Chapter 69:



The cork of a bottle popped in the carved-out corridors of the hidden base. The first of many, the place was soon abuzz with the laughter and rowdy celebration of the many dozen legionnaires.

“That actually went great!” Anita clapped, praising Frankie as she pat her on the head. “You did amazing out there. Be proud!”

The new recruit was an iron pole in the wind, standing still as she looked at nothing. Thinking nothing of it, the cheery Anita went to congratulate someone else inside the raging crowd.

“Frankie? How are you holding up?” Her sister asked her in a hushed tone.

“Can’t believe… I just did that, is all.”

“Well… you’ve been in scary situations before. We ran from that guy yesterday, and… you fought that terrorist.”

Frankie shuddered, pushing down something inside her.

“I don’t think… I was in my right mind, that day.”

“So… does that mean you’re feeling better now than you did earlier this week?”

“I… don’t know.”

The truth of the matter was that Frankie felt worse. At least when that disaster struck, she wasn’t worried about getting hurt or losing everything.

“You look better to me.”

“I… thanks.” She took her sister’s hand and the two walked off to find someplace where it wasn’t so loud.

Steward McOy