Chapter 1:

Chapter 1.0, Guild Recruitment

Don't Worry, We Have the Best Supporter in Our Team

“Hello. Would you be interested to join our guild? We have a vast collection of grimoires!” Bookmark here

The guild recruitment took place during the first two weeks of the semester of the Academy. In Alice’s case, many recruiters advanced towards her. Perhaps this was because of the grimoire she had been carrying, poking out of her magic bag. Bookmark here

“Sorry. I’m just here to explore the academy.” Alice answered, apologetically.Bookmark here

One by one, the recruiters’ offer got declined as Alice was wandering around. However, more and more recruiters began to overstep their boundaries. Bookmark here

Feeling something dreadful might happen, she gradually stepped up her pace. The recruiters gave chase while waving their pamphlets. She took whichever path she could to avoid contact with other recruiters. Bookmark here

When she turned a corner, she found an opened door. Bookmark here

There was no time for her to decide as she heard loud footsteps coming from behind, either she gets caught by recruiters and spends her entire day listening, all in order to join one of their guilds, or she could hide in a room from her pursuers. Bookmark here

In the end, she chose the latter.Bookmark here

Upon entering the room, she closed the door shut and locked it. She leaned her back to the door, catching her breath. Bookmark here

Once she caught her breath, she looked around the room. On her right was a low-coffee table at the middle of two couches positioned across each other, while the other side of the room was lined with three large bookshelves. In front of her, across the room, a boy sat in a window seat, holding a book in one hand, gazing at her with a confused expression.Bookmark here

“…May I help you?” He asked, his tone sounded as if he was serving a customer in a shop.Bookmark here

The boy wore a double layer navy blue coat with leather on some parts of it, a white shirt, a pair of black battle trousers, a pair of long leather boots, and a pair of spectacles. He had spiky black hair with bangs length up to slightly above his eyebrows and a pair of brown eyes.Bookmark here

“Sorry for intruding. I was being chased by recruiters. Would it be okay for me to stay here for a while?”Bookmark here

“My name’s Jayce. As for your question, sure,” he answered before resuming his reading session. Bookmark here

She thought she would be told to leave, but that didn’t seem to be the case. She introduced herself and thanked him for letting her into this room.Bookmark here

She went to one of the bookshelves. Her eyes widened when her eyes landed at the books’ spine. Apparently, the bookshelves contained collections of rare grimoires, guides and documents of magic, alchemy and blacksmithing.Bookmark here

“Sorry for bothering. How did you get these grimoires?” Bookmark here

She couldn’t contain her curiosity. Grimoires could only be found in dungeons or lost temples; the price of one grimoire was sufficed enough to purchase a guild house, including necessary utilities for adventurers to maintain S-rank weapons and armours’ conditions. Exploring the entire dungeon or lost temple required a party of six, at least. Bookmark here

His answer, however, wasn’t exactly what she had expected. Bookmark here

“I purchased some of them from travelling merchants, while the rest were from dungeon exploration. If you’re interested, feel free to read anything that is available on the bookshelves. It may take a while for your pursuers to settle down.” He offered, without sparing a glance at her. Bookmark here

He wasn’t expecting any responses from her, so she browsed through each and every one of them, and finally, she took one of them out. She brought the grimoire she had chosen to the coffee table and sat in one of the couches.Bookmark here

She felt self-conscious at first, thinking about the price he had paid to get his hand on this grimoire. But she did receive his permission moments ago without any hesitation, at least. She shook her head lightly to ward off her hesitation and returned her gaze to the grimoire before her, placed on her lap. Bookmark here

As she slowly flipped the front cover of the book, the book came to live, multiple pages flipped by itself, then, abruptly came to a halt. Feeling as if the grimoire was trying to show something, she read the pages before her. Suddenly, her head felt heavy, swaying left and right, and the world went dark. Bookmark here

While reading his book, he gave a side glance to her, finding her lying unconscious on the couch with a grimoire on the table. He placed his bookmark and closed the book. He walked over to her and picked up the grimoire.Bookmark here

“Of all grimoires, you’ve picked this one.” He sighed. Although it was too late to say it as Alice couldn’t hear him at all.Bookmark here

