Chapter 22:

The One that Matters


Hunched over the toilet, Frankie found why she was so angry.

It wasn’t the crook in her neck, or the wounds of her sister.

It wasn’t the park, and it wasn’t Action.

It wasn’t America, and it wasn’t the fact that nobody else ever seemed to like Percy Phytoplankton.

It was that she was still alive.

Katie knocked on the stall.

“Sis…? Are you okay…?”


“You should come back. The President wants you to meet someone.”

Frankie couldn’t think up an excuse to get out of this. She unlatched the door to see her sister’s empathetic flower-garden of a face, and as soon as she did- she decided that, as angry as she was- it was going to be alright.

Because the one that really mattered was alive.

Walking back up to the table, Frankie was met with yet another world-renowned figure-  gripping on tightly to the President’s arm.

“I’m soooo happy my break’s finally here honey- do you think I’ve got time to sit and eat? I think I’ve got time to sit and eat. Hey, boy. Are you gonna eat that?”

After securing Drew’s burger and taking a hearty nom out of it, the First Lady’s eyes at last moved to Frankie, rife with interest. She set the sandwich down to go right up and talk to the girl, shaking her hand and greeting her with a smile.

“Oh hello! Such a shame you weren’t injured worse, I would’ve loved to work on you! Nice to meet you!”

“Go to hell.”

Katie tugged her sister’s arm like a stuffed animal.

“Frankie! What’s with you? You can’t say that to people, important or not!”

“I can say whatever I want. It’s a free country.”

The First Lady turned back to her meal.

“Columbia… darling…” Washington comforted her, trying to explain. “This girl, she…”

“No, honey- I’m not upset. I’m just not the kind of doctor who can help her. I hope she’ll be okay.”

Frankie adjusted her cap.

“Let’s go, Katie. We’re done here, yeah?” She turned tail to leave the shop.

“They- they got us therapy…” Katie carefully followed her while turning her head back and forth between her and the table.

“Oh, yeah? Where?”

“Er- they- I have a ticket, to Makoasis- you know, the-“

“Theme park.” Frankie laughed. “Yeah, I got it. Sick bastards.”

She pushed open the doorway and left, Katie’s instincts forcing her along with her.

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