: B-BUT, Y-YOU'D ALWAYS APPRECIATE THE FOOD..! You even told me it was delicious four weeks ago!"
"???: Did I? Guess you can't understand sarcasm, makes sense considering an old bastard like you can't tell the different between salt and sugar."

(Suddenly, he was then in shock that he put sugar into his food before as Tian's father then collapsed to his knees in disgrace of himself.)

"???: Seems like my work here is done."
"Quin: No you don't...!"

(Quin then throws the plate on the ground as he was ready to draw his sword until Fang Dai quickly halted him.)

"Fang Dai: Gang, it is against the organization's regulation to draw your weapon towards a civilian... Attacking a civilian is a serious offense. Especially... towards him."
"Quin: ....TCH..! DAMN IT!"
"???: That's right. Listen to ole' sweet cheeks over there. Actually.. A bit flat like a board but has an attractive face."

(Fang Dai was suddenly blushing out of embarrassment as she then was about to attack the disrespectful male but held herself back as she remembered what she just said.)

"???: Hehe... Now, where was I?"

(In an instant, Tian's father then collapses after the top of the counter was hit by the barbed wire bat with full force and leaves a large hole in the counter as Tian quickly accompanied his collapsed and terrified father and begged the individual to leave as he then takes his money back along with the tip jar then leaves the shack.)

"Bai: Tian... Who was that?"
"Fang Dai: ...That was Negan Zhihao."
"Bai: ....?"
"Quin: China's most dangerous. He'll go anywhere and cause havoc for the sake of his own free will. Not even an High-Class Mercenary has the gall to step to him. He's a human but his own personality begs to differ."
"Bai: How is he that dangerous if he's not even powerful?"
"Tian: He'll do whatever he want and no one would even fight him for it."
"Bai: Hm... Well, thanks again Tian.. I'm gonna go."

(As Bai then leaves the shack with a little chill up his spine, he'd then notice a strange-haired girl in the crowd staring him down but then vanishes from pure sight as he was then walking home. After Bai's walk home, he'd then notice his sister returning from her workout as well as she purposely ignored Bai and jogged to the house. Bai suddenly notices a speeding vehicle zooming towards the house and purposely drives onto the sidewalk and fails at running Bai over as he quickly moves out the way.)

"Bai: THE HELL..?!"

(The van suddenly begins to back up as Bai begins running the opposite direction away from the van which continues to follow him down four streets until he was then trapped in a dead end with the three same individuals who attacked Bai before appears out of the van and walks towards the cornered Bai as all he found in the back alley was a dagger and uses it for defense.)

"Bai: Its you three...? How the hell did you find me...?!"
"???: Oh no no... How are YOU still alive is the true question... We gave you all those bruises, those cuts and even made sure you couldn't move.. On top of that, threw you in front of that goddamn truck..! It appears.. we'll have to make sure you're truly dead..."

(As Bai then goes from nervous to scared, he then charges towards the three first to attack but was then impaled by a massive tendril through his chest where his heart was expected to be but then remembers he does not have a heart but feels the pain of the tendril blasting through him.)

"Bai: AAAAGHHHH!!!!"

(Bai was then blasted to the wall as the three attackers revealed themselves to be Ghouls with terrifyingly strong tendrils which are strong enough to drill through bedrock, claws and cursed abilities as they then pounce towards the downed Bai and maliciously attacks him again while ripping off his limbs to eat him bit by bit while Bai continues to scream in agony while he watches his own death happen to him again. Suddenly, time was then paused for Bai as he could only move his eyes to notice the same girl as before stand over him after approaching him.)

"???: Ouch. Hurts don't it? I know you're gonna ask if you're actually cursed or blessed. So let's just say... You're a mix of both. A Blessing and a Curse. I'm done watching you get hurt, here's the power you received the first time you flatlined."

(As the mysterious female then taps Bai's forehead once and walks away, time unfreezes as the three ghouls sensed an unfamiliar presence as they halted with eating Bai and notices Bai's limbs regenerating from the sockets to the tips of the nails. As Bai then stands up and lifts both of his arms, two white orbs appear in his hands but the four was suddenly interrupted by the same barbed bat-holding Negan Zhihao who whistled at what was happening.)

"Negan: What we got here? Some four-way? Three Ghouls and one human?"

