Chapter 70:

Darkest Hour


Atop Bozo’s carved-out tower, the flames of outrage touched the hearts of all sixteen members of the board.

“I can’t take this…” his geekish ramblings fell to flat frustration.

“This isn’t something that should be happening in the first place…” their previously alluring tone became desperate and stilted.

“It’s not right… it’s not right!” She whimpered.

“You mean this has never happened before?” Her questions were thrown up in the air for anyone to answer.

“I’m sorry. You’re still young. I know this must be hard for you.” He held his chiselled chin in contemplation.

“It’s hard for all of us.” He corrected.

“But the young will always take it harder.” The old hermit spoke.

“Eh, not always. Yous shoulda seen tha look on some of those geezer’s faces in the crowd. We was close to givin’ each one of ‘em a cardiac beatdown.”

“We did what we could.” He brushed his teammate’s words aside. “Now… we regroup.”

“Oh yeah, sure. “Did what we could.” We failed, idiot! Who were those guys?” His co-worker mocked.

“No, he’s right. We must keep our wits about us.” The calmest argued.


“Yes, yes. Absolutely.” The most loyal turned to their master in response to his outspoken comrade’s battlecry. “Boss… what do you want to do?”

But Coaster was silent. On the inside… what he wanted to hurt those he ruined his event. But the fire of his anger had been quickly doused in the coldest liquid one’s heart can secrete.

“Wait… g-guys!” His passionate cry pierced their hearts in an instant. “Look, look! It’s not so bad after all!”

The other fifteen gathered around him, save for Bozo, plunged even deeper into depression from this last defeat. What the board members saw was concerningly optimistic news.

“Boss…” the young member perked up. “Boss, this is great! Look, you’re all over the news! It’s just like before, but better! Everybody online’s talking about you like I‘ve never seen!”

He begrudgingly rose from his palms to look upon his employee’s held-up device. Indeed, he was unavoidable. Though all of the media online, nobody was letting the instance of his defeat go unnoticed. Photo, video, article… indeed, even other the attention of other countries had been drawn. Internet denizens the world over were all having a laugh at the exploits of Coaster Bozo.

His nose fell to the surface of the large desk.


“Why… why can’t they just see me as the hero I am?!”


“Get Dr. Arrow… I need more… more powers… more trickery…”

“He’s gone, sir… got hired to do a job for Kidney.”

“Damn this stupid country…”

The nerd of the team forced his frail hand beside the boss’ head.

“Bozo. Sir.”

“Don’t try to encourage me… this is not the darkest moment of a hero… it’s the end of the story.”

“Your personal image does not matter to our park’s success. Interest in our stocks is already rising, and we’re finally drawing international attention. This is exactly what we needed. Even… if it’s not what you wanted.”


“Come on, buddy. Let’s get you into bed.”

Walking him down the halls of his darkened base, the sixteen heros walked beside their leader, and all helped put him to his temporary rest.

Steward McOy