Chapter 20:

Unfamiliar Tops of Rooms


Katie batted her eyes, letting light in for the first time since she remembered looking out the window of the Ferris wheel while talking to Frankie.

“What’s… what’s…”

Then, she heard the chains of a roller coaster pulling guests up. Could it be she’d… actually gotten up early for once?


She shot up in her hospital bed, the IV tube busting out of her skin.

“Ow!!! Ow, ow, ow!”

“Miss Pop? You’re awake!”

“Huh?” She turned to see an overjoyed brunette in a suit running towards her in the large room.

“I’m Miss Washington. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Like- like the… First Lady?”

She stuck out her hand right up to Katie’s face. “I prefer Liberty Lady. There were plenty of girls before me, it’s not like I’m that old!” The woman flicked back her short hair and grinned at her patient. “You’re one lucky patriot! My hubby saved not only the park owner, but your sister, too!”

“Saved…? What do you… mean…?”

“Ope!” The volatile lass eyed the girl’s vitals on a small screen next to her. “You need some more nutrients, looks like!” She laughed, pulling a tube out of her right pointer finger. “Be still now…”

Katie flinched as she stuck the tube into her neck, expecting it to hurt- but she felt nothing but the euphoria of endorphins as magic rushed through her. It was as if all the aches in her body faded in an instant.

“Feeling better?”

“Yeah… uh… where are we?” Katie scrolled through her surroundings- a blue tent filled with beds just like the one she sat in, lined with other people. Could they be… guests from the park?

“Oh. You don’t remember much of what happened, do you… maybe that’s for the best! Anyways, you woke up just in time, you know! You’re a very lucky girl, Miss Pop!”

“Just in time for what?” Katie asked innocently.

“Your dinner with the President!”

Steward McOy
Pope Evaristus