Chapter 5:

Trouver un Établissements Humain et la Langue ~ Finding Human Settlements and Language

Cheesing Through My New World

Jerik was roaming the burned barren area of the forest with an astonished look on his face.

“It stretches on forever, huhh. So, this is the ‘Pantomath’ skill, huh, not bad, I guess. Who am I kidding! This is Fucking Amazing!!! Take it you dumb God! You were the laughing at my miserable life, but it turns out that my miserable little life wasn’t all for nothing! The skills that I acquired, the skills for which I had to suffer so much humiliation, weren’t pointless! I knew my desire to know it all will come in handy someday! <sighs>Though I had almost given up after all that. Maybe now I am so strong that I am the main character of my own isekai story, maybe it’s called ‘The Pantomath sorcerer shall rule the world’ or maybe ‘That time I got reincarnated as a Pantomath’ <Jerik laughs> ”

He looks around.

“Jokes aside, I seriously need to have better control measures and safety protocols on this. I can’t have it go haywire every time, nah, it will be crazy! Even worse I may be even levelled a monster! Speaking of which I need to go find the nearest human settlement, I won’t be able to last long on my own coz I don’t have any survival skills… But how do I do that?, crap, I don’t even have a map or a compass! Maybe…. PANTOMATH!”

He does some typing on the keyboard and screen that appeared in front of him for a while and then.

“That should do it! And Enter. <presses enter>”

Five small drones comes out of the circle.

“This is my very own drone mechanism! This should allow me to search for route from the sky. And coz of this skill I have infinite range!”

The drones fly off to the sky and Jerik opens his screen and starts looking at the drone footages.

“There, I have found a route the nearest town. Let’s go! Off to a Human settlement!”

On his way to the town he realizes something very important that he should have realized sooner.

“Crap! They are bound to have a different language and that fucking stupid God never gave me the ability to speak or understand their language. What should I do now??<thinking mode> Let’s see…. PANTOMATH <Screen appears> Hmmm… lets connect to a drone and send it to the town and collect some audio samples…. There, Done! Now analyze and <starts typing> now if I run the code this should translate my speech to their language and also translate their language for me to understand. I shouldn’t have any problem anymore. Now Let’s Go to the town….”