Chapter 3:

Nouveau Monde, Nouveau Danger ~ New World, New Danger

Cheesing Through My New World

Jerik opens his eyes laying beneath a tree inside a dark forest just like he was promised. The place was creepy enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. He was able to hear howls of different animals. He had a sudden chill run down his spine.

He stands up and hits his head in a tree branch.


He then starts to walk trying to avoid branches and very carefully looking all around him for signs of danger.

“<annoyed> I should try to make out of this place as soon as I can. I just died once I don’t wanna die again this soon. Moreover I don’t want to see his face again that stupid GOD he was so full of himself haaah..... who does he think he is the God or something. Yeah, sure he is the God that doesn’t give him the right to mess up my entire life even more.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I wasn’t reincarnated as a slime atleast!”

All of a sudden, he heard the sound of cracking twig coming from right behind him. He turned around and there it was a wolf like creature but a bit bigger than normal and it also has horn sticking out of its nose.

“Yeah! What a surprise. It found me. Wolves do have a strong sense of smell. So, there is only one thing to do. RUUUUUUN……”

He starts to run as fast as he can and the wolf starts chasing him at full speed. But all the years of sitting in front of a computer didn’t do any good to his physical agility and his stamina. After a short while his legs and lungs started to give out.

“No body, keep up or you will die again…”

He tripped and fell down. The wolf started sniffing which made him realize that he had disappeared from its sight. That’s when that strange odour hit his nose. He followed the direction the smell was coming from crawling. He saw a strange big flower.

“Oh! So that’s why that wolf can’t sniff me out. Maybe it won’t be able to find me after all. Maybe I will not die today. Wolves do have a strong sense of smell though and they hate strong and potent smell like this.”

Then he saw the wolf doing something strange. A beautifully patterned cycle appeared on the top of its head.

“Oh No!! So, it can use magic too, why am I not surprised. Am I the only one who is not able to use magic. Though it’s called a ‘Magic Beast’ so of course it is able to use magic. No good, at this rate it will find me in no time. What should I do now, what the hell you damn God.”

Then a thought clicked in his head.

“I still have the skills from my previous life. Can any of those help me out in this situation. Let’s see…. STATS…”

A translucent screen appeared in front of him.

“Let’s see, Level 1, magic-NIL, oh, here we go skills…., huh! What’s this… ‘Pandomath’”