Chapter 23:



Before Frankie knew it, she was on a bus to the coast of Tennessee. She didn’t have much else to do but to check her phone. Oh, look. A message from mom. She wondered why dad never texted.

are you okay???

And one more from this morning:

if theres a problem just explain whats going on sweetie your dad and I have started saving up our money to get back! so all good here ;3

She decided she wouldn’t respond. Maybe they’d think she died.

But probably not.

Frankie seemed to have not gotten the message across in that text she sent in her panic. Maybe it was for the best. She wasn’t the kind of coward she thought she was then. She didn’t care so goddamn much.

Katie had fallen asleep on her shoulder.

Her eyelids were getting heavy. She didn’t sleep at all last night. Everytime she shut her eyes she pictured that girl exploding. Honestly, Gesus had probably done more damage to her with that than the terrorist lady ever could’ve. But she really was tired by now. Maybe she could rest, just a little.

She sat her head on top of her sister’s.

There were other people on this bus.

She closed her eyes. This time she wasn’t thinking of that ketchup-bath explosion.

There were other people on this bus.

Frankie’s eyes opened on their own.

Was anyone looking at her and Katie?

Was anyone looking away on purpose?

Who all was on this train?

Plenty of people.

Statistically, at least one of them had to be like that woman.


Probably not.

But maybe.

Frankie kept her eyes open the whole rest of the ride to Makoasis.

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