Chapter 4:

Ryou and Harlq

My Master And I

“Start!!!” Scarlett Shouted

“I’ll let you attack first!” Gandar said

When I heard what he was said, I immediately rushed towards him, I lowered my sword to the right direction and raised it to the left “ Uppercut Slash” but he blocked it with his big sword.

“Too slow!” Gandar said and rushed into me

Less than a few seconds before he rushed to me, Gandar was right in front of me Immediately

“His body is big but his movement is extremely fast” I said to myself

He raised his big sword to the air and intended to hit his attack from above and suddenly my hands moved on their own and raised my sword to block his attack and when it hit I caught his attack with sword I was holding and he retreated.

“He blocked my finishing attack?/He blocked gandar finishing attack?” Scarlett and Gandar said at the same time

“As expected there’s something special about him” Scarlett said but I didn’t hear her voice

“Rua how did you do that an amateur like you should not be able to block that” Gandar said

“I don’t know” I said

“I guess I need to get serious a little ” Gandar said and his stance changed

He quickly rushed at me and intended to attack again but I always caught his attack with my swords. He kept going and I just kept going blocking his attacks with my sword and after 20 of his attacks he suddenly stopped and fled little.

“As conditioned souls, we waive and want to abandon our purposes after a little endeavor. Let me slash all the enemy who want to get my way!! “21 SWORD SLASH” “ Gandar said and he disappeared from my sight

I turned around and felt him strong aura behind me, I turned back and drew my sword and I blocked his attack again but I was thrown out of the arena due to the strong force of the impact of his attack.

‘Boom sound’

“Ouch ouch” I said while trying to stand

“Stop it” Scarlett said

Gandar came to me to help me stand because he saw that I was struggling to stand.

“Sorry, I thought you could stop that attack too” Gandar said

“You said you won’t use all your strength to me, what’s that?!” I said to him

“I didn’t use it?” Goodness said

“Eh, isn’t that his full power? He’s a monster or what?!” I said to myself

“Are you okay rua?” Scarlett said

“Yes captain, other parts of my body only hurt” I said to her

“Hey rua, didn’t you say you don’t know how to use a sword right?, But earlier your sword always caught gandar’s attacks!” Scarlett said

“Yes, amateurs like you don’t take a second for me!” Gandar Said

“I don’t know but I feel like I’ve used a sword before, I just don’t remember when and where” I said

“I see, gandar I will give you a new order. From now on you are in charge of rua, you will be the one to train him in what he should know” Scarlett said

“You’re not gonna training rua captain?!” Gandar said

“You know I’m not good at teaching” Scarlett said

“Okay captain this gandar will carry out your order” Gandar said and he salute

"Thank you gandar” Scarlett said and look at me

“Now, Rua Alis in my name Scarlett Afina I declare that today you are officially a trainee knights in my team!!!” Scarlett said with a loud voice

“Yes captain!” I shouted

Scarlett smiled.

“Gandar, Rua I’ll leave you here for now I have something else to do” said Scarlett and started to walk away.

Gandar saluted whild Scarlett walked away and I mimicked him. After a while, Scarlett disappeared from our sight.

“Scarlett is beautiful, isn’t she?” Gandar said

“Eh, you like her?, is that Miss Scarlett?” I said

“HAHAHAHA no way she’s like a daughter for me, How about you it’s impossible that you’re not thinking Scarlett is beautiful woman? Gandar said

“Um yeah I admit she’s beautiful” I said

“Right, right, so you like him?” Gandar said while looking at me

“I’m not sure, I think no, because we just met and I’m not the type of guy who not believe in love at first sight” I said

“Ohhhh” Gandar replied

Gandar grabbed me by the shoulder and spoke

“Let's go, I need to strengthen you in a short time because we don’t know when the war will happen” Gandar said

“Yes” I said

“But before we go to the training ground, let’s go to the clinic first, you can’t move properly, right?” Gandar said

“Yes, another part of my bones is broken” I said

“As expected of my attack HAHAHAHA” Gandar said while laughing

“This guy!!!” I said to myself

*Meanwhile in another Empire*

“HIHIHIHI master Ryou we have brought down an another empire!” Said by a guy

“It’s too early to celebrate Harlq there is another empire that we need to conquer” Ryou said

“Yes, we need to destory all the empires so that master #(#($($+3+) can fulfill what he promise to you!” Harlq said

“Mariue, Queor, Yulae and The Aklan empire. We only have to bring down four countries” Ryou said

“Those four countries are strong especially the aklan empire because they have The Iceblade prince, The Flame knight and the Berserker, how are you going to defeat those master ryou??” Harlq said

“Don’t overthink about what we need to do, let’s just do what we always do. Kill all enemies in my sight”

“As expected of you master Ryou you are not afraid of anyone!!” Harlq said

“Wait for me Hana” Ryou said to himself


“It’s over, I’ve already healed the parts of your bone that were damaged” said by a guy doctor

“Thank you” I said

We left the doctor’s room and started to go to the training ground so that gandar could start teaching me.

“By the way, why didn’t you use magic earlier?” Gandar said while walking

“Ahh it’s because I don’t know how to use my original magic” I said straightly

“Eh!!! are you serious, how about your secondary magic?” Goodness said

“Secondary magic?!, What is that?!” I said

“You don’t know how to use your origin and you don’t know about secondary magic where are you from in the mountain?” Goodness said

“I’m sorry because I grew up in a far away country where only swords are used” I lied

“Ohhh okay okay so that’s why don't know about magic” Gandar said

“He’s too easy” I said to myself

“Can you explain what is original and secondary magic to me?” I said

“Ohh okay, There’s two magic in this world the original magic or origin, origin is magic that comes from your family’s bloodline and secondary magic is a magic blessing that from god and it has 6 attributes. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Dark. Only one or two attributes can be given to you” gandar said

“Oh I see first I need to know how to use my origin if I have it and the secondary magic for extra power” I said

“Then I can teach you how” Gandar said

“Are you serious?!” I said

“Yes and it’s also my job to teach you what you need to know to become a strong knight” Gandar said

“Thank you” I said

“His body is huge and has a scary face but inside he is a kind person” I said to myself

While we were talking we arrived at the training ground.

“We are here rua, let's start your training to become a strong knight” Gandar said

“Yess!” I said