Chapter 68:

Attack of The Antagonists



“No, you idiot. Wait for him to get lower. People die if they fall from a height like that.”

“Even cyborgs?”

Kyrie groaned at Spider’s usual humor. As he shook from side to side in anticipation, his trusty golden spider swishing from side to side as he did, his grubby fingers hovered just over the activation button. This Frankie watched diligently.

“She’s right… don’t press it. Please don’t press it.”

“I’m not gonna press it. I’m not gonna press it.”

“Just… don’t. Got it?”

“Okay, I got it.”

They villains all watched Bozo pridefully float in the exact same place for what felt like minutes…

…Until then, he finally started to come closer down.

“Now!”  Spider leaped at the opportunity, declaring the attack himself before slamming down on the big red button. Katie was the first to see the terrified expression on Bozo’s face seconds before the EMP was activated. It was an exciting feeling, the target looking right at her. Still, she was grateful for her mask.

In the excitement, the hero flew in the air for a few more seconds before safely coming to a well-practiced landing. The crowd was cheering for him, but he was just scowling.

“…Wait, what?”

Frankie looked over to see Spider slamming down on the button repeatedly. Nothing was happening.

“Whuh- huh? That bling-bling bastard! He so rich he gets to ignore the damn rules? What is this shit?”

“That’s some high-quality trickery…” Kyrie assessed, fighting against her fear. “Everyone, run. Mission failed.”

“Belay that!” Hatter shouted, paying no kind to discreteness. “Kyrie, what are you saying? We can’t give up now!”

“We have to! He saw us, now let’s go!”

The more self-preserving members of the legion went ahead and made a run for it. Frankie was frozen in fear. In the chaos, Hatter happened to see his new paralyzed recruit in this state. An idea hatched in his wicked mind.

“The time is now! It’s all or nothing! If you don’t work, you don’t get paid! Whoever completes the plan… shall recieve the entire reward for all of you!”

Frankie jolted as her mind dug up an image of the ocean shore.

She grabbed her sister’s hand and ran for cover.

“Frankie-?! What are we doing?”

“Gotta earn that pay-!”

From behind the questionable safety of a drinking fountain, the sisters watched Bozo levitate back into the air, fists shaking in fury.

“You… villains! I should’ve known someone would try to come trampling my dreams… very well then! I’ll make a show out of you… my very own rouges gallery!” The whole crowd gazed up at the hero as he declared his attack.

“He’s back in the air… how do we knock him down?” 

Up in the sky, steadily approaching for his attack, Bozo looked unbeatable.

Frankie panicked, looking back at Spider with his useless EMP. As he laughed, shaking with excitement, the gold spider hook stretching behind him danced feverishly across the concrete.


Just as Bozo swooped in to start his assault, the jumpsuit-wearing girl leapt for Hood’s trinket, older sister following closely behind her as she grabbed the artificial arachnid.

“Hey! What’re you doing with Clifford?!” Spider shot, only before seeing the look on her face. It was one of certain wickedness.


Frankie took her aim the second Bozo closelined a nearby legionary.

“Frankie!” Katie cried in a sudden burst of fear. “Isn’t it bad idea to attack a park owner directly?! That’s a huge crime you’re gonna be responsible for!”

“It’s not like… they can see our faces!”

“DO IT, FRANKIE!” Spider rallied her with all the hype in his body. She hoped Bozo didn’t hear that.

With a desperate gritting of her teeth, Frankie set her sights on the midair CEO… and launched the bug as hard as she could. As the chain stretched out longer and longer, she prayed she’d strike her target true. In the final moments, she closed her eyes, fearful of defeat…

But, to even her surprise, it clasped right on to his fat neck, pulling him straight towards the ground before it disconnected and reeled back. The audience- and Katie- all gasped as Bozo slammed into the ground.

Frankie let go immediately, turning to Spider’s purple face-

“You just choked me a little, it’s cool-!”

-and then ran. Everyone ran, all of them laughing as there was nothing Bozo could do. As his cabinet all rushed to help him, they were free to run off into the shadows like they always did.

Lying bleeding on the ground, Bozo cursed through broken teeth. The Villanous legion might’ve dropped him from a bit higher of a height than planned, all things considered. All he knew was that some just made what seemed like a serious attempt on his life.

“Boss! Hey- are you okay?” The emotional one put his arms around him, already bursting into tears.

“This ain’t freakin’ right!” The Bostonian verbalized what everyone was thinking. Everyone… but the venge-crazed Coaster Bozo, now hearing the sounds of laughter from a crowd who largely assumed this was all planned.

“I’ll find whoever did this… they’ll pay…”

Steward McOy