Chapter 5:

5: More spilled milk

I was Born the Unloved Twin

To me, it's a considerable distance from my room to mother's private quarters. But it gives plenty to see during the long walk. Bookmark here

How large the house looks, though it would be more appropriate to call it a mansion. Employed here are various people, the amount comparable to an office firm. We're quite well off if I say modestly. Filthy rich by this world's standards if I'm being realistic.Bookmark here

While the hallways are more moderately decorated there are still ornate candle holders, flower vases and the occasional painting adorning the walls. While it's nothing as cluttered as, say Victorian England or some Baroque style, it's no less grand and comparable to a historical castle tour. It's very tasteful to my modern eye. There are more clean white stone structures though, I assume from the hotter more Mediterranean like climate. Bookmark here

Mother's room is just as I remembered it, with its heavy carvings and golden gildings. Plush cushions lay everywhere and a draping curtain runs over the bed.Bookmark here

On the other side of the bed is a lacy white cradle, not too differently decorated from my own. A lot cleaner than mine though as I can clearly see a bundled up Lilyanne in there. So sue me, I like my pillows.Bookmark here

"My lady, little Rosalia is here to visit."Bookmark here

"Thank you Gerta, do bring her over here. Look Lillyanne! Our Rosalia has come to see us."Bookmark here

Oh mother's been sleeping by a crying baby this whole time and it shows. How stressful. Bookmark here

My normally beautiful mother looks every bit like the new parent she is, dark circles and all. The maids place me in her free arms and while I expected it I'm still shocked by her thinness. Is this really the figure of a woman who just gave birth? I don't mean that as a compliment.Bookmark here

My curious groping seems to have made her laugh so there's that. Bookmark here

"She's so very soft....and heavier than Lilyanne."Bookmark here

Mother, that's a good thing. Babies need to be that way to grow! You could stand to gain some weight yourself you know?Bookmark here

But I know she doesn't mean it in a bad way, not when her arms tighten around me in trembling hug. Bookmark here

"If only Lilyanne could be like this too. "Bookmark here

Yes yes yes I know, if only Lilyanne could be the healthy one. I've heard it too many times before already. After squishing me for a moment longer mother turns the conversion on me for once. Bookmark here

"Tell me how has this child been? I haven't seen her since I've been confined to bed rest here."Bookmark here

"Nonsense my Lady, our youngest baby is still growing and the doctors have assured us she'll be ok after the heaviest has passed. Meanwhile Rosalia is as good and healthy as a baby can be."Bookmark here

"Does she cry all alone in the nursery, she did cry so hard at birth after all."Bookmark here

I see my reputation precedes me. It was one time everyone, one time! It shows that I have great working lungs.Bookmark here

"Oh hardly my lady. She can be louder than a singing rooster at dawn when she wants but won't cry when there's someone checking up on her. She's a clever one I say, knows how to use the maids as she wishes already!"Bookmark here

"That's good..., we feared she would cry herself hoarse. I've heard so much about those sorts of babies."Bookmark here

"Well it's a little early to say but our eldest Rosalia been no trouble with that thus far. No issues in the middle of the night either, sleeps a good deal along with the rest of us, all the girls can attest. But my lady... it is good for a child to be a little noisy."Bookmark here

Mother trembles a little as she holds me even tighter. I have plenty of cushion on me but that could hurt you know? I try to baby talk my adorable nonsense to snap mother out of her thoughts and loosen her hold on me. All that comes out are awkward cooing crying sounds though, at least it sounds cute? Bookmark here

"Yes, yes it is a good thing. Thank goodness you're healthy little one. If not for my own weakness then perhaps Lilyanne wouldn't have to suffer so much."Bookmark here

I wonder how young my mother really is, she hardly looks a day over 20. Of course, she's not that far off in age, I think. Women seem to marry and have families early in this place don't they? It's very silly of her to blame herself especially after the birth and I make my opinion known by smacking her where I can reach.Bookmark here

"Well would you look at that, she's comforting you M' Lady."Bookmark here

"Oh ho ho ho I suppose so. As expected of Frederick's child, I really should know better." Bookmark here

It was at that moment another babbling crying noise echos my own, coming straight from the cradle.Bookmark here

