Chapter 7:

Scarlett Warmth

My Master And I

“Oh, it’s you, what are you doing here this late?” Scarlett said

“I should be the one to ask that question Captain, it’s getting late, but you still doing that!” I Said

“Do you want help?” I said

“There’s no need to help, this is my job and there are things that you need to be done, right?” Scarlett said

“So I’m okay, I can do it all alone” Scarlett said

“Yes, I still have things to do, including supporting you, captain!!” I said

“You’re my master and I'm your slave and it's natural to help my master to her work!” I said

After I said this, there was silence around us.

“I guess I can’t say no to that reason ah” Scarlett said

“Alright, I’ll let you help me here” Scarlett said and she made me sit next to her so I could start helping her

I sat next to her and we started looking for information about them.

“By the way captain, why do you need information about them?” I said

“Information is important in war, it will give you an advantage in the fight, just like you will know how strong they are, and you will know how many they are” Scarlett said while doing her paperwork

“Ohhh” I said

“Where did these papers come from?” I said and looked at her

“HAHA you talk a lot, rua” She said

“I’m sorry, I’m just curious, I’m the type of person who always seeks an answer to my curiosity” I said

“Oh I see, those papers are from the information guild. It came from the information guild that was already attacked by the organization we don't know” She said while doing her paperwork

after hearing scarlett's words. We kept searching until the papers on Scarlett’s desk were reduced.

“We’ve been here for an hour but we still haven’t found anything about them” I said

“Thanks to you I have less to do rua, you can go back to your room and rest!” Scarlett said with a tired look

“No, I’m going to finish all of this captain!” I said

We continued what we were doing we keep searching, searching, searching.

“By the way, captain” I said looking at her but what I saw was a woman sleeping while holding papers in her hand.

“She fell asleep. Can she sleep well in that position?” I said and I saw a sofa in the room

I decided to carry Scarlett to the sofa so that she could sleep properly. I picked up Scarlett to take her to the sofa.

“She’s lightweight and her smell is good” I said

I started walking and I put her on the sofa.

“Rest well captain” I said and went straight to her desk to finish all the work she had left.

I searched and searched until I didn’t realize the time and the papers are running out

“It’s good that I helped her here!” I said

It is a great help to me because I have only been in this world for a few months and these papers help me learn about this world because it contains various information, about the monsters and mythical, about empires, and what is happening currently in this world.

After a few hours, I already finished all of the papers on the desk. the room had light from the sun that was just rising.

I stood up and looked out the window.

“Oh it’s already morning? I didn’t realize the time. I already checked all the papers and I didn’t see anything about that organization” I said and I stepped on someone while standing in front of the window

“What is this? Paper?” I picked up the paper and read its contents

“Demons are attacking different empires!!” I read it

“Demons??” I said to myself

I read the paper to the end.

‘An organization that rushes into different empires to destroy and kill all those who live there, the evil who do all of this are an army of demons, I don’t know their exact number but I think that it will reach 30,000, and it is led by two humans? I’m not sure about their race, but these two have unexpected strength, one is a man with black hair and red eyes he uses a thin sword with one blade in the front and the other is a man with blue hair and black eyes, he is a mage, it is not yet known what his ability is, all what I know is that all the magic spells and mana that get close to him are disappearing, we don't know yet what is the reason why they are doing this.’ Paper content

“30,000 demons?? And who are these two people?” I said

While I was standing with the window I heard a noise behind me and I turned around. I saw that Scarlett was waking up and I decide to approached her.

“Good morning captain!!” I said

“Rua?!” Scarlett said

She suddenly stood up from the sofa.

“Ahhh I fell asleep last night?” Scarlett said and stood up and walked to her desk

“All the papers are gone?” Scarlett said

“I finished everything last night captain!” I said

“You finished it? Alone?” Scarlett said

“Yes captain!!!” I said

“Is that so, thank you rua!” She said with a smile

“How was the search? Do you found anything about them?” Scarlett said and I remembered what I read earlier.

“Ahh” I said and I took out the paper that was last read and gave it to him

“What is this?” Scarlett said

“That’s what you’re looking for, I think” I said

Scarlett took what I gave and started reading it, after a while she finished reading and hid the paper in her desk drawer.

“Thank you rua. this is big help for us” Scarlett said

“I’m glad I helped you cap-“ I suddenly lost my body balance and I was going to fall but scarlett caught me

“Are you okay?” Scarlett said while holding me

“Yes,I just stayed up late, I think just need some rest” I said

“Then take a rest now rua” Scarlett said

“Yes” I said and started to walk out of the room but Scarlett held my hand and spoke

“Where are you going?” Scarlett said

“Eh?? In my room?” I said

“Why are you going to your room? You can rest here!” Scarlett said and sat on the sofa

“Come here!!” she said and patted her thighs.

“Eh? Does she want me to lie on his thighs?” I said to myself

“No thanks captain, I can still go to my room” I said

“No, you helped me with my work. Let me pay you back. Come here” Scarlett said with a serious look

“Ummm.. Okay if that’s your reason” I said with a red face

I went to the sofa and lay on scarlett’s thighs.

“it's soft!” I said to myself

“I heard that men like to lie on women’s thighs, so I decide to do this to you as a reward for helping me” Scarlett said

“Where did you hear that?,” I said

“To my colleagues knights HAHA” Scarlett said while laughing

“Why are you laughing” I said

“Your face is all red. You’re like a tomato” Scarlett said with a smile

“I changed my mind. Im going to sleep in my room” I said and stood up but Scarlett held my head and slowly laid me back on her thighs

“As usual I can’t match to her strength” I said to myself and given up

“I guess I’ll sleep here” I said to myself and finally fell asleep on scarlett’s soft thighs.