Chapter 19:

A Speedy and Public Trial


As scared as Drew was, his attention couldn’t have been stolen better. The titan of a man, who all in the room instantly recognized, could not be ignored. With his white beard and shining bald head, clad in a cape of red, white, and blue feathers draping over his pristine suit, even Action was frozen in surprise at the undeniable image of the man looming over her- Gesus Washington, 17th Official President of the United States.

“What the shit-“ Action didn’t have much time to speak before the mighty bald eagle came crashing down into her.


Everyone there flinched as they heard the instantaneous crack of each one of Action’s bones.

“My sixth ability has the unique power to only harm those who are guilty…”

Her body painted the room red as it exploded.

“…looks like you are.”

Frankie muttered senselessly in fear, covered in someone else’s blood. The actual current President of the United States then approached her.

“What’s the matter? You’re safe now! Smile for freedom!”

Frankie spat up something she’d been holding down for a while. She couldn’t help it. Luckily, nothing got on the man’s face. He stood and lifted Kiddie Parker off the ground.

“Still alive?”

“Y-yes… my, my son… please make sure he’s okay…” the park owner pleaded. “Thank you… for answering my call.”

“Peh. Nonsense. That’s my duty as the leader of your nation, child.”

He sat the father down and turned to Drew.

“You’re alive, aren’t you kid?”

Drew couldn’t quite speak anymore. As he hyperventilated, eyes burning with the blood that had just shot into them seconds ago, he watched as small, barely-visible pieces of shrapnel rolled across the vermilion ground.

“This place could use some more white and blue, eh? Ah, well… you like my trickery? I sent justice-sensitive nanoexplosives into her body, you see. They detected her guilt, and delivered their verdict. I must admit, that’s the first time I’ve gotten to use that one…” he cleaned the goop off his knuckles with an opal handkerchief. Not that Drew could make this out, but on it was inscribed the entire original Declaration of Independence.

Many people in suits and sunglasses came jumping down into the hole, snatching up the three living victims in their gloved hands and taking back a large speaker the President had seemingly brought here himself.

“So, Parker… let’s get you patched up. After that… we’ll eat at whichever place here has the best burgers. Deal?”

“I have… to shut it down… my park is ruined…”

“Geez Louise!” Gesus put his hand on his head, rolling his eyes. “This is America, for chrissakes! Not an optimistic soul left in this world. Come on, child- we’ll get you up and back in action faster than you can recite the pledge.”

Frankie wondered what kind of messed up things she’d done the day before to get a nightmare like this.

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