                                                           ____________________Bookmark here

She appeared in midair, surrounded by darkness, slowly descending to the ground beneath her. She took out her staff, ready to battle whatever was waiting for her from this point onward.Bookmark here

When she landed on the ground, she scanned her surroundings. She found herself standing at the entrance of this world—the grimoire’s world.Bookmark here

Once she confirmed there were no monsters around her vicinity. She placed her magic bag on the floor and began checking for consumables. She had nine mana potions, twelve health potions, five antidotes each for paralysis, poisons, and petrifications.Bookmark here

As she was checking her consumables, a silhouette appeared out of thin air right next to her.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

It was Jayce. This time, he had already equipped himself with a pair of obsidian scimitars, strapped and sheathed by his waist. But what surprised her was why did Jayce enter this world?Bookmark here

He looked around his surroundings until his gaze met her’s. Bookmark here

Grimoires were different from ordinary books. They contained ancient glyphs, where they can only be read by magicians or readers who were able to decipher them. If a reader understood the contents, the reader’s mind will be transported to its world, while their physical body in the real world will be seen as if they were unconscious. Bookmark here

However, gaining skill from a grimoire was no easy task, where the readers had to battle their way against dangerous monsters to the final room, where the ancient glyphs were located. There were two ways to leave this world: either through the portal either at the entrance or the final room with the presences of the ancient glyphs.Bookmark here

Although this may be the first time for Alice to visit this world, she knew the former, but not the latter information about dangerous monsters.Bookmark here

“So, do you still want to explore this world?” He asked, after explaining to her about grimoire’s world.Bookmark here

She felt tensed. However, even though she was warned of the danger they were going to face, she already knew the answer. Bookmark here

“We’re adventurers, aren’t we? We should explore the entire region of this world.”Bookmark here

“That’s what I like to hear.” He answered with a grin. “All right, I will be your vanguard. I will draw enemies’ attention towards me, while you will focus on providing support. Whether it will be a buff spell or attack spell to fend off monsters, be my guess. I will change my battle style depending on your approach.”Bookmark here

She thought he would leave after he gave her a warning, but apparently, she was wrong. He seemed to have already made his decision after taking into consideration of her current equipment, but…Bookmark here

“What about you?”Bookmark here

…He barely wore any metal armours to protect himself. The best material he had for the defence was leather at best.Bookmark here

She was sure enough that she could handle herself, as long as she kept herself a decent distance away from monsters, but the atmosphere around him became heavy, as his eyes narrowed. Bookmark here

“I will protect you. I let you read any books available from the shelves, and this is the result. It is my responsibility to get you out of this world safely,” said Jayce, with the split tone of serious and guilt. Bookmark here

She turned bright red up all the way up to her ears, averted her gaze away from him.Bookmark here

“Ah…”Bookmark here

A thought came across his mind. He levelled his right arm horizontally and closed his eyes.Bookmark here

When Alice snapped back to reality, she looked at his hand. His glove had some sort of a crystal embedded in it.Bookmark here

After a moment of silence, a pair of gloves like Jayce’s and a necklace materialized in midair. He slowly opened his eyes and grabbed the items with his right hand. He walked towards her, offering the items. Bookmark here

“What’s this for?” She asked, feeling mystify from what she had just witnessed.Bookmark here

“Magic gloves: They are just like magic bags, but it also produces a shield around your body outline with the cost of the user’s mana, also known as mana shield. It will be your primary shield to protect yourself. When you equip those magic gloves, even though you will be protected by its shield, you’re still able to feel pain, but not much as the shield will absorb most of the impacts. The necklace will provide additional protection against the guardian at the end of this world.” Bookmark here

She giggled. She felt as if he was a lecturer of Adventurer Academy. She didn’t sense any ill intention from him. She knew that magic gloves only function to store items, weapons, and armours. But she had never heard of it possessed a defence mechanism. Bookmark here

Just who is this guy? She thought. Bookmark here

“Remember, whatever you do, do not draw their attention. Let’s move.” He prompted, giving her a reminder of their chosen tactic. Although he was the one who decided their strategies, Alice seemed to be fine with it.Bookmark here

She equipped the magic gloves and the necklace, and followed him, into the depths of the grimoire’s world.Bookmark here

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