Chapter 7:

Première Quête de la Guilde ~ The First Guild Quest

Cheesing Through My New World

Jerik entered the outskirts of the Forest he just escaped from. He is now in a place with less vegetation despite it being part of the forest.

“According to the Guild’s information this place is way safer than the places deep in the forest. This entire forest region called the ‘Great Forest of Eternal Darkness’ and it's full of excess magic. That is why the trees are so large and it also is the home to very powerful magic beasts. Apparently, the inside of the forest is always dark, because of the canopy formed by the trees. Come to think of it, wasn't the Woman at the counter an Elf! So Demi-Humans exists in this world huh!…. Anyway, I just discovered something new about my Pantomath skill. It turns out I can also save the coding files I create with my Pantomath skill. That means I don’t have to type the entire thing every time I want to use something I have already created before.”

He opened his stats to check his level and found something unexpected.

“What’s this?! Some kind of new skill? Was it here before? It’s called ‘Reminiscence’.” <he clicked ‘reminiscence’>

He suddenly found himself in pitch-black darkness. He started to hear screams of people. He turned around terrified and saw flames rising. No matter where he looked, he saw flame. He was surrounded by it. There were ruins of concreate buildings at a distance. “They are all dead”, “They killed all”, he saw some people approaching towards him. Their hands were stretched. He close closed his eyes in fear.

Then the screams and noises started to fade away and he opened back his eyes. He was back at the outskirts of the forest.

“What was that! Some kind of nightmare! No matter, I am not doing that again. That skill, whatever it is, no clicking it from now on. Huh! That was really terrifying!!”

He took a few deep breaths and calmed down a bit.

“I would have gone back to town, but I don’t have any money. I need to do this quest.”

He activated Pantomath skill.

“I created a code to activate Pantomath just by thought, right after exiting the guild. I also created a few other codes as well and saved them. Like this one…. ‘Detect’ <clicked ‘Detect’ on the translucent screen before him and his eyes glows with a blue circuit like pattern and a circle in the middle> ‘Detect’ allows me to sense the power level of anyone within my 500 meters…. Ah! There you are I can detect the presence of small low-level monsters, no, Magic Beasts nearby with their exact location. Now! ‘Appraisal’ <clicked ‘Appraisal’ and his eyes glowed the same pattern> ‘Appraisal’ allows me to take a look at anyone’s stats. I can also use my drones to use appraisal on an enemy at a distance with in its viewing range. There I found them! Oh! There are 70 of them, ‘Slime’ level 1 to level 5. Huh! And now to kill them off… ‘Self-aiming Bullets’ <clicked ‘Self-aiming Bullet’ and a circuit pattern with a circle in the middle appeared. Then some blue glowing bullets appeared surrounding him. He swung his hands and the bullets went in different directions at full speed> ‘Self-aiming Bullet’ allows me to aim at anyone within my, and my drones field of vision and I don’t even have to know how to aim it does so all by itself. Yes! got all 70 of them. And now to collect their item drops… ‘Pick-Item’ <clicked ‘Pick-Item’ and same pattern appeared in front of him and beams of blue lights rays started coming towards him from all around> ‘Pick-Item’ allows me to collect items from a distance within my drones’ field of vision. I have already got a fairly good understanding of how magic in this world works and so I can replicate them in my own style with a bit more power. Now! ‘Item-Box’ <clicked ‘Item-Box’ and the same pattern appeared in his eyes> ‘Item-Box’ allows me to store items. Now its time to go back to Guild and sell these to get some money. Everything in this world living or non-living radiates magic particles which mu Pantomath skill can detect, using this principal I created ‘Appraisal’ and ‘Detect’, and also every single thing in this world is connected to each other through strings of magic which helped me create ‘Pick-Item’. There is abnormality in space due to presence of magic in this world which I utilized to create ‘Item-Box’. Also, I forgot to mention that I can create this world’s currency with Pantomath but that would make me a criminal and I am afraid that their criminal detection magic can find me out, so it is safe not to do such things…. <he realized something> WHAT! It looks like someone destroyed my drones……… <he quickly turned his head to the left side and his face became full terror> Huh! What..what is that?! My ‘Detect’ was on so I sensed the presence of something with a colossal power level within 150 meters from here! Without my drones I can’t Appraise it. What should I do now?! I want to return to the Guild but Ah! My curiosity, Damn it! I am going to check it out!”

Jerik ran to find the truth behind this mysterious presence. A mysterious male figure was standing in the burned down barren land that Jerik accidentally created. He was dressed elegantly and completely in black, he had black velvet cape flapping behind him. He had black flowing hair upto his neck. Jerik noticed him from behind. He quickly hid behind a tree and on the translucent screen in front, he clicked ‘Appraisal’. A screen appeared in front of him and his face got twisted with terror and surprise.

“DEMON-LORD!!!” <Jerik muttered to himself>