Chapter 5:

*lights you on fire*

The Hero and I are going to rebuild the world! But first we have to destroy it...

Rodelia and Chun sat laying down in a field of grass. They both were swept up in the rat mob and got carried off deep into the middle of no where.

The adult rats were tugging out grass and making an incredibly shallow hole. The rat children were tying down our adventurers and singing a creepy local rodent nursery rhyme. The bindings weren’t strong at all to Chun and Rodelia in fact they were both sleeping under the warm sun as the rats did their thing. They both didn't care and were tired from falling in pitch black for 3 hours.  An opossum wearing overalls and holding a banjo came by and sang a short tune to amuse the children also but he was just a passing traveler.

The shallow absolutely tiny dirt patch was finished and with the help of Big Cheese, Rodelia and Chun were rolled into it. The children surrounded the dirt patch with different picked wildflowers and tiny trinkets.

Now you may be wondering, why are the rats sacrificing their offenders after the riot?

Well it’s a beautiful story, hey, HEY! Don’t you leave now. You are going to sit here and listen to the 'origin story' of this rat village.

Long ago, well 30 years ago there was a beautiful goddess. The goddess had been born when the great light of the stars merged with the light of the moon. She had pitch black skin, and hair of shining white. She symbolized light for she was a descendant of light itself. Her wings and body were soft as they symbolized the clouds.

During the dead of winter the goddess hovered above the rat village. She pitied the poor freezing critters and sent down a gift of starlight. The street lamps and dying fires in the village soared. Creating a warm bubble around the now cozy village saving all the residents from  a slow death. She stayed there for 3 days and 3 nights until she flew back up to the heavens.

And that is the story of why the rat festival exists. Oh wait, I was supposed to tell you about why they were being sacrificed. Besides just good ol’ rat fun, the rats were trying to get along with other species because their goddess brought a mouse to the village.

Their love for their goddess triumphed over their hate for any other species they had become obsessed with being friendly with other creatures. But, their hate actually was so strong they just ended up sacrificing everyone.

Your welcome for the insane amount of exposition that I didn’t know how to shoehorn in. ✩

When night fell the rats began to summon their god. They set the surrounding wild flowers on fire and they began to make sounds mimicking their god.

“Okay maybe it’s time to leave, it was a nice vacation but we need to not burn alive.” Rodelia said in a bubbly tone as she broke through the restraints to give a thumbs up.

As Rodelia and Chun effortlessly stood up and dusted themselves off. The rats were in sheer awe that their tight ropes were torn.

A weird warbling noise came from a distance. A strange black silhouetted creature began to fly toward the brave hero and sidekick.

As it hurled closer the two rats from before that were bickering came running. Jerry and Rob, both came panting.

“What are you all doing! Can’t you see this is wrong? Uncaring beast-like behavior like this is exactly what god is against!” Rob the rat that had the personality of a youth pastor said.

(Jerry the angry rat, omw I just realized that he’s a rat and named Jerry. Tom and Jerry omw I cant believe that just clicked.)

Jerry, the elder rat, sat holding his cane and clicked his tongue as Rob scolded the rats. The rats that had just been ready to commit murder had their tails tucked down and their ears were down. Even Big Cheese was whimpering a bit as they all were lectured for their sad little rodent crimes.

As the rats were instructed to go and apologize the figure had burst into the ritual field.

It was too late.

The dark black figure with large wings and glassy eyes picked up Chun and Rodelia off there burning dirt patch and flew off with them in its arms.

Goddam anthropomorphic animals.” Chun yelled at the tops of his lungs as he kicked the air.

The tired, dirty and now kidnapped pair floated away.

Will these dumbasses ever get to the demon king?

Sam is a scam