Chapter 2:

Into The New World (II)

Child Of Darkness

When humans grow old they wish to become a baby again, to go back to their young and carefree days. It's an impossible wish which every person who has seen the real world carry in the deepest corner of their heart. Wishing for the carefree life of the past, simply passing each and every second in your bed either sleeping or playing.

However every person always discarded those thoughts as soon as it made its way into their mind, since it was a wish which could never be fulfilled. It was the same for Aiden, he too never gave this impossible fantasy a second thought and yet he found himself as a baby again.

Two hours have passed since Aiden gained conciousness, even the feeling of uneasiness and nausea that he had felt when he woke up had already settled down. He felt healthier than he had ever felt, his body seemed to be functioning normally, when he breathed the air went smoothly into his lungs without causing him to cough and spit blood like he used to before. 

Even though he couldn't move his arms and legs around he still felt as if the muscles within them were taking shape, the process was definitely a slow one but gradually with time they will be strong enough to take on the pressure of his body. 

Since he couldn't move his body like he wanted to, he used his eyes instead and tried to see where he was. To his suprise everything around him was different. The ceiling wasn't painted like it always is and even the furniture around him looked old and ancient. And the bed he was lying on didn't have the usual soft matress rather it was made up of prickly cushion. 

On his left was a wooden window, he couldn't see the outside view through it properly since he couldn't move his head on the other side yet, however he was still able to catch a glance of a huge Towering building that was touching the sky. From what he could see, the building looked like a cylindrical building made up of black marbles and at the top was huge conical shaped platform which was pointing towards the sky.

It was clear that he wasn't on the earth. But then where was he! Even the architectural style from what he could see was nowhere near what he has always known, rather it was not even close. 

The walls in his room were not painted or even whitewashed, it was simply made up of sharply cut brick stone that were cemented together, and in order to cover the stone wall there was no wallpaper rather wooden slabs were nailed in.

Everything was too confusing for Aiden, he couldn't understand what was happening anymore. And the fact he couldn't move his body around too look around and analyze the situation was even more annoying than the prickly cushion he was currently lying in. 

"Aiden did you call me?" A voice called his name.  It seemed to come from far away, but for some reason as soon as he heard the voice Aiden's body reacted to it. A warm fuzzy feeling suddenly inhibited his entire body and his confused and panic enthralled mind relaxed, it was as if his mother was calling for him.

'As if something like that's possible.'

Suddenly Aiden's body was enveloped in a warm and loving embrace, as he was picked up from his bed and cradled into someone's lap.

Aiden's eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

"This familiar warmth, this feeling of comfort and safety… how long has it been since I felt it? Is it really you mom? Is that really you?" Aiden knew whatever he said only came out as noises made by a baby but still he couldn't stop himself from speaking. Tears started to fall from the corner of his eyes and his small petite hands gripped the helm of his mother's apron tightly.

"What happened to my little baby boy? Did someone hurt you?" She asked softly, while using her palms to wipe away the tears from his eyes. "Don't worry. Mommy is here now. No matter who tries to hurt you I will protect you!"

That was his breaking point.

He tried to hold back the seething torrent of tear to wash away his sadness. But he couldn't. Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. All the guilt and regret came back to him, the fact that he had committed suicide and the thought of how his family would be feeling at the moment killed him from within.

He tugged even closer to her, burying his tiny head into her apron. Aiden knew it wasn't his real mom… he knew that but right now he had no one and the fact this woman had announced that she will protect him had broken him.

"I am sorry mom and dad. I am sorry for being such a coward! I am sorry I left you all in the worst way!"