Chapter 71:



“Still no stars…”

The one nearby hill in the entire park was artificial and surrounded by a high fence. After they spent fifteen minutes just trying to get in, there was no way the sisters weren’t going to make the most of it. Sitting holding their knees, they tried looking up into the same night sky again.

Frankie thought of two nights now.

The tragedy on the 9th was only equal to the fun she’d had after clearing out a whole park a few days later on the 11th. It was certainly true that the two experiences wrestled in her mind, but so long as the whole thing wasn’t still obsessing over the details of just one horrific night was a welcome change.

“That was fun.” Katie gleamed.

“What, assaulting a middle aged man?”

“Well…” she sheepishly smiled. “Watching you do it, at least.”

“Heh. Guess I’m the brave one, now. I went up against the swimmer… and Parker’s kid… plus Coaster Bozo himself. And… and the terrorist.”

“I’m the one who got you out here.”


“…Oh. Maybe I should… apologize for that, actually. I mean, you… had to go through all of that bad stuff because of me. And here I am, doing just fine. I’m sorry.”

“It’s… in the past, anyway. I don’t wanna think of it like that.”

“I’ll try not to either, then.”

“We’re gonna have enough fun to forget all the bad stuff. No matter what.”

“Excuse me, gentleladies.” The dandy voice of Arsene Hatter called out from behind them as he approached up the grassy hill. “I just came to personally thank you for your service today. Here’s your reward.”

Frankie snatched the fat envelope out of the air, nodding.

“I’ve already concocted our next plan. If it succeeds… it may very well be our final confrontation with Coaster Bozo’s forces of greed. I hope you’ll look forward to its announcement next morning.”

“Hold up, you’re saying you’re gonna end this? Already?”

“Yes. He’s been humiliated, but that’s not enough. Next we’ll be hitting him we’re it really hurts… financially.”

The ringleader stepped back down, returning to the headquarters.

“Hey, Frankie… what’s that spot on the moon?”

“Huh?” Pausing her frantic count of the money, the little sister twisted her head up to the one visible pearl in the sky.

There was a little black dot on it.

“Uh… I haven’t noticed that before. I didn’t used to go outside like this.”

“I wonder what it is…” Katie shivered curiously. “If it’s an object, that’s gotta be huge, right? We can see it from here!” She laughed.

“No kidding…”

Steward McOy