Chapter 5:

Spikey Armor Bear Encounter

My Master And I

"The first things you need to learn your true potential rua” Gandar said

"Yes??" I said with confused look

"And you don't need to train like other knights who swing a thousand times, run a few miles, practicing sword in dummy and climb the mountain. After our fight earlier. I feel you have a experience in fighting!" Gandar said

"So lets just focus first in your original magic if you don't know how to use your original magic. let's go first in your secondary magic" Gandar said 

"Okay. let's go first to my secondary magic" I said while listening to him

"Okay. All you need to do is think about your mana inside your body and control it" Gandar said

"How can I control it?" I said

"Using your imagination Rua, think that you want to release it or combine it with something and activate it like this. Earth SMagic: Hand Rock" Gandar said and a rock came out and attached to his two hands

"Without incantation?" I said

"Yes. Unlike original magic. In Secondary magic you don't need Incantation to use it, you just need proper control over your mana and imagination” Gandar said

"Oh, I'll try" I said

I closed my eyes and tried to feel the mana all over my body, I raised one of my hands and I was thinking of bringing out something of my hand and while I was thinking I felt heat in my body.

"What is this?, is this the mana?!" I said to myself while thinking of flowing my mana from my body to my hand

while I was thinking about the mana in my body, I suddenly felt something moving in my body, it was like there was water flowing in my whole body, when I felt it I immediately controlled it and I felt something like water move from my chest to my hand and something came out of from my hands.

"So that’s your attribute in Secondary magic ha!” Gandar said

A circle of wind formed in my hand and before it formed I was amazed by what I saw and lost my focus and it suddenly disappeared like a bubble from my hands.

"Wind attribute huh, they say it's the weakest of the 6 but I think it depends on the user" Gandar said

“Well done rua!, You able to control your mana on your first time of trying. You're really amazing.” Gandar said

"It’s thanks to you gandar!, Now I will try my original magic” I said

"Let's forget to know or how to use your original magic because it is different from secondary magic. It just comes out of nowhere and you can use it on automatically, For example ummm… it's like breathing.” Gandar said

"Hah?” I said with confused look

"For now Let's just focus with your combat skill” Gandar said

"Yes" I said

"How about fighting me again rua I think you will improve quickly if you continue fighting me!" Gandar said

"Okay. I know it's impossible to hit you with my situation right now. But I'll still try " I said

“Well said rua!!” Gandar said with a smile

We were about to leave and go to the arena when suddenly a knight appeared in front of us

"Commander Gandar I have an emergency to tell you!!!" Said by a guy knight

"So he's commander huh? No wonder he's so strong" I said to myself

"What is that?" Gandar said with serious look

"T-There's a Spikey armor bear in the forest and that monster are going in this mansion!!" Said by a guy knight

"A spike armor bear?!, what is that Gandar?" I said

"It's a monster, it's just weak monster. It doesn't use any skills unlike other monsters. They are just aggressive monsters that only use their hands and mouth to attack. The only problem is their body, because their fur is made of metal. its hard to make a damage to that monster” Gandar said

“Sound. Annoying monster” I said

"Ohh. It's good chance to you rua HAHAHA. You're the one who will fought the spikey armor bear in forest!" Gandar said

I shocked at what he say and spoke in front of him

"Huhhh??! Are you serious??? I haven't been training for a day and you're going to send me to fight a monster I don't know?" I said to him with a loud voice

"HAHAHA don't worry I will come with you if something bad happens I will protect you" Gandar said and picked me up and suddenly ran

"Ahh the monster is in the north forest. Commander Gandar. Who is that another guy next to Commander Gandar he’s new??" Said by a guy knight

Gandar was running towards the north forest while I was carrying by him

“Hey gandar! Are you sure that I will fight that monster?” I said to him While holding me in one of his arm and he was running

“Yes this is a good opportunity for you rua. you might remember something if you try the real fight” Gandar said

“Remember what?” I said

“You said earlier in our fight that you felt like you used a sword but you can’t remember when and where?” Gandar said

“There is a possibility that you have lost your memory!” Gandar said

“I have memory loss?” I said

“He has a point, I don’t remember how did I get here and what is the reason, why I came to this world. I feel I’m forgetting something important” I said to myself

“I don’t know but I feel something I don't want to forget” I said

“I know it and your movements when we fought, I think you used to be a knight rua” Gandar said

“Me?? A former knight?” I said

“Yeah, I’m sure of it!” Gandar said

“Do I really have memory loss? How did it disappear? And what are they? I don’t know. I won’t think about those now. I’m gonna focus on to the things I need to do right now. To become a strong knight, Strong enough to survive in upcoming battle and gain my freedom” I said to myself

Soon we reached the north forest where the spiker armor bear was said to have been found, and gandar wandered inside the forest and later while gandar running in the whole forest we saw knights fighting a monster.

"Is that Spikey armor bear?? And put me down!!" I told him

Gandar dropped me on the floor.

"To all knights fighting. I command you to retreat!!" Gandar shouted

"This voice" Said by a guy knight 2

"it's commander Gandar!!" Said by a guy knight 3

"We are safe now" Said by a guy knight 4

"Let's go and retreat immediately" Said by a guy knight with cool armor

The all knights fighting the monster retreated and ran in our direction.

"Commander gandar I'm happy to see you here" Said by a guy knight with cool armor

"Officer Dules thank you for not letting that monster reach the mansion" Gandar said

"No need to thank you commander gandar as a knight it's normal to protect the citizens in this empire" Dules said

"You can go, dules, we'll take care of it!!" Goodness said

"Yes!!" Dules said salute and they started to leave

They started ran away from the north forest.

"Officer Dules who is with commander gandar?!" Said by a guy knight 2

"I don't know, I think he's new," Dales said

And soon they disappeared from our sight.

"Now Rua" Gandar said and he pushed me into the monster

"Don't die rua!!" Gandar said while he was far away

"Now how I'm gonna fight this monster" I said while looking at the monster