Chapter 1:

Into The New World (I)

Child Of Darkness

2019 CE


Time: 12:00 AM

"What happens when you die?"

Aiden thought out loud, as his obsidian black eyes gazed upon the vastness of the sea that stretched Infront of him. The blanket of stars that shone from above and the mighty roar of the sea waves from below filled the empty Bandra Worli Sea link bridge as the lone pedestrian of the bridge averted his gaze towards the metal railing that lay between him and the hundred meter fall into the sea.

Do you end up in heaven?

His lips were curved into a bittersweet smile as he slowly brought down the cigarette puffing out the accumulated smoke from his mouth. He was just seventeen and yet he did it, people close to him had tried to stop him but no matter what they said he never stopped.

After all smoking for him was not a means of pleasure or entertainment but a way to exit this world.

Does heaven even exist in the first place?

Aiden sighed as he gazed at the stars above, no matter how many times he gazed at the night sky he could never get enough of it, the ocean of bright balls that decorated the black obsidian sky at night always held a special place inside his heart.

“That’s Pisces.” Aiden stretched his hands while pointing towards the cluster of stars that makes the constellation Pisces. He smiled with sadness as he continued to find more constellations Orion, Cancer, Draco, and many more.

The more he gazed at the sky, the more his soul traversed deep into the unknown space, Aiden felt like he was a kid again with nothing to worry about and just living each day to its fullest but that was all in the past.

A memory that will never return, a time that will never reverse. That’s how it has always been and will continue to be until the end of time.

Certain natural laws govern the Universe we live in, and one of them is the Time that has gone can never return, no matter how much you pray or beg that will never return. The only thing you can do is accept it and move on, some succeed in that while others succumb to it and that’s how he ended up here.

The boy who could never let go of the past.

As the cold sea breeze invaded the bridge Aiden was once again brought back to reality, the one he wanted to escape.

'How can the world be so beautiful and yet so cruel at the same time?'

He wondered as he slowly closed his eyes, this was it. This was going to be the last time he would see the stars, the moon, the sea, this world but he didn't regret it. But still, something within his heart held him down.

“Heaven huh…” He murmured as his eyes stared at the charred remains of his cigarette. “Does it exist or does it not?”

‘I am not sure if it exists or not…’ Her voice echoed through his mind, Aiden’s eyes narrowed down as his body began to shake.

No not now-Please not again

‘But I can say this with full confidence that the soul exists.’

I can’t do it anymore-I am sorry-I am sorry

‘This life we have is not all there is after all we’re reborn again and again’


‘And that’s why even if I die I will be reborn again and then I will meet you again’


‘What about you Aiden?’

“Me?” He was crying, “What can I do?”

The dam of tears that he had been holding back for years finally broke, his voice was shaking as the sadness that he had burned so many years ago with them, with her finally came back and he wasn’t ready for it.

"Either way it doesn't matter to me.” He amended as he furiously wiped away his tears. “Not anymore. After all, this is what I want… This is where I end it all forever."

As the words escaped his lips he was ready, ready for the leap, ready for his end as he jumped off the bridge the only thing that he could hear was her voice as she asked again and again

‘What about you Aiden?’

As he was falling down his heart convoluted as the guilt of doing something wrong invaded his body but even that guilt wasn't strong enough to erase the pain he felt every day.

Day in and day out he walked withholding the pain of losing everything, the pain that could never be healed with time, the pain he could never forget unless he ceased to exist and that's what brought him here to the sea, to the 'Mother Of All Life'

All life on earth has risen from the Sea, that makes her Mother of all life. Everyone born on this earth always returns to the sea but what mother would want her child to die in her embrace.

Within a matter of seconds, he was falling headfirst towards the sea below him, he could already hear the sound of waves crashing as he drew closer to his death. Few more seconds and he would make his exit from this world. He would be finally free from his never-ending pain.

I should be happy that I am finally leaving this world full of pain but then why can’t I stop crying?

‘I am really glad I got to meet you Aiden. So that’s why I want to be reborn again. I don’t care what it is as long as I get to meet you…’


‘What about you Aiden?’

I am sorry-mom-dad-Nigel and you too-I am sorry

He braced himself for the impact but that never happened. Instead, he found himself covered in a shroud of darkness as he continued to fall.

He couldn't remember how long he fell, a day, week, or a month or maybe an eternity but he kept on falling into the chasm of darkness until the blinding pain knocked him unconscious.

The last thing that Aiden saw before he closed his eyes was a pair of redwings flying towards him.



Kingdom Of Azrestria

Rasper City

Aiden remembers he died, he remembered the pain that surged through his entire body when he was falling in the darkness, then Why? Why was he alive and lying in bed covered with a blanket?!

He threw off the blanket off his body and tried to move his hands and legs but he couldn't, he could feel them but they won't accept his commands. He tried it again and yet the same thing happened again no response, even when he tried to push himself into a sitting position he couldn't it was as if all his muscles have forgotten all the basic motor skills. They wouldn’t accept any command his brain gave them, rather they couldn’t understand it, it is often said when a child is born his brain doesn’t understand simple commands such as walking or sitting.

A feeling of dread slowly entrapped Aiden, he tried to shout out for help but only a muffled cry came out of his mouth, and then he saw it. While thrashing frantically around the bed his right arm responded and went towards his face and then he saw it. The arms he used wasn't his, it looked like it belonged to a baby!

‘This life we have is not all there is after all we’re reborn again and again’

Her voice suddenly echoed through her again.


Realization dawned over him, he had died but he was born again and somehow with all his memories intact.