"Oh dear, my Lilyanne woke up!"Bookmark here

"Looks like she wants to play. She's your child after all, it's only natural that she would want to join where the festivities are."Bookmark here

Another of mother's maids makes to bring over the cooing bundle and places her down the crook of mother's free arm. Bookmark here

"Gaa!"Bookmark here

Ah, it's the first time we officially meet in this life Lilyanne. It's a little nonsensical isn't it?Bookmark here

"Geee heheh bewh!"Bookmark here

She's seemingly so excited, completely innocent like this.Bookmark here

I knew it, it's only me that remembers anything, only me that's weird. In front of me is a completely normal baby, barely a couple of weeks old. I can't help but give in, just like the me of before.Bookmark here

Hello, I'm your older sister Rosalia.... let's get along from now on.Bookmark here

"She's never been this energetic before!" Bookmark here

Mother exclaimed in excited shock. Bookmark here

"Of course they would be glad to see each other. They've been together all those 9 months and suddenly they're separated. It doesn't do to separate twins if you can help it."Bookmark here

Everyone good naturedly agrees with the words of mother's head maid. I don't remember any of those 9 months but I have a lot more than that. A hell of a lot more time.Bookmark here

"Aba! goo!"Bookmark here

No matter how I react or what babble sound I make. Lilyanne seems to love it. She doesn't seem to understand me of course but why not try?Bookmark here

Remember to drink lots of milk Lilyanne. To get as big and strong as me you must eat properly!Bookmark here

I babble and make awkward hand and head motions but she tries to follow along to it diligently. Is this the rumored twin telepathy? She repeats my motions with some difficulty but does them none the less, then laughs in response. A very good try. Bookmark here

"Look how the little one copies after her older sister! It's so precious."Bookmark here

"My lady, try feeding the children now. Perhaps if Lilyanne sees Rosalia nurse well she'll do the same."Bookmark here

"What a good idea!"Bookmark here

The maids chirp excitedly, especially the ones who have been attending to mother and Lilyanne this whole time. Bookmark here

While mother pulls down the top of her generous dress, Lilyanne seems more interested in me than the food. Touching but mealtimes are important you know? I instruct her in our strange baby babble language. Bookmark here

You should know this already but aim and drink up, closing your eyes is optional.Bookmark here

As I follow through on my motions I watch to see her copy me though it's slow.Bookmark here

In the next moment though, I come to understand completely why she's been throwing up all this time.Bookmark here

Disgusting!!!Bookmark here

Bland! Flavorless! Like drinking warm dish water! No wonder Lilyanne's been spitting out her feedings! I struggle to not immediately spit it out myself and start to gesture cry towards my wet maids.Bookmark here

Get over here and feed us properly!Bookmark here

While others may be confused I believe have my maids well trained on feeding time. They're quick to understand my communication skills.Bookmark here

"It appears she's just too used to the nursemaids. My deepest apoligies M' Lady."Bookmark here

They make to take me away but I stubbornly grab on to Lilyanne. She's starving over here, I refuse to leave her like this.Bookmark here

The real baby here, however, is happier over getting a hug and clumsily clings back to me like an excited monkey. I make the motions to feed towards said monkey sister.Bookmark here

Eat! Feed! Feed her!Bookmark here

"...Lady Maria, may I?"Bookmark here

While confused my mother allows a nursemaid to carry us both up, only then did I relent and release the monkey child. After fighting her giggling hug off I repeat my feeding instructions babble to Lilyanne. This time the change is instantaneous. Her watery eyes light up and she immediately starts drinking greedily. Bookmark here

There are excited gasps resounding around the room in response. Bookmark here

Since I had plenty earlier I am now just encouraging her good eating habits. That's it Lilyanne, eat up! Mother's milk was just not fit for drinking was it? It must have been hard on you.Bookmark here

She giggles and sinks in happily into her first good meal and I mentally pat myself on the back for a job well done. I'm so glad to be a help and crossing off the first step in improving Lilyanne's condition that I hardly pay any mind to the laughing maids trying to comfort an awkwardly depressed mother.Bookmark here

"The problem was with me the whole time?" Bookmark here

She's practically making the T_T face.Bookmark here

It's okay mother, as long as you know now.Bookmark here

----Bookmark here

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