Chapter 4:

Train Freak


“It’s so hot…”

After leaving the giftshop, the sisters waited at the train stop for a few minutes before the car arrived. The red-on-white miniature train pulled into the pastel station, many visitors other than them stepping onto it. Their town was far from popular, but in such a crowded world where every square inch had some landmark near it, even they had their fair share of tourists.

The two were forced to sit not a centimeter away from each other in the train, Frankie disgusted by the almost certainly unwashed seats.

“This is so gross… I can feel my legs sticking to the plastic…”

“Aww, you should’ve borrowed one of my dresses! Given they get a little toasty, the fabric will take all the force of the grime!” Argued Katie.

“Yeah, and then your dress’ll be all stained and gross… I can’t believe we’re actually sitting on this thing.”

The man across from and two seats to the left of the girls shot them a nasty glance they didn’t see.

“It’s a little gross, I guess, yeah. But better my dress than your legs! Those shorts hardly protect anything!”

“Didn’t exactly plan to go outside today… much less around the world.”

“Frankie… why is it you hate the world so much?”

“I hate theme parks.”

“The entire world is theme parks, Frankie.”

“That’s what I hate about it.”

At that point he just had to stand up. But for some reason they still didn’t notice him, even as he started to march over.

“What’s so bad about parks, Frankie? I mean, they keep the whole world alive.”

“They suck is what… damn things are just… fake, stupid… uh… capitalist… artificial… I just don’t like them, alrigh-

He grabbed Frankie by the collar of her shirt.


The pudgy boy spitting in her face was twice her size but thankfully around her height. She put her hand on his large wrist instinctively, trying to force him off, only to feel what he had on it. Not a some bracelet or even a nice watch, rather a distinctive golden charm with the local insignia of park owner Kiddie Parker inscribed so perfectly and deeply on it that she could recognize its shape from touch alone.

“V… I… P?” She choked.

“Let go of my sister!” Katie reeled back her fist, tucking her eyes shut as she decked him in the face. The egg-shaped fellow toppled to the ground, wiping the sweat off his curly black hair as he pushed up against the only empty seat nearby to get back on his feet.

“Don’t badmouth… this park!” He yelled.

“What- what do you care?” Frankie retorted. “Your daddy own it or something?”

“As a matter of fact- he does!” The fanboy tightened his posture, spine straight as he could manage as he adjusted his round glasses. “But—- that is not why I found it necessary to knock some sense into you, girl.”

“So why the hell was it? You asswipe!”

“All parks…” he slicked back the little hair he had once again. “Are sacred.”

“That doesn’t justify grabbing my sister like that!” Katie shot.

“Oh, but it does… your sister interrupted my happiness, so I found it quite fair to interrupt hers in turn!”

“Just who are you anyway?” Frankie yelled at the man, the entire car watching now.

“My name is Drew, Drew Parker. And I won’t stand for the desecration of modern art!”

“You won’t wha now?”

“I’ll be watching you, girl… you had better respect this park, and all others like it! Or else I’ll-

Two staff members dressed in white and red came into the car in an orderly fashion, restraining the young man by his shoulders.

“H-hey! Wait a minute! I need to talk to that girl!”

“Not today, young master.” One said. “You are causing a disruption for our guests.”

The young Drew Parker growled as they began to carry him off.

“I can’t believe people like that exist…” Katie said in all honesty.

“Just when I thought these parks couldn’t get any worse…”

“Come on, Frankie! The day’s only just begun! Come on, let’s go get on our first ride! Won’t that be fun?”

Frankie just groaned, taking in the rest of the ride in silence.

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