(The Ghouls then pounces towards Negan as he then stands exactly where he was, swings his barbed wire bat once and shatters an incoming tendril with one full-powered swing as Negan then grips one of the Ghouls by the neck and snaps its neck with almost no effort.)

"Negan: Look pal, I get that girls would pounce all over me, but men is where I cross the line."

(The two remaining Ghouls then halts to see one of their own kind be killed so easily as Negan then disrespectfully sits on the deceased Ghoul body as he awaited the other two to attack him.)

"Negan: If you two have the gall to step to me, make it quick and I'll make a fine TV tray out of those tendrils there. What's wrong? You two were having fun chowing down on boy meat, now you don't want a taste of a man? Damn, no wonder. You two are fucking sickos you know that?"

(The two Ghouls then backs off for they were quickly offended as Negan was not finished.)

"Negan: They got names around here for sick bastards like you. People like you are called p*dophiles. Sex offenders. Child sexual exploiters. I know a few stray dogs that loves to eat people like you then take a fat shit later on, maybe I'll cut you two up as well with your friend and feed you three to them. I'll give them a very delicious Thanksgiving dinner and they'll pick anything clean."

(As the Ghouls runs off quickly as they were terrified of Negan now, he'd then walk towards Bai who was then nervous and pats his shoulder.)

"Where do you live kid? I'm taking you home."

(After Negan accompanies Bai in walking him home, Bai arrived back at his house as Negan invites himself in and gets comfy inside the house.)

"Negan: Not a bad spot, rich family?"
"Bai: Uhh... A little.."
"Negan: No wonder. Heh. I'm feeling peckish, you peckish kid?"
"Bai: Yeah, I didn't eat after that debacle..."

(As Negan then gets up, he'd walk toward the kitchen after taking off his jacket and hangs his bat then puts on a cooking apron and cooks for Bai. Suddenly, Xue would slam her door open as if she smelt something burning and quickly blames Bai as if he was cooking something bad.)


(Xue then storms downstairs as she then shoves Bai out of the way to confront who was cooking in their kitchen.)


(As Xue got a closer look, she was then frozen at Negan's face as she was then lovestruck instantly at a man her type.)

"Negan: Need to what?"
"Xue: Need... TO KEEP UP THE GREAT COOKING! Sorry for my barging...!"

(As Xue quickly leaves, she flips off Bai once and storms back upstairs as if nothing happened. As time went by, Negan finishes and prepared his own specialty which was Spaghetti Bolognese as Bai suddenly remembered the restaurant incident.)

"Negan: Here you go kid, eat up good!"

(As Negan began to eat, Bai then takes a bite out of worry but was suddenly in shock on how delicious it was then begins to swallow down his food as if he hasn't eaten anything before.)

"Negan: Seems like my cooking was that good huh?"
"Bai: Very...! But wait... Why exactly are you here? Not to be rude, I appreciated the meal a lot!"
"Negan: Well after seeing what happened in the alley, I've came to the decision to watch over you until you actually get strong to fight bastards like them."
"Bai: I'm just a kid...! I can't possibly be worth your time to protect..."
"Negan: Don't say that. A kid's life is fresh, something that can only happen once. Its too soon to let a child die when they have not reached that one tip at the peak of the pyramid during their lifespan. Its very upsetting."
"Bai: ...You seem more knowledgeable than I do, what were those things that attacked me...?"

(Negan then sets his fork down and clears his throat to tell Bai everything he knows.)

"Negan: I don't involve myself with public affairs, but those things were called Ghouls. If I remember the information, Ghouls are creatures with the ability to shapeshift, create tendrils and has some weird, creepy-ass abilities."
"Bai: Oh.. Are they like bad guys?"
"Negan: Yes. Ghouls are bad guys of course. That's why China need to make sure they wipe these bitches off the face of the goddamn planet!"
"Bai: Um..."
"Negan: Got a little heated there but I'm alright. After seeing those three assault you, it made me pissed off quickly."
"Bai: Well, I'll be alright now... I just have to become stronger."
"Negan: That's why I'm staying here from now on. I will be your father figure, your trainer and your guardian. Until you're able to fight."
"Bai: Thank you mister...-"
"Negan: Negan's fine and you're Bai, pleased to meet you kid."

(As they shook hands and Negan goes to the kitchen and cleans their plates, Bai could still feel the pains of what happened in the dead end between him and the three Ghouls as he then was confident to begin training more.)

"Bai: I won't let that happen to me again..."

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