Chapter 4:


Cheesing Through My New World

Before all of this, that is before Jerik dead, back on Earth. In the place where Jerik used to work as a Software Engineer. One of his colleagues entered the room he was working in.

(Colleague) “Hey Jerik! I found the perfect word that can describe you, oh scratch that, it’s almost like the word was made just for you.”

(Jerik) “What?!”

“Last night I was looking at the Oxford English Dictionary and I found this word. You want to know everything despite knowing full well its physically impossible for any human to do.”

“Oo! And why is that??”

“First, humans have very short life spans to know everything! <in sarcastic tone>And also though you have you have inhuman mental capacity, but even so it must be impossible for even you to remember everything!” <everyone in the room starts to laugh>

“Huh! What?!”

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I am saying!”

“<a little down toned> So, you never told what the word is?”


Back to the present.

“Pantomath huh! I went through hell coz I was like that! I wanted know how everything works. The reason behind every mystery. It was my Dream! They didn’t have to be such jerks about what I Is that so wrong to want something! It may have been a little far-fetched but still, countless times humiliated in front of everyone, I lost everyone’s respect coz I was a Pantomath”

A wolf howls, it had found its prey. It starts to run towards him.

“Help me out here ‘Pantomath’ skill…. PANTOMATH”

But nothing flashy happens, just another screen pops up, but to Jerik it was a very familiar screen.

“It’s the Programming software I used to use to do all my work back when I used to work as a Software Engineer…. Come on coding skills help me out.”

A translucent keyboard appears and he starts typing at full speed.

“<Very fast> There we go done now Create Propane, if I put the molecular structure then…… and spray….and rise temperature and…. ENTER!<presses enter>”

A rectangular pattern made of translucent blue wire appeared in front of him and in the middle of it a patterned circle. Right from the middle of it BOOOOOM an explosive amount of light and fire directed straight towards the Wolf, which not only killed the wolf but also absolutely erased a colossal amount of forest in front of him leaving behind vast stretches of barren burned down land.

“Huh! WHAAAAAT?!!!!”