Chapter 9:

Le Plan de Jerik et un Nouvel Ami ~ Jerik's Plan and a New Friend

Cheesing Through My New World

The Demon-Lord is starring at Jerik in pure bafflement and amazement.

“Did you say you want to join my army?”


“Well, this is out of the blue, but can I ask why did make such an outrageous proposal?!”

“This is not out of the blue! I told you I have an idea which can help stop the war!”

“And this is it?!”

“No, not quite. See, when I said I want to join your army I meant we work together as a team.”

“Oh! I see… Well, you sure are brave, I will give you that. You know what will happen to you if you are found out right?!”

“Yeah! But I want to stop this pointless war as much as you do.”

“Ok, so, what is your plan?”

“See, I can collect information from the human capital and work out a method to stop the war”

“In other words, you still don’t have a plan, do you?”

“<looking away> Well, noo…. Oh! I have an even better idea?! Why don’t you join me in my journey to the human capital!!”

“Huh!! Say Whaaat?!”

“Yeah! That will be the best way to work together!”

“I don’t even sense even a slight hesitation in you when you are proposing those… ‘ideas’ of yours. You certainly are quite…. interesting, huh!”

“So, what do you say?” <Jerik stretches his hand out>

“<Leviathan smiles> Well, I like you, Jerik!”

“Huh! What…?!” <Jerik blushes>

“NO! No… not like that?!”

“Oh! I see <Jerik smiles> so?”

They shake hands.

“I am in Comrade!”

“I will prefer if we are more like friends than comrades.”

“Ok then friend! Let’s stop this pointless war of the Races, shall we?!”

“Yeah! Capital here we come, just you wait!!”