Chapter 6:

Spikey Armor Bear Vs Rua Alis

My Master And I

The Spikey armor bear rushed at me and I prepared to fight and waited for it to come to me and when the monster already in front of me. I jumped and was going to attack it with my sword and when my attack hit the upper part of its body. my attack had no any damage on him and I moved away from him after I attacked him.

"I want to know how hard his body but I didn't expect it to be that hard" I said

The monster rushed towards me again and took out its claws and intended to hit me. The monster attacked me but I was able to dodge it

‘Crack sound'

"What is that" I said and looked at my back

What I saw was a broken tree and it was damaged because of his attack earlier.

"if that attack hit me, I don't know if I'm still alive now" I said

And the monster moved toward to me again and continued to attack me with his claws and the monster keep attacking and didn't give me a chance to counter attack.

The monster just kept on attacking me and I just kept avoiding until the area around us was all broken trees.

"I need to think of a way to get a chance to attack?? But what I'm gonna do? And if I attack him it will give him no damage so it will be useless" I said while panicking

"Rua!!!! Don't panic and remember what I taught you earlier!!" Gandar said while he was far away

"what he taught? Ohh my Wind Magic but what am I going to do there?” I said

While I was thinking, something suddenly entered my mind and it was what Gandar said earlier "Think that you want to release it or combine it with something".

I focused on controlling my mana while keeping dodging the monster's attacks.

I raised one of my hand after I felt my mana going through my body.

“Wind SMagic: Wind Burst”

And a circle of wind formed in my hands and I shoot it at the monster but when it hit it, it had no effect on his but the monster pushed a little bit due to the force of the wind and I had a chance to get away so I ran away from him.

"Tsk even my magic has no effect on that body" I said

"Rua! Let me teach you about monsters. All the monsters in this world have weaknesses to defeat them. all we have to do is find them" Gandar said while he was far away from me

“Weakness??, Where?” I said

Gandar didn't reply.

The spike armor bear started rushed at me again and I ran

While I was running around the area. I searched his body for the weakness of the spike armor bear and I found something.

"His chin has no armor!" I said

I rushed immediately when I saw his chin and intended to attack it and when the monster and I got close I aimed my sword at his chin and attacked it but before it hit the monster lowered his head and the monster completely block my attack and the monster open his mouth to bite me. I used wind burst to his mouth to get away from him again.

The monster distract again with my wind magic.

“I'm too slow, I need to speed up my attack!!. But how??” I said and I thought of something

I started controlling my mana again.

“Wind SMagic: Wind Body Enchantment”

“Wind SMagic: Wind Sword Enchantment”

My body had the winds around it and because of that wind my body became lighter and I was able to run faster like I'm dashing my sword also have a wind effect and it became lighter so my attack will be faster and stronger

After I cast my two magic spells I came a little closer to the monster and when I got close I dashed in front of him and I pointed my sword to his chin and attacked it with wind enchantment and my attack hit and penetrated it from the chin to the up of the head of the spikey armor bear.

And the monster fell with a lot of blood and it died completely.

"Gandar said that secondary magic could be combined with something, so I tried it. I didn't expect to be able to do it on the first try" I said while looking at the monster's corpse

"He created a new magic spell in a short time?, or can he use those spells before?" Gandar said in the distance

Gandar walked towards me and spoke

"Well done rua!! As expected you're something else! HAHAHAHA" Gandar said

"That monster is weak just like you said, I need to get stronger!" I said

"Ohh okay but first let's go to the mansion and report what happened to the captain and for you. you need a rest” Gandar said

"By the way, why didn't the captain come here?" I said

"She has no time for that weak monster. She has confidence in his men that they can beat this monster" Gandar said

“So that monster is weak? But I still had a hard time killing it. If I didn't use magic I don't know if I could defeat that" I said to myself while looking at the monster's corpse

"Let's go rua" Gandar said and he started walking towards the mansion

"Yes" I said and followed him

After a few minutes we got to the mansion and entered inside the mansion, went up to the second floor and walk a little and knocked on a door.

'Knock, Knock'

“Come in!” Said by a girl

We entered the room and I saw Scarlett doing a mountain of paper works.

"Oh it's you gandar and rua" Scarlett said with a tired voice

"What brought you here?" Scarlett said

"We are here to report what happened in the north forest" Gandar said

"Ahh that spikey armor bear??, What happened there?" Scarlett said

"You seem to have no energy captain? Did you rest?” Goodness said

"I want it but I can't I need to find information about them!" Scarlett said

"That's not okay captain. you want me to take your place right now?” Gandar said

"I'm okay, the important thing is what happened to the monster?" Scarlett said

"It's dead. Now the knights are taking the body parts" Gandar said

“Taking the body parts?? What for??" I whispered to Gandar

"Rua the monsters have body parts that we can use!, Like the spikey armor bears, it's good to make their skin into armor" Gandar said quietly to me

“Good work Gandar!, for defeating the monster” Scarlett said

"I'm not the person who killed the spikes armor bear, Rua killed it" Gandar said with a proud look

"Rua did it??!" Scarlett said while looking at me

"Alright, you can leave now. Thanks for your report, I will inform the guild" Scarlett said and continued what she was doing

We followed Scarlett order and left the room.

"Are you okay there gandar?" I said

"About what?" Gandar said

"About captain... she's even paler than a zombie" I said

"Zombie??" Gandar said

"Nothing, nothing. By the way, what are we going to do? Continue training?” I said

"Umm let's just continue tomorrow the training and it will be night later" Gandar said

"Just go straight to your room and get some rest. I know how tired you are" Gandar said

I followed Gandar's order and went to the room where I was resting yesterday. I entered my room and walked straight to the bed to lie down

I'm already in bed lying down.

"*Sigh* a lot happened today" I said and my eyes slowly closed until I fell asleep

I opened my two eyes.

"What time is it?" I said and looked at the window

"It's still night?, How many hours did I sleep" I said

While I was sitting on my bed I suddenly remembered Scarlett

"How is Scarlett doing?, She's still awake now?" I said

I was curious if she was still awake or asleep.

"I should go, and help her to find information about that organization because I need that information too" I said and I stood up and started walking towards that room. soon I reached the front door and knocked.

'knock, knock'

"Come in" Scarlett said

I immediately knew who spoke inside and when I heard her voice. I entered immediately.