Chapter 8:

Le Seigneur des Démons ~ The Demon Lord

Cheesing Through My New World

“The Demon Lord! What am I gonna do? It’s only a matter of time before he finds me, even if I try to run away. I definitely should have gone instead of coming to check. Stupid..stupd..stupid… Who comes across the Demon-Lord so early!? Isn’t he the final boss or something?! Maybe I can beat him! No, who am I kidding! I am officially screwed!!”

(Demon-lord) “Who in the world burned down so many trees?! So many creatures died and many lost their habitats. This is really horrible. Now the natural ecosystem of the forest is ruined and this will definitely ruin the balance of the world little by little.”

(Jerik) “Huh! So, this is how the demon lord is. It looks like he is genuinely worried about the balance of the world’s environment. He just wants to ensure the safety and security of the magic beasts and wants to keep the balance of the eco-system. I understand that concern perfectly well! He is not as bad I thought!” 

The demon lord detected Jerik’s presence; he turned around. He had crimson eyes and clean shaved face. Anyone can agree that he is very attractive looking.

(Demon-lord) “Who’s there?” <he used a very deep voice>

Jerik comes out of hiding.

(Demon-lord) “Who are you human and what are you doing so deep inside the forest? Don’t you know these regions are extremely dangerous?!”

“Sir Demon-Lord!” <formal>

“You know who I am?!”

“It was me who accidently burned down this place down! I swear I didn’t mean to do this! It was all an accident, Sir! Please Forgive me!”

“Huh What?!”

“I saw that you were genuinely worried about the balance of the ecosystem and I totally understand your concern!”

“You decided to come clean just because of that?!”

“Yes Sir!”

“<laughing> Well, you are definitely interesting!! “Just how simple minded can one person be??” Anyway, I know that you are telling the truth that I can see coz of my ‘Lie-Detection Skill’. Thanks for coming clean with me! You said that you understand my concern?! How so??”

“Well, the place where I am from is on the verge of ruining itself coz it couldn’t keep the balance of the eco-system.”

“Oh! I see so you are from another country then? And there is no need to so formal with me. Rest assured that I am not gonna kill you as long as you are truthful with me” <the Demon-lord’s voice softened>

“Thank you… I will remain truthful. I have no reason to lie and you may say that I am from another country.” <a bit of informal tone>

“Well, I can tell that you are quite powerful looking at the damage here.”

“Don’t worry I am in full control of my power now…Sir….”

“It’s very difficult to keep an informal tone while speaking with The ‘Demon-Lord’”

“So, why are you here?... ah Mr??”

“You can call me Jerik…Sir, I am here coz I detected a powerful presence and I got curious!”

“Is that so! You are very amusing Jerik. You can call me Leviathan. Nice to meet you” <a slight amused tone>

“Nice to meet you too…. Leviathan!”

“I haven’t met any human who share my concern until now.”


“Honestly, until now I haven’t thought of the fact that killing magic beasts could ruin the balance of ecosystem… Maybe it’s human nature not to think until it’s too late… huh! Or maybe it’s just me”

“Yeah, the humans kill magic beasts mindless for their own profit which has already damaged the eco system quite a bit. So, I have taken charge of not letting the humans kill them with the help of my army. But the human may have misinterpreted my concern and now are preparing to go on to full scale war against the demons and the magic beasts… <sighs> The situation is quite the mess. They even have summoned some heroes from another world, in the royal capital, to assisted them in the war!”

“From another world huh! There is a good chance that the Stupid Fucking God of Reincarnation is behind all these… that jerk!!”

“Leviathan! I have an idea to stop the war against the humans which may work out”

“Huh! You have?! What is it? Let’s hear it!”

“Yeah. But first I have a request to make Leviathan!”

“What is it, Jerik?”

“Please, let me join your Army!”