Chapter 3:

Ticket to Ride


“These look nice.” Katie said, brandishing the pink flip flops in front of Frankie. Not wishing to argue any more than what was necessary, she took them in hand, ringing them up with her own money.

“A hundred bucks for a pair o’ ‘flops…should’ve just gone barefoot.”

“You haven’t been shopping in like, forever, huh? I think you gotta pretty sweet deal, really! That’s a lot less than a Kidney park would’ve charged you. Say, how much you got on you?”

“Wish I had a debit card…” Frankie pulled open her DIY Percy Phytoplankton wallet. The wad of bills tucked inside was immense, but not so much that she felt like going out today was a good financial decision. She flipped through it all over the course of a few minutes. “Uhhh… little over a thousand.”


“What, you don’t got anything?”

“All I brought was my rider’s licence…” she comically bonked her head, holding up the small laminated card attached to her lanyard.

“Shouldn’t that be in your wallet in the first place?!” Frankie shouted loud enough for most everyone in the giftshop to hear.

“But I always wear dresses, and those don’t have pockets! Aren’t you glad I keep it on a necklace like this? Why, if I kept it in a wallet, we wouldn’t be able to ride anything!”

“You….” Frankie shook her fists, hands balling up in her hair. “Let’s just go home then! Y-you can, uh- grab your wallet, and I’ll just take a quick break!”

“Ohhhh no, you aren’t getting out of this, silly!” Katie giggled. “We don’t have time to go home! It’s eleven o’clock and we haven’t so much as left town yet!”

“We’re leaving TOWN? TODAY?”

“Yes we’re leaving town! We’ll take the tour train.”

“But- but-“

“We have to see every park in the world, remember? And we’ve already seen everything in this one, since we grew up here and all. So I think we’ll just head straight to the next town over! What was it… oh yeah, Fairytown! Same park owner as ours, it’s right next door.

“I never- I never…”

“You never left before? I know! Gosh, you’re such a scaredy-cat. Come on, what’s there to be afraid of? Let’s go! When we get there, I’ll buy you some cotton candy!”

“With what money?”

“Well- you’ll buy us some cotton candy. How’s that sound? Consider the idea a gift from me to you!”

“You’re the worst…”