Chapter 6:

La Ville du Bonheur ~ The Town of Happiness

Cheesing Through My New World

Jerik arrives at the entrance to the Town. The board at the entrance to the village has something written in an unknown language. Jerik activates his Pantomath skill and does something.

“Done! Now I can read their language as well! Finally, I am at the Town. Oh! So, it’s called the ‘Town of Happiness’ eh! Fare enough! Let’s go inside…”

At the entrance there are two guards and one of them stops Jerik.

(Guard) “Show your ID to enter Sir.”

“Crap! I don’t have an ID, should I tell him the truth”

“I don’t have an ID Sir! I must have misplaced it.”

“Okay then touch this”

He shows him a Glass Cube.

“Huh! What’s that?”

“It’s a Magic item that will take a look deep in your soul and will glow red if you have criminal intentions otherwise it will glow blue.”

Jerik touches the Cube and it glows Blue.

“It’s Blue”

“You are good to go Sir!”

“That’s a convenient Magic Item! Now I get why this place is called the ‘Town of Happiness’”<Jerik smiles>

The town is of medieval Europe style. At the town everyone looks at Jerik with amazement as he walks through the street.

“What the Hell! Why is everyone staring? Oh! Maybe coz of my clothes, I am still wearing my track suit after all, don’t blame them. They all seem to be wearing medieval Europe style clothes. That’s what I call a proper isekai. Though I would love to but I don’t have any money on me to buy clothes. I will need money for Food and shelter. The Guild is the best place for that!”

He walks into an empty alley, activates Pantomath and changes into a medieval Europe style outfit.

“I knew that I could do that, Yeh!”

He then visits the Adventurers Guild.

“I am using my drones to find my way across the Town. They are small and high enough that they won’t be visible to anyone on ground, and I don’t think there is any rule against flying drones in town in this World. Heh heh!!”

Jerik enters the Guild. Inside there are several other adventurers as expected. Jerik walks straight to the counter. There three beautiful female elves managing the counter. He walks upto one of them.

“Hello miss! I want to register with the guild.”

“Yes Sir!<She takes out some paper from under the desk> Please fill out these forms Sir!”

Jerik looks at the papers.

“Crap! Though I can read their language I can’t write it”

“Please wait for a moment Miss, I will be right back.”

“Okay Sir, Sure!”

Jerik walks out of the guild and to an empty alley. He then activates Pantomath.

After sometime he returns back to the guild.

“Excuse me, Miss!”

“Oh! Welcome back Sir. Here are the Forms”

Jerik takes those form and then holds a pen and while he is touching the paper he snaps his fingers and the form is automatically filled.

“Way to go me! A snap activated isekai language printing mechanism! I can’t write it but I sure can print it.”<Jerik Smiles>

“Thank you, Sir! Let’s see Class ‘Mage’, okay Sir here is your Guild card and You are Rank F”

“Yeah! ‘Mage’ coz my power can be disguises as Magic though I myself can’t use any. Oh, the Irony!”

“Thank You, Miss! And Miss can you explain the Ranking system to me Please?”

“Of course, Sir, Sure. F through A these are the rankings and S is the highest rank. You can increase your rank by completing Job Requests called Quests. You can take job one rank higher than your own.”

“Thank You Very Much Miss!”

Jerik then takes a look at the Quest Board. Takes one poster from there and returns to the counter.

“I will like to take this job, Miss.”

“Let’s see, okay it’s F rank ‘Slime Hunt’ <She stamps the poster> you are good to go sir!”

“Okay! My first Guild Quest here I come! Slime Watch out coz you will be blown to bits by yours truly!”

Jerik smiles and walks out of the Guild.