Chapter 8:

Porqu The Blacksmith

My Master And I

I woke up in a place where the structures around me were broken as if a battle had happened in this place, the sky was red as blood and the ground are full of corpses of people, animals, and other creatures.

"Where i am?" I said while lying down in a pool of red blood

I stood in the place where I woke up to find out where I was, and when I stood up, someone suddenly appeared in front of me, I can't describe who she is because her entire body was full of red blood but I know that she's a girl because of long hair and her chest, her blood in her body was falling to the ground along with her body.

"Re....m.......em...b...e..r" That mysterious creature said and she disappeared

"Ruaa!!" Said a girl

"Ruaaaaaaa!!" Said the same girl

I opened my eyes and what I saw was different from what I saw earlier, what I saw now was a woman with red hair who looked worried about someone.

"Oh it's you, Scarlett," I said with sweat on my face

"Rua!, are you okay? It's like you're having a nightmare." Scarlett said

"Yes," I said and stood up from Scarlett's thighs

"What time is it?" I said

"Ummm" She looked at the window "Maybe it's afternoon now"

"Afternoon?????, This is bad I have training with gandar," I said

"If that's what you're worried about, gandar came here a while ago," Scarlett said


Suddenly, someone opened the door to Scarlett's room.

"Captainnnnn!!, I have bad news rua is missi-" Gandar said and he saw that I was lying on Scarlett's thighs

"Sorry for the interruption, enjoy your time together," Gandar said and suddenly closed the door

"Why do I feel like there is a misunderstanding happened" I said to myself.

"I'm gonna leave captain! I need to go to Gandar to train with him" I said

"Same to me I have to report the information about them to the king," Scarlett said

"I was thinking to take you along with me because you're the one who found it, but I think that's a bad idea" Scarlett

"Well, why?" I said

"Nothing, it's just my guts," Scarlett said

Scarlett and I got up from the sofa and she walked to her desk and took the paper I gave her earlier and, I just stood watching her.

"Why are you still here, I thought you are going to see Gandar?" Scarlett said

"I can't leave here without your order captain!" I said

"Why?!" Scarlett said

"Because I am a slave of your captain," I said

"Oh, you know, if it's just me and you, you won't have to worry about those things," Scarlett said

"Eh!!, why?" I said

"I didn't buy you for being a slave I buy you to become my knight,” Scarlett said

"Haaa," I said like a sigh

"If that's what you want captain, I will obey it," I said

"I'm leaving captain," I said

I left the room and started walking to find where Gander was, while I am walking inside the mansion I saw it full of maids and knights.

"So there are so many people here in the afternoon," I said

I was walking out of the mansion because I thought that Gandar might be in the training ground. When I came out to the door I saw Violena outside doing her laundry.

I approached her

"Violena do you know where gandar is?" I said

"Master Gandar is in Porqu dwarf smithy!" Violena said

"Porqu dwarf smithy??, what is that," I said

"A blacksmith shop master rua, where the place where blacksmiths do their work, heating and shaping metal, especially to make armor and weapon" Violena said

"Ohh, can you tell me where that place is?"

Violena told me where that place was, and I started walking towards town, minutes later I got out of Scarlett's mansion, and when I went out I saw houses that I had never seen before, shops, civilian people, people riding in carriages and peoples with magic wands in hand, swords in hand, and peoples who have various weapons like spear, axe, bow, and hammer.

"Wow, this is really a fantasy world!" I said

"Anyways, Violena said I can see the Porqu Dwarf Smithy on Altavaso Street, my problem is that I don't know where it is, and there’s no street name sign here," I said

I don't know where I'm going so I thought of asking someone here, I'm used to talking to people I don't know who is it. because I've been working part-time a lot in the past so I'm used to it.

A brown-haired man walked by with a destroyed armor and half broken sword.

"Ahh, hello" I said to the guy

He stopped walking and turned to me and spoke.

"What do you want??!" He said with a scary look

"He looks scary" I said to myself

"I just want to ask where is the Porqu dwarf smithy??" I said

"So you're going too, to porqu old man?" He said

"Too?" I reply to him

"Yeah, I'll go there too, if you want to come there, just follow me" he said and he started walking and I followed as he said

We walked and after a few minutes of walking, he stopped at a small house with two windows on each side and a chimney at the top of the house and the appearance of the house was old.

"Is that really it?" I said

"yeah, he doesn't care about anything else, even fixing his house, he's just focused on making swords and armor" He said and he went inside and I followed him

When we entered we saw inside it was full of different weapons and armors we also saw gandar and he was talking to a small dwarf who looked old with a gray beard and hair.

They both look at the door because a bell rang when we entered.

"Oh it's you rua, perfect timing" Gandar said

"Do you know gandar?" The man who helped me to get here said

"Yeah, he's my commander!" I said

"So are you a knight!?” He said

"Yes” I reply

Gandar and the little old man dwarf came to me.

"Is that him?" Old man dwarf said and he walked around me as if looking at my whole body.

"Yeah, do you think you can do it?" Gandar said

"Who do you think I am?" Old man dwarf said

"What is it gandar?" I said

"The armor spikey bear you killed, we will use it to make your own armor and sword"

"My own armor and sword?!!" I said with an excited look

"Yeah and Mister porqu will the one who make your sword and armor, expect it to be good because he’s the best blacksmith in this empire" Gandar said

I smiled like a kid who gets a gift from his parents for the first time.