Chapter 3:

Rua Goal

My Master And I

"Hey, Miss Scarlett you said you need knights right?" I looked around

"Why I'm the only one you buy me from the slave shop?" I said while walking under the night sky in the street i don't know

"And why did you choose me? I have no experience in battle, I don’t know how to wield a sword and lastly I can't use my original magic. I don't even know if I have that or not" I said to her

"You're not weak rua I can see it” Scarlett said

"Huh, how can you say that, I'm not weak?, you just met me, you don't know anything about me!" I said

She stopped walking and started walking to come closer to me, and when she got nearer she grabbed my two cheeks and brought my face closer to her face.

"What are you doing??" i said and tried to fight but she's too strong so I couldn't escape

Her two eyes suddenly lit up and when I saw her eyes, I suddenly felt something strange in my whole body.

"What did you do and why are your eyes glowing?" I said with a worried face

"Don't worry rua, I just used my original magic on you" Scarlett said

She removed her two hands from my face and walked away and started walking again.

"Let's go to the mansion and you need to get some rest because you have training tomorrow" Scarlett said and walked

"Yes" I said and followed him

To be honest, I still don't trust this woman, I still have doubts about her but for some reason there's a side of me that says I can trust Scarlett she is will not do anything nasty to me.

After a few minutes of walking, we arrived at the mansion she was talking about and I was surprised by how big this mansion this is like the White House in USA.

"Wow this is huge are you a princess or something?!" I said

"No I'm just a captain" Scarlett said with a downed look

We walked into the mansion.

"Umm Scarlett" I said

"Yes" Scarlett said

"Umm what should I call you? I mean I'm your slave now and you're my master, should I call you Master or am I go directly to your name??" I said

"Just call me a captain like other knights who have a lower rank called me" Scarlett said

We already entered the mansion and not a single person greeted us and I began to wonder at the massive size of this mansion why there was not even a single person here.

"Captain why there are no people here" I said with a serious tone and ready to fight and run

"Eh what are you doing? Why are you standing like you're going to fight?” Scarlett said

“Just answer me!!” I said

“Eh Because they're already asleep? What time do you think it is?" Scarlett said

"Ehh………okay sorry" I said while embarrassed by what I act

She guided where I can sleep and I entered the room she pointed to, and when I entered the room I saw a bed and jumped there suddenly.

“I’m going to train tomorrow huh? Yeah I need to train how to wield a sword I need to learn how to fight on the battlefield so I can survive the war and free myself” I said

“This is my goal now to become stronger to survive and free myself” I said with a serious face and I fell asleep because of exhaustion

Night has been passed

I opened my eyes and stood up. I woke up because of the noise I heard at the door.

'Knock' Knock'

"Master Rua, Master Scarlett called you into the traning ground" Said by a girl

I stood up from my bed and started walking towards the door. I opened the door and what I saw was a woman with purple hair with maid outfit.

"Who are you?" I said

"I'm Violena Protea, one of the maids here master rua” She said and bowed to me

"Ah violena, you said that sca-Captain was calling me, right? Where is the training ground? I just arrived here last night so I don't know where is it” I said

"Yes and don't worry guiding you there is my job" Violena said

She started walking and I followed her so I could go to the training ground without any problem. We walked out of the mansion and went behind it and what I saw was a huge circle structure like a collosuem. When we got there, the maid violena leave without saying anything

“This is place is amazing” I said

“I’m glad you like it” Said by a girl behind me

I looked at my back and saw scarlett

“Scar-Captain good morning” I said

“Goodmorning too Rua from today you will be training with those knight you see below” Scarlett said

"So who what do I do?" i said to scarlett

"At first let's check what can you do now" Scarlett Said

"Uh okay!" I said

We started walking into training ground and when we got to the gate of training ground, a man with a big body bumped into us.

"Captain good morning" Said by a guy with a deep voice

"Good morning Gandar" Scarlett said

"And who is next to you? New member?" Gandar Said

"Yes, let me introduce to you Rua Alis and now he is one of the knights will join us to fight on the war" Scarlett said

"Well he's just a Temporary Knight, but treat him as a real team" Scarlett said

"Yes captain" Gandar said and saluted

"Gandar you are here too, can you and Rua do a duel? I want to see what can he do" Scarlett said

"Hey she is serious? I'm going to fight such a big man like that? I don't even know how to hold a sword" I said to myself

"If he is okay with that captain. I will do a duel with him" Gandar said

"Umm, it's okay with me, I just want ask you're not going to kill me right?" I said to Gandar

"HHAHAHAHAH don't worry I won't release all my strength on you" Gandar said

We started to enter inside the training ground and we walked and went to the arena. Before Scarlett let us enter the arena, she asked me to choose a weapon on the corner. I saw an ax, bow, spear, dagger and others weapon, but I chose a sword because I felt this is the best weapon for me. When I took the sword, I entered in the arena.

"Hey rua this is not your first time to fight right?" Gandar said

"No this is my first time, I have never experienced this event" I said

gandar has taken out his big sword and he is ready to attack and the same time I took out the sword I choose earlier.

"So you're both ready" Scarlett said

"Start!” Scarlett Shouted